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Across International

Mid-Frequency Compact Induction Heaters

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Across International IH series mid-frequency induction heaters are designed to operate between 30 and 80 kHz. Mid-frequency heaters are excellent for small parts heating, cutting, diamond tool brazing, soldering copper plumbing fittings, auto parts heat-treating, annealing of stainless steel containers and more.

Mid-frequency induction heaters are the simplest in terms of design and implementation. With their low cost of ownership and maintenance, they are the most popular and reliable machines. The 15kW models are especially popular for their large power capacity and small footprint at an affordable price. This makes them standard equipment for many factories, labs and workshops where 230V AC is available.

Main Features

  • Ease of use: just plug in the power and connect the water cooling system, our simple instruction allows you to use the heater in 15 minutes.
  • Light weight, portable (with handle), instant heat and up to 90% energy savings.
  • Precise control with digital time and current displays.
  • Remote foot switch for safer operation.
  • Dual automatic and manual modes.
  • Optional graphite, MgO and SiO2 crucibles available (melting material decides crucible type, weight and size of the material decide crucible size)
  • Custom coil design available (fixed coil or coil on a cable so it can be used by hand like a wand)
  • Frequency is non-adjustable, it depends on the coil design (diameter of turns, numbers of turns, copper tubing diameter and total length).
  • ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturer. We provide sample testing and custom made coils in our New Jersey facility.


Overvoltage protection

Overheat protection: if sensor detects heat radiator temperature is over 55°C, machine will shut down, overheat light will turn on and buzzer will sound continuously. Increase water pressure or lower water temperature until alarm goes off itself.

Overcurrent/malfunction protections: machine will shut down, indicator light turned on and buzzer sounds continuously if one of these situations occurs:

  • One of the machine parts becomes overheated
  • Interfering signal detected
  • Short circuit between work pieces and induction coils
  • Machine malfunctions
  • Induction coils touching each other
  • Input voltage is too low

Low water pressure protection: if water pressure goes below 29 PSI, machine will shut down, water protection light will turn on and buzzer will sound continuously.

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15KW Mid-Frequency Compact Induction Heater w/ Timers 30-80KHz, 208-240V, 50/60Hz, single-phase
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25KW Mid-Frequency Compact Induction Heater w/ Timers 30-80KHz, 460V, 50/60Hz, three phase
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