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TSKgel® UltraSW Aggregate HPLC Column phase diol

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The TSKgel SuperSW and UltraSW mAb columns consist of three specialized columns designed for the separation and analysis of monoclonal antibodies (mAb). While mAbs can be analyzed using many different modes of HPLC, size exclusion is best for aggregation, dimer, and fragmentation, making it the best method for heterogeneity studies.TSKgel UltraSW Aggregate columns have a slightly larger pore size and smaller (3 mum) particle size than the industry-leading TSKgel G3000SWxl (5 mum) and SuperSW3000 (4 mum) columns. These 30 cm x 7.8 mm ID silica-based, stainless steel columns offer reduced lot-to-lot variation, long column life, reduction of unspecified adsorption, and superior recovery of aggregates. The calibration curve of the TSKgel UltraSW Aggregrate column shows a separation range up to around 2 million Da, which provides better resolution of aggregates/multimers of a mAb than the TSKgel SuperSW mAb columns..

Synonyms: TSKgel® Size Exclusion (SW-Type) HPLC Column

Legal Information: TSKgel is a registered trademark of Tosoh Corporation

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822856 TSKgel(R) UltraSW Aggregate HPLC Column phase diol, L x I.D. 30 cm x 7.8 mm, 3 mum particle size
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