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Clinical Diagnostics Solutions

A Service Built By Scientists For Scientists

A complete product portfolio and technical workflow support for the High Complexity and Independent Testing Labs

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At Thomas Scientific, we deploy a dedicated Clinical Diagnostic Sourcing and Development Team consisting of scientists and clinical diagnostics experts. We work within an extensive supplier network featuring broad-range, market-leading brands and products.

The Thomas Scientific Clinical Diagnostic team utilizes a consultative and collaborative approach to develop clinical & companion diagnostics solutions for your entire workflow. We are proudly backed by an extensive network of distribution centers. These centers are supported by flexible inventory management tools to ensure high service levels of critical products and materials for lab clinical diagnostics.

Our Team will:
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  • Develop workflow analyses for CAP and high complexity CLIA certified testing laboratories
  • Work closely with high complexity testing labs to ensure the stability of the molecular supply chain
  • Deliver our value proposition targetting the small and medium sized independent diagnostic testing laboratories in the US
  • Work cross functionally with our Strategic Sourcing team to continue to build the most comprehensive product portfolio
  • Empower the workflow of clinical labs to deliver actionable results faster than before, while improving quality, sensitivity, and specificity
  • Leverage our supply chain knowledge and molecular work flow expertise to help manage the risks and expectations of our customers

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Due to excessive demand, certain rapid COVID-19 testing products may not be available. If products you are interested in are out of stock, please click here to fill out a brief form that will expedite the process of procuring the ideal products for your organization.


My lab’s sample collection needs are very unique. How can Thomas Scientific help?

We can provide customized, full sample collection kit fulfillment to meet your specific needs, with multiple options for various swab, tube, and transport media types. Contact us today at to get started.

Patient comfort is especially important to us. Do you offer any solutions for non-invasive sample collection methods?

Yes! We have several products in our portfolio that can meet your collection needs without the discomfort of a nasopharyngeal swab – including nasal swabs, oropharyngeal swabs, and saliva.

I’ve been using saline to transport samples in but am getting a weak signal. What other options do I have?

This can vary based on sample types and your lab’s workflow – but Thomas Scientific has options available to suit every need including VTM, MTM, and ATM.

Is extraction always required right when samples arrive on site?

This is dependent on many factors, but the short answer is no. Thomas Scientific can actually help you move towards an extraction-free process. Get in touch with one of our specialists today

What extraction method does viral transport media (VTM) require?

While not all transport media require cleanup, magnetic bead or spin column will both suffice for VTM. Please see the categories above for products that can assist with both methods.

Can you guarantee KingFisher product fulfillment?

While we cannot make an absolute guarantee due to extreme demand, we are very well positioned thanks to our secure supply chain and strong manufacturer relationship. We also offer Thomas Inventory Management Solutions services to help ensure your operations remain in optimal working order. Visit for more information.

What method of amplification is best suited to test for the presence of viruses?

qPCR is the CDC recommended method, but end-point PCR with detection after amplification can also be used with the right master mix. We can help with both methods.

Can Thomas Scientific help my lab automate the aliquoting process?

Yes! We offer a variety of cappers/decappers, liquid handlers, automated heat sealers, and more to help you save money and time over the long run.

What is the difference between PCR and ELISA?

The PCR (polymerase chain reaction) process produces many copies of DNA and pinpoints whether an organism exists in the sample. ELISA, on the other hand, is useful for identifying if antigens/antibodies exist in a blood sample.

What instruments should I use for detection?

This depends on the amplification method. For qPCR, amplification and detection occur at the same time. For end-point PCR, a plate reader such as the Tecan Spark is well suited. We can help with both.

Our lab is interested in multiplexing. How can your company help?

Multiplexing can save sample resources by allowing you to measure the expressions of multiple genes in a reaction. We offer a number of products including electrophoresis instruments, gels, and reagents to help get the job done.

Does Thomas Scientific offer anything in the way of a loyalty or rewards program?

Glad you asked! We are proud to offer Thomas Prime – a tiered program that allows you to earn credit back based on the amount you spend. Please contact our support team for more information.

Do all of your storage tubes meet ASTM standards?

Most manufacturers’ tubes will not be pressure tested for ability to withstand leaks at 95 kPA (14psi). They may work, but have not been tested and verified in these conditions. Corning's products with plug seal caps are an example of one that is verified to ASTM standards.

How should my storage requirements vary if I’m saving samples for longer-term research rather than rapid patient testing?

Most transport tubes are not suitable for testing at <-70°C for long periods due to their thinner tube walls and butyl seal, if any seal at all. A true cryovial - with its thicker walls and silicon or TPE seals - will withstand the potentially deleterious effects of cold storage.

Senior Vice President, Clinical Diagnostics

After earning dual Bachelor's Degrees in Genetics and Biochemistry from Texas A&M University, Michael Brown spent time as a Research Associate at the Baylor College of Medicine while earning his MBA. He has been with the Thomas Scientific family of companies since 2001 and brings a wealth of subject matter knowledge to the Molecular Diagnostics team. Michael is also published in AHA Journals for his work on an innovative myocardial ischemia treatment.

Director of Business Development, Clinical Diagnostics

Nicole has worked in the healthcare industry for two decades, serving in product management, sales, and business development roles for companies like Roche and Grifols. After receiving a Bachelor's in Biology from Sonoma State University, she then earned a Master of Business Administration degree from San Francisco State University. Nicole prides herself in taking a consultative, full-workflow approach to her dealings with high-complexity labs and other molecular diagnostics customers.

Director of Business Development, Clinical Diagnostics

A 2021 addition to the Thomas team of diagnostic workflow experts, Carl is intimately tuned in to workflow and production processes amid strict regulatory requirements. He possesses leadership experience across R&D, production, and sales over his 20+ years in the industry, serving in roles with BIOLYPH, Roche, and others. Carl earned his PhD in Molecular Genetics from the Katholieke University of Leuven on the heels of a Bachelor's in Molecular Biology from the University of Arizona.

Director of Business Development, Clinical Diagnostics

With over 15 years in Life Science research, Isaac brings a fountain of knowledge and real-world experience to the Thomas team. After working at ThermoFisher and as a National Director at QIAGEN, Isaac comes to Thomas in the hopes of assisting investigators to seamlessly design their PCR and NGS diagnostic workflows and provide expert knowledge in establishing strong supply partnerships. Isaac earned his Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati in the field of Molecular Genetics and his MBA from Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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