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MiniPax® absorbent pkt silica gel

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MiniPax® packets are compact, extremely durable, non-dusting, and non-linting with high water vapor trasmission rate and controlled porosity. The packets take up little space in packaging and have a high moisture adsorbing capacity.Envelopes are formed from sheet of polyethylene fibers has high wet strength and is permeable to both gases and odors. Indicating MiniPax® contain cobalt chloride and should not be used for food or pharmaceutical applications.
•Compact - The low profile and compact shape of MiniPax® packets saves space and displaces a minimum amount of product. Its flat contour eliminates any potential confusion with a capsule or a pill
•Maximum surface exposure - The exceptionally narrow seal skirt on only two ends gives MiniPax® packets an unusually large adsorptive surface area for its overall size
•Integral window - An integral transparent strip permits observation of the contained adsorbent and allows effective use of indicating desiccants to show when moisture has been adsorbed and desiccant should be replaced

Legal Information: MiniPax is a registered trademark of Multisorb Technologies, Inc.

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Z741073-100EA MiniPax(R) absorbent pkt silica gel, weight 1 g (desiccant), L x W 3/4 in. x 1 7/16 in.
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