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  • MagneZoom™A Protein-A Magnetic Beads
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    Recombinant protein-A covalently linked to MagneZoom (magnetic beads). For magnetic separation and isolation of IgG subclasses from ascites, serum, or cell culture supernatants. Particle size: 2-5µm Ligand: rProtein A Binding Capacity: 0.20mg rabbit IgG/ml beads pH stability: 4-9 Supplied as 25mg/ml...

  • BlackPearl® Magnetic Beads
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    Utilized in the magnetic separation of cells, organelles, proteins, immunoglobins, nucleic acids, and many other types of molecules in biological and non-biological systems. BlackPearl® magnetic beads are easier and more cost effective than traditional column affinity chromatography beads. They are...

  • MagneZoom™ CAM (Calmodulin)
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    Calmodulin covalently bound to MagneZoom magnetic beads. For purification of calmodulin-binding proteins and calmodulin-regulated proteins. Proteins containing a calmodulin binding peptide fusion tag can also be purified using MagneZoom - CAM. Particle Size: 2-5µm Ligand: Bovine Calmodulin Supplied...

  • Aldehyde-terminated Magnetic Beads
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    Silica-coated uniform superparamagnetic beads, MagneZoom, with an aldehyde surface group. It is widely used to covalently couple ligands containing primary and secondary amino groups. This coupling method will provide an extremely stable linkage between the ligand and the matrix. Size: 2-5µm CHO...

  • MagneZoom™ WGA (Wheat Germ Agglutinin)
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    Wheat germ -Triticum vulgaris- agglutinin (WGA) linked to MagneZoom (magnetic beads). For magnetic separation by binding specifically to cell particles, glycoconjugates and polysachharides containing N-acetylglucosamine residues. Size: 2-5µm. Ligand: Wheat germ agglutinin Ligand Concentration: 5mg...

  • BlackPearl®-L (Wheat germ Lectin)
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    Wheat germ lectin (Isolated from Triticum vulgaris) conjugated to BlackPearl® Magnetic Beads. Wheat germ agglutinin is a 36,000 molecular weight protein consisting of two identical subunits. WGA contains a group of closely related isolectins, with an isoelectric point about pH 9. The receptor sugar...

  • Streptalon Streptavidin-Magnetic Bead
    Item #:

    Streptavidin covalently linked to MagneZoom™ (magnetic beads). For magnetic separation and isolation of biotinylated ligands for affinity separations. Used in high throughput screening. Surface silica coated magnetic beads Bead Size: 3-5 µm Supplied as suspension (25mg/ml) in phosphate buffer...

  • MagneZoom™ Oligo
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    For isolation and purification of pure and intact mRNA from crude extract of animals and plant tissues. It is supplied as a suspension of super paramagnetic beads covalently coupled to Oligo (dT)25. Technical specification: Matrix: Silica coated Magnetic beads Ligand: Oligo (dT)25 Binding Capacity:...

  • Epoxy Nanospheres MagneZoom™, 5 mL
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    Supplied as a 2.5% suspension MagneZoom™-Epoxy are silica-coated super paramagnetic beads with an Epoxy surface group. bioWORLD’s MagneZooms are suitable for high throughput screening. Matrix: Silica coated magnetic beads. Magnetic bead ligand: Epoxy. Particle size: 1-2µm. Usage :...

  • BlackPearl® -G (Protein G)
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    Magnetic beads are prepared by covalent immobilization of native protein G (from Streptococcus sp.) to BlackPearl® Magnetic Beads by CNBr activation coupling chemistry. Protein G shows strong binding affinity to Fc region of several classes of mammalian immunoglobulins, BlackPearl® has been used as...

  • BlackPearl® -A (Protein-A
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    An affinity matrix ideal for isolation and purification of immunoglobins on a small scale. BlackPearl®-A consists of recombinant Protein A covalently coupled to BlackPearl® Magnetic Beads. Protein A has a high affinity for subclasses of IgG from a variety of species, including human, rabbit, mouse,...

  • MagneZoom™-PNA (Peanut Agglutini)
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    MagneZoom-PNA are silica-coated super paramagnetic beads covalently linked to Peanut Agglutinin (PNA). Peanut agglutinin is a 110 kDa homotetrameric, non-glycosylated lectin with a high binding affinity for the tumor associated Thomsen-Friedenreich antigen (“T’-antigen) and binds preferentially to...

  • BlackPearl® -C (Calmodulin)
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    A Magnetic Agarose Bead Affinity Matrix contaning immobilized Calmodulin. For affinity purification of calmodulin-binding proteins including calmodulin-regulated proteins in eukaryotic cells and recombinant proteins containing calmodulin-binding peptide fusion tag. Supplied as suspension in 20%...

  • MagneZoom™, G (Protein G)
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    Recombinant protein G covalently linked to MagneZoom (paramagnetic beads). Protein G binds Rc region of mammalian immunoglobulin. Ideal for purification and fractionation of IgG subclasses that poorly bind protein A. Suitable for high throughput screening. Particle size: 2-5µm Ligand: rProtein G...

  • Carboxy-terminated Magnetic Beads
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    Silica-coated uniform super paramagnetic beads with surface carboxyl group. Proteins and nucleic acids can be covalently bound to these beads with the retention of biological activity. Size: 5-10µm. COOH terminated Binding: up to 20mg/ml. pH stability: 4-9 Supplied as 25mg/ml suspension. Requires...

  • MagneZoom™ Control Paramagnetic Beads
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    To remove non-specific binding of proteins to magnetic bead surface and to achieve clean co-immunoprecipitation of your desired antibody or any other ligand binding. Use it with any magnetic beads experiment. Size: 2-5µm. Silica-coated magnetic beads v pH stability: 4-9 Supplied as 25mg/ml...

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