Thomas Scientific Welcomes Kareem Dossa to Our Senior Leadership Team

Thomas Scientific is the third largest and fastest growing distributor serving the Laboratory Products, Critical Environment, Biosciences & Automation and is proud to announce the newest member of our senior leadership team.

Effective January 1, 2019, Kareem Dossa has joined the Thomas Scientific senior leadership team (SLT) as the Senior Vice President of West Coast Sales Operations.

We are excited to add Kareem Dossa to our team. He is a seasoned, high-caliber executive with a long track record of growing and creating value in leading laboratory products, critical environments and Bioscience businesses. Kareem shares our commitment to building businesses through true partnerships and fair dealings.

Kareem has cultivated his expertise in leadership through sales, business development and general management over the last 20+ years. Professional experience includes working for startups and Fortune 500 companies focusing on laboratory products, critical environment products, life science, biopharma, laboratory, clinical trial healthcare, safety and industrial products distribution.

Kareem will own the Inbound Sales Strategy and Sales Leadership function for our West Coast Sales Operations.

In this leadership role, Kareem will report directly to Mike Klipstein, our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Kareem will be supported by Beau Bradford (Director of West Coast Sales), John Westland (Managing Director of Critical Environments) and Brian Ruff (Managing Director of Biosciences), and further supported by the entire West Coast associates and operations.

Kareem joined Thomas Scientific from PLAE, Inc. a leading E-Commerce footwear company where he lead all aspects of their sales, commercial operations and strategy development.

Prior to joining PLAE, Inc., Kareem spent time at BioCision, LLC as their corporate business development and strategy leader. Kareem spent the bulk of his career helping build the West Coast sales strategy and customer base for VWR with leadership roles ranging from Sales Representative to Director of Global Accounts to Vice President of Sales and Services for the Western Zone, concluding with the role of Senior Vice President (SVP) of the VWR US Biotech, Life Science Business.

Kareem is a proven leader with a stellar track record of building high performing teams, partnership and innovation!

Kareem, On behalf of our entire organization…Welcome to Thomas Scientific!

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