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Degassers, HPLC

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  • Filter Degasser


    All Teflon ® construction Inert to most solvents, aqueous or organic Fits directly on standard solvent bottles or Erlenmeyer flasks Simple and economical to use HPLC solvent filtration and degassing is a simple approach to solvent purification. Can be used in most isocratic applications.…

  • Solvent Filters/Degassers

    Agilent Technologies

    Removing contaminants from solvents Degassing solvents in systems lacking on-line degassers Filtered solvents decrease piston wear from particulates Increase column life Eliminate pump downtime caused by air locks in check valves Filter into safe plastic-coated or…

  • Aqueous IFD And Solvent IFD In-Line Filters/Degassers

    GE Healthcare

    Chemical resistant polypropylene construction Integrity testable (Bubble Point Method) Air vent on inlet with luer lock cap Nylon or Polypropylene (PP) filter media Whatman in-line filter/degassers (IFD) connect directly into an HPLC line to simultaneously filter and degas the mobile phase as…

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