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Filter Degasser

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  • All Teflon® construction
  • Inert to most solvents, aqueous or organic
  • Fits directly on standard solvent bottles or Erlenmeyer flasks
  • Simple and economical to use

HPLC solvent filtration and degassing is a simple approach to solvent purification. Can be used in most isocratic applications. Simply attach to any available vacuum line, put in filter and it is operational. In-line device can filter/degas 1 gallon in less than 10 minutes without an operator’s attention. Vacuum line also establishes siphon to transfer solvent to storage bottle. HPLC filter degasser (2725E05) can be directly screwed onto a 1 liter HPLC solvent/reservoir bottle (38mm cap). In this manner, it is not necessary to further transfer the filtered degassed solvent.

Filtration and degassing of solvents and samples prior to analysis is recommended. Particulate matter in solvents can cause damage to expensive pumps, clog analytical columns and in general cause wear and tear to the instruments. The combination of particulate matter and dissolved gasses in solvents can also create spurious peaks or can result in baseline instability. Dissolved oxygen in solvents can cause direct interference with fluorescence and electrochemical detectors.

HPLC grade solvents, even though filtered prior to shipment by the manufacturer, can accumulate particles during storage due to shedding from the solvent containers and solvent condensation or polymerization. The use of salts and buffers can also significantly contribute to particles in the mobile phase. Filtration and degassing of solvents reduces instrument down-time; prolongs the life of the analytical columns, pumps and valves; and helps the instrument perform to its optimal capabilities.

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HPLC Filter Degasser, 38 mm Cap
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Filter Membranes, For Organic Solvents
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