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  • Foam Tipped Swab - Absorbent foam-over-cotton tip, Wood handle

    Puritan Medical Products
    Applications/Characteristics: General cleaning swab Absorbent foam-over-cotton head Wood handle Made in USA
  • CONSTIX® Swabs - Cotton

    The SC Series cotton swabs consist of high quality, long staple-length cotton, tightly wrapped and shaped on both ends of high strength, wound paper handles (except the SC-9 which has a wood handle). The heads are held to the handles using a methyl-cellulose binder. The high quality cotton…
  • Knitted Polyester Swab

    Puritan Medical Products
    Polypropylene handle, symmetrical round knitted polyester tip Applications/Characteristics: Critical environment cleaning swab Applying adhesives or other fluids Removing residues and particulates Fiber optics component manufacturing Non-abrasive head is chemical resistant…
  • Cotton Tipped Applicator

    Puritan Medical Products
    Regular cotton tip, Polystyrene handle Applications/Characteristics: All purpose general swab Wound care Application of topical dressings Specimen collection Cell collection for DNA testing Cosmetics and hotel amenities Veterinary care Regular size cotton tip on…
  • 6" Cotton Swab, Double End, 10/5/100

    Puritan Medical Products
    General all purpose swab For use in rework and repair Removing excess solder and fluxes from circuit boards Cleaning metal finishes Features a semi-flexible shaft with cotton tip at each end for twice the use A savings in number of swabs needed Made in USA
  • Applicator Stick

    Puritan Medical Products
    Applicator stick, Non-sterile Applications/Characteristics: Multi-use applicator stick For applying or stirring medicines Biodegradable handle Splinter free edges
  • Self-Saturating Swab

    Puritan Medical Products
    Popule® Self-saturating foam tip, handle filled with 91% Isopropyl alcohol & 9% distilled water Applications/Characteristics: Cleaning keyboards and other electronic equipment General removal of residues Used in critical environment applications Combines solution and…
  • Knitted Polyester Swab

    Puritan Medical Products
    Spatula shaped knitted polyester tip, polypropylene handle Applications/Characteristics: Cleaning swab for use in critical environments Low NVR extraction and particle generation Suitable for cleanroom environment Spatula shaped tip Made in USA

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