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  • 6" cotton tipped applicator, plastic handle, non-sterile

    Puritan Medical Products
    All purpose general swab, wound care, patient care Tip Material: Cotton US pharmaceutical-grade spun cotton fiber, standard for applicators used in everything from basic patient care to crime scene investigation. Very absorbent, soft, low cost, and safe, cotton-tipped…
  • Dry Transport Systems

    Puritan Medical Products
    A wide selection of standard material tips, and many handle types. Designed to assure integrity of the sample collection and transport. All include a round bottom tube made from polypropylene resin which will securely hold the swab, maintaining a sterile environment.
  • Environmental Sampling Swabs

    Puritan Medical Products
    Puritan's EnviroMax® and ESK® sampling kits will cover all of your sampling needs. They are ideal for on-the-spot QC in the food production, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and any other locations who require surface sampling. ESK® SAMPLING KIT Choose from four standard…
  • Applicator Sticks

    PremLabs USA (a division of Sci Labs USA)
    Choice of wooden or plastic-stem applicator. Available plain or cotton-tipped. Non-sterile
  • Sterile Tongue Depressors, 6", White Birch

    Puritan Medical Products
    Oral Patient examinations, and oral care, individually wrapped While these are still called tongue depressors, wooden blades are used for a wide variety of applications, from patient oral exams to mixing or applying medicines, to crafts and industrial use.
  • Cotton Tipped Applicators

    Puritan Medical Products
    Made expressly for Industrial use, Cotton tip, Wood handle Applications/Characteristics: Used for cleaning instrumentation Sturdy 1/10 handle holds up to rigorous use Used for cleaning weapons : machinery : electronics Industrial grade cleaning swab Puritan’s PurSwab brand
  • Lab-Tips® Long Open Cell Foam Lab-Tips® Swab LTO1465

    The LTO1465 foam swab with long handle is specially suited for cleaning hard to reach areas. Its cleanroom laundered open cell foam tip is exceptionally clean and soft with excellent sorbency. A flexible internal head paddle and handle allow for added dexterity. This swab may replace cotton…
  • Cleanroom Swabs

    Our Cleanroom swabs are designed for effectively cleaning small surfaces in controlled environments. Produced by advanced patented CAM technology process, these are widely used in the industries of photoelectric, semiconductor, computer, and medical device manufacturing. High level of…

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