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  • EnviroTrans™ Swab Rinse Kits

    Hardy Diagnostics
    Collect and transport environmental samples with efficiency and ease. Simply remove the cap and attached Dacron® swab, collect the sample, recap, and send to the lab. Each EnviroTrans™ tube contains broth or buffer. The entire unit is terminally sterilized. Excellent for detection or…
  • Dry Transport Systems

    Puritan Medical Products
    A wide selection of standard material tips, and many handle types. Designed to assure integrity of the sample collection and transport. All include a round bottom tube made from polypropylene resin which will securely hold the swab, maintaining a sterile environment.
  • Swube Single Swab Sterile Polyester Tip

    These sterile Falcon brand cotton- and polyester-tipped applicators are for sample collection and transport, and for sanitary equipment and environmental control studies in facilities such as hospitals, food processing plants, restaurants, etc.
  • Cultureswab Plus Amies w / o Charc Single

    BBL™ CultureSwab™ Plus are sterile ready-to-use systems intended for the collection, transport and preservation of clinical specimens for bacteriological examination. Each BBL CultureSwab Plus unit is comprised of a sterile peel pouch containing a rayon-tipped swab applicator used to…
  • Enviro-Swabs

    Enviro-Swabs feature a reticulated design and are precision molded from superior grade, open cell polyurethane 100 ppi foam, consistently demonstrating low particulation and chemical cleanliness. Enviro-Swabs are non-silicone formulated, hot-wire cut and slit (not die cut and sealed). A…
  • Swab Sterile for Environmental Monitoring

    The BD Sterile Pack Swab is a ready-to-use sterile swab in a pre-filled tube of rinse solution for surface and equipment sampling. Summary: Collection of samples from the same area before and after cleaning and/or treatment with a disinfectant permits the evaluation of the efficacy of the…
  • Curity™ Cotton-Tipped Applicators

    Single-tipped, wood stick applicators Soft, absorbent tips Versatile
  • CONSTIX® Swabs - Cotton

    The SC Series cotton swabs consist of high quality, long staple-length cotton, tightly wrapped and shaped on both ends of high strength, wound paper handles (except the SC-9 which has a wood handle). The heads are held to the handles using a methyl-cellulose binder. The high quality cotton…

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