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  • Sterile Cotton-Tipped Wooden Applicators

    Puritan Medical Products
    Cotton tip cemented to wood shaft 6” long x 1/10" diameter Rigid or semi-flexible shafts
  • Cotton-Tipped Wooden Applicators

    Puritan Medical Products
    Cotton Tipped Straight grain white birch Measures 6 x 1/16” Tuft of absorbent cotton cemented to tip Box of 1,000 contains ten sealed autoclave bags of 100 each; case contains ten boxes.
  • Tongue Depressor - Standard

    Puritan Medical Products
    Standard size tongue blade, Imprinting available Applications/Characteristics: Use in oral patient examination and patient care Use for gathering specimens from a flat surface For veterinary examinations Made in USA
  • Cotton Tipped Applicator

    Puritan Medical Products
    Large cotton tip, Wood handle Applications/Characteristics: All-purpose cleaning swab for large areas Use for cleaning large areas in medical and industrial settings Wound care and application of topical dressings Applying medicines Cleaning medical dispensers Large…
  • CONSTIX® Swabs - Cotton

    The SC Series cotton swabs consist of high quality, long staple-length cotton, tightly wrapped and shaped on both ends of high strength, wound paper handles (except the SC-9 which has a wood handle). The heads are held to the handles using a methyl-cellulose binder. The high quality cotton…
  • Sterile Ultra Flock Swab

    Puritan Medical Products
    Sterile PurFlock® Ultra Flocked Swabs - Micro Ultrafine Tip, Molded Break Point on Handle An ideal choice in flock swabs with excellent absorption and elution of specimens when HydraFlock’s high levels of absorbency aren’t necessary. PurFlock Ultra’s high purity characteristics makes it…
  • 6" Cotton Swab, Small Tip, 10/10/100

    Puritan Medical Products
    General purpose swab Used for cleaning medical devices Removing oil or dirt from machine parts Cleaning sensors & components Veterinary care for use on small animals Features minimal cotton tip for small spaces Sturdy wood handle Made in USA
  • 6" Rayon Swab, Sterile, 10/100/1

    Puritan Medical Products
    Specimen collection for testing and screening Cell collection for DNA testing General purpose collection swab Individually wrapped rayon swab Puritan Pur-Wraps brand Made in USA


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