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  • Environmental Swab

    Puritan Medical Products
    Enviromax, pointed, dry foam tip, heat staked to a polypropylene handle. They have strong, flexible handle shafts, available with two tip options of absorbent foam. The tips have an inner paddle structure that facilitates getting into the tightest of crevices, where contaminants may be hiding. The…
  • 6" Polyester Swab, Sterile, 10/100/2

    Puritan Medical Products
    Wide range use for diagnostic testing Diagnostic-grade Polyester tip Ideal for Specimen collection Cell collection for DNA testing Collecting specimens from throats Gynecological screening Industrial surface testing Individually wrapped polyester swab Puritan Pur-Wraps brand…
  • 6" Cotton Swab, Small Tip, 10/10/100

    Puritan Medical Products
    General purpose swab Used for cleaning medical devices Removing oil or dirt from machine parts Cleaning sensors & components Veterinary care for use on small animals Features minimal cotton tip for small spaces Sturdy wood handle Made in USA
  • Polyester Tipped Applicator - Dry Transport System, Regular

    Puritan Medical Products
    Regular polyester tipped applicator, polystyrene handle - packed in a dry transport tube Overall Length: 6" (152.4 mm)\ Handle: Polystyrene Tip Material: Polyester Sterile: Sterile Applications/Characteristics: Puritan’s new dry transport system securely holds a swab in…
  • Sterile Hydra Flock Swab

    Puritan Medical Products
    Sterile HydraFlock® Flocked Swab, Micro Ultrafine Tip, Molded Break Point on Handle A new era in flock swab technology. HydraFlock provides superior collection and release of specimens. The unique microstructure of Hydra’s multi-length fibers are designed to enhance rapid absorption and quick…
  • CONSTIX™ Swabs - Sealed Foam

    Contec's CONSTIX Sealed Foam swabs offer a variety of foam swab applicators, swabs and cleaning tools to support numerous industrial and manufacturing swab sampling applications. Precision manufactured at Contec. Custom design capabilities; please contact a sales representative for details.…
  • Environmental Sampling Kit

    Puritan Medical Products
    Environmental Sampling kit containing a tube with 4 ml or 10 ml Buffered Peptone Water and sterile polyester tipped swab securely bonded by an aqueous-based adhesive on a polystyrene handle. Ideal for food processors, service companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers and others who sample for…
  • Gosselin™ Polystyrene Spreaders

    Decrease cross contamination risks using disposable pipets Metric graduations on transfer pipets Transfer pipets are packaged in peelable bags Straw pipets are packaged individually in tamper evident single Zip bags Product traceability on each bag Sterile
  • 6" Cotton Swab, Sterile 10/100/1

    Puritan Medical Products
    Cell collection for DNA testing For application of topical dressings General purpose medication applicator Wound dressing and cleaning Individually wrapped cotton swab Puritan Pur-Wraps brand Made in USA
  • 6" Cotton Swab, Sterile 10/20/10

    Puritan Medical Products
    For use as a general-purpose surgery swab Multiple-pack (10 swabs per pkg.) sterilized for sterile fields or procedure kits Wound dressing and cleaning Use in specimen collection Application of topical dressings Puritan Pur-Wraps brand Made in USA
  • 3" Cotton, Paper Handle, Point Tip, 100/25

    Puritan Medical Products
    Grade 52 circles, hardened low ash. Cleaning sensitive components Easy disposal Lint-less cotton Fine baby swab Hard Sharp Point Slim double 2.2 mm tip
  • Enviro-Swabs

    Enviro-Swabs feature a reticulated design and are precision molded from superior grade, open cell polyurethane 100 ppi foam, consistently demonstrating low particulation and chemical cleanliness. Enviro-Swabs are non-silicone formulated, hot-wire cut and slit (not die cut and sealed). A…

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