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  • Microcaps®


    The original, disposable Drummond Microcap The most accurate (±1%) 1 The most dependable The easiest to use micropipet available anywhere! Drummond Microcaps are a fast, safe, clean, and accurate way to transfer liquids in micro quantities. They are precision-bore glass…

  • Microliter Pipets


    Soda-Lime Glass, Disposable Pipets are 5" long with a single black capacity ring Tolerance ±1% for 5 µL size, ±0.5% for all other sizes; color-coded Sold in cases containing four dispensing cylinders of 250 Pipets are 5 inches long with a single black…

  • Pipetting Assemblies

    Cadence Science

    Cadence Science® Pipettors, with contoured finger rings and thumb rest allow for effortless, non-fatiguing one-handed operation.  These features provide for self-refilling , allowing continuous pipetting from a single liquid reservoir.  The pipettors are easily assembled.  All…

  • Wiretrol® I & Wiretrol® II Micro Pipets


    Wiretrol® I Economical positive displacement micro pipet that combines a disposable, precision-bore calibrated micro pipet and a stainless steel plunger assembly with a finger tip handle Ideal for a wide variety of laboratory pipetting applications, will accept both high and low…

  • PCR Micro Pipets


    Positive displacement glass micro pipets with stainless steel plungers Use once and throw away Available in two sizes: graduated 1 to 5 µL and 1 to 10 µL. Include one handle, 100 glass pipets and 100 stainless steel plungers.

  • Repeating Micro Pipet


    1,000 µL, Positive Displacement Similar to 7691G20 series, but with large 1000 µL polypropylene bores Provides digital settings in 1 µL increments over range 100 to 1000 µL Volumetric accuracy and reproducibility better than ±1% Bores rotated to…

  • Fixed Volume Microdispensers


    Custom spacers available permitting fractional deliveries on all units Overall volumetric accuracy of ±1% (at full volume) Repeat Kit available for 1000μL unit Precision molded plastic bores on Model 390 Model 105 will deliver 1 to 5 μL Borosilicate glass bores with…

  • Dialamatic Microdispensers


    Adjustable, direct reading plunger sets volume Delivery scale engraved on plunger shaft Fractional deliveries possible with premarked indexes Volumetric accuracy of ±1% (at full volume) Borosilicate glass bores with stainless steel plungers, (PTFE tips on all plungers 25 μL or larger)

  • Pipets 75ul Calibrated Pk250


    Superior quality, Drummond precision Calibrated Micropipets are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 200 microliters. Ideal for a variety of liquid transfer work, 250 color coded micropipets, plus one 15" aspirator tube are supplied in a conveniently designed, easy-to-store cylinder. …

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