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  • Thomas Professional Brightfield Binocular & Trinocular Microscopes


    Uniform illumination High contrast and resolution Ergonomic design Thomas Professional Brightfield Microscopes feature superior contrast and resolution, highly uniform illumination, and maintain parcetricity and parfocality across all magnifications. The scopes have a Siedentopf design head…

  • Microscope Immersion Oils


    Formulated for specific applications Meets DIN 58 844 requirements PCB free Non-drying Refractive index and temperature standardizations are key specifications for optical clarity and high resolution. Viscosity and other physical properties are directed toward specific applications and user…

  • DMB3 Digital Compound Microscope


    Compound Microscope and video camera in one package Plug and play simplicity User-friendly software Full range of accessories Motic combines advanced laboratory microscopes with high resolution CCD cameras to create digital microscope systems. The CCD camera is…

  • Thomas Digital Stereo Microscopes


    Built-in digital camera Durable metal components Halogen illumination Standard achromat objectives Thomas Digital Stereo Microscopes feature a built-in, high-resolution 8.5mm ( 1/3”) CCD camera, which can produce images on TVs and monitors with approximately 80% field of view…

  • Scienceware® Vikem® Vinyl Microscope Covers

    Bel-Art Products

    Vikem® vinyl covers easily slide over valuable microscopes, balance and other instruments when not in use. Protects instruments from dust and spills Transparency permits identification of equipment without removing cover Standard size, measures 33 bottom x 23 top x 42cmH (13 x 9 x…

  • Thomas Digital Compound Microscopes


    Built-in digital camera Durable metal components User-friendly image processing and analyzing software Thomas Digital Compound Microscopes combine a quality biological compound microscope with a built-in digital camera. The two digital-compound models, for routine laboratory or university…

  • Biological Binocular Microscope with Infinite Optical System (Anti-Fungus)


    LB-273 Biological Binocular Microscope with Infinite Optical System (Infinity Color Corrected System) (Anti-Fungus) is a high level microscope which is specially designed for college education, medical and laboratory study. It adopts an Infinite optical system, an infinity color corrected system,…

  • B3 Series Advanced Professional Compound Microscope


    30° inclined Seidentopf head, 360° rotatable Reversed, quintuple nosepiece Binocular or trinocular Model B3 microscopes feature 12V/20W halogen illuminators with intensity control and focusable, centerable 1.25 N.A. Abbe condensers for critical illumination. 10X Wide Field (20…

  • BA210 Biological Microscopes


    The BA210 is designed for both educational and teaching environments from basic life sciences to medical applications. Through the Motic Infinity Optics (CCIS®), the BA210 delivers a new higher level of performance in education and training. Contrast methods like Phase Contrast, Polarization…

  • Resolve Immersion Oil

    Richard Allan Scientific

    For use with Oil Immersion objectives Available in both high and low viscosities PCB free Non-drying, non-hardening Resolve immersion oil is a clear, colorless oil (refractive index: 1.5150) that allows light transmission through most of the UV/VIS spectrum. Manufactured using a proprietary…

  • BA210E Upright Binocular Microscope


    Elite upright biological microscope for teaching environments. Quality optical objectives Multi-layered coated CCIS® EC plan achromat offers superior color fidelity. Consistent diopter adjustment This enables perfect usage of reticles for measuring, counting, etc. …

  • SMZ-168 Stereo Zoom Microscopes


    The SMZ168 Stereo Zoom microscope represents the top-of-the-line model in Motic’s successful SMZ Series of stereo microscopes. Designed for a wide range of biological and material science applications, the SMZ168’s optical quality and versatile accessories will satisfy the most…

  • Z4 Zoom Stereoscopes

    LW Scientific

    The Z4 Zoom Stereo-microscope on Dual-LED pole stand is a laboratory-grade microscope designed for medical, veterinary, and industrial professionals. The zoom optics magnify from 7x to 45x with the included 10x eyepieces, producing amazing 3-D depth of focus and clarity for critical applications…

  • Fiber-Lite® MI-150 Illuminator

    Dolan Jenner

    150 Watt Illuminator Lightweight, compact unit UL, CE and C-UL approved Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty Requires no adapters This 150 Watt illuminator delivers 350,000 foot candles of high intensity cold light illumination with a lamp life of over 1000 hours. Audible noise and vibration is…

  • Thomas Stereo Zoom Microscopes


    Magnification range: 1.75x - 180x Binocular or trinocular heads Parcentered and parfocal lens systems Greenough optical system for consistently flat fields Rack and pinion focusing Frosted stage glass plate Thomas Stereo Microscopes are for use in lower magnification educational, biological,…

  • Inverted Microscopes


    Inverted microscope for cell culture, trinocular, modular fluorescence kit available as option, 10X Eye pieces, FN23mm, six brightfiled and phase contrast Planachro objectives: 10X, 25X & 40X, mechanical stage with inserts for well plate.

  • OPTIKA B-380 Trinocular Microscopes


    The OPTIKA B-380 ia an educational and laboratory microscope for routine applications. Dye-cast frame, with high stability and ergonomy, for transmitted light observation. Optical system & objectives: The models of the B-380 series are equipped, depending on version, with two different types…

  • Microscope Digital Eyepiece


    LC-27 Microscope Digital Eyepiece is designed for improving a traditional microscope to a digital microscope by pluging in to an eyepiece. It can be used either on a monocular, binocular or a trinocular microscope. It is 1.3 Megapixel, it can be directly connected to a PC. The analysis software can…

  • Reticles

    Laxco Inc.

    19mm diameter, 10 x 10 mm ruled, grid scale reticule with 0.5mm squares for counting. Fits into Laxco 10x/18mm FOV eyepiece 19mm diameter, 5 mm ruled, linear scale reticule with 100 divisions for measuring. Requires stage micrometer for accurate measuring. Fits into Laxco 10x/18mm FOV eyepiece …

  • AE30/31 Series Inverted Microscopes


    Ideal for examining live micro organisms through vessel walls Color-corrected Infinity optical system Long working distance (LWD) objectives with high N.A. Binocular or Trinocular models Wide base provides strength and rigidity, while the inverted “Y” support at the back of the…

  • SMZ161 Series Stereo Microscopes


    Employing the Greenough stereoscopic optical system, the Motic SMZ-161 series stereomicroscopes provide you large-scale zoom ratio and the clearest image, high distortion-free and depth of field as well. SMZ-161 offers the best performance of a zoom ratio with 1:6, high resolution and long working…

  • Thomas Microscopes


    Superb Depth of Field and Contrast We listened to the needs of experienced users, incorporating advanced technology into a durable, cost effective solution for your microscope needs. Our new microscopes deliver brilliance, clarity, parfocality, flatness and depth of field. Their wide…

  • Fiber-Lite® Mi-LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

    Dolan Jenner

    Dolan-Jenner introduces the Fiber-Lite® Mi-LED, LED Fiber Optic Illuminator for microscopy and general illumination. The latest technology and energy efficient, the Mi-LED features cool white LED lighting with a “customer requested” color temp of 5000K and even higher output than…

  • Biological Binocular Educational Microscope with LED Illumination and Finite…


    LB-210 Biological Binocular Educational Microscopes with LED Illumination, Wide Field and Finite Optical l System (Anti-Fungus) offer ease of use, reliability and a modern design. These microscopes are economically priced, with all basic features for educational use in high schools and colleges. …

  • Educational Stereo Microscopes


    The Stereo microscope provides a large stage for sample manipulation while fitting in a storage cabinet. The illuminated stands permit light from three directions (above, below or both) to help observe opaque or transparent samples. Solid, all-metal focus mechanisms endure extensive student use. …

  • Thomas Standard Brightfield Compound Binocular Microscopes


    Sharp images Easy-to-use Durable Anti-fungal coating 5-year warranty The Thomas Compound Microscope Series is designed for routine clinical examination and teaching demonstrations in laboratories, universities and other educational settings. The Achromat Super Contrast objectives provide…

  • BK Series Fluorescence Microscopes

    Jenco International

    Superb Depth of Field and Contrast We listened to the needs of experienced users, incorporating advanced technology into a durable, cost effective solution for your microscope needs. Its wide magnification range, (7:1 or 0.65X to 4.5X) zooms in on your specimen, delivering an erect image…

  • Moticam (CMOS) Microscopy Cameras


    Discover the endless possibilities and benefits of connecting a digital camera to your microscope. The "all in one box" concept will allow you to get immediately started, as you will have everything you need to begin working. Capture the perfect image through the MI Devices…

  • Stage Micrometers

    Laxco Inc.

    1186Z70 Stage Micrometer, 1 mm ruled, linear scale with 100 divisions printed on a standard glass slide for measuring or calibrating reticles 1186Z71 Stage Micrometer, 1 mm ruled, linear scale with 100 divisions printed on a low expansion borosilicate glass slide for measuring or…

  • AE2000 Inverted Microscopes


    Motic's AE2000 Inverted Microscope is the ideal instrument for routine live cell inspection in both educational and high grade professional applications. Designed for routine-lab or clinical work, as well as the research requirements of pharmaceutical laboratories and universities, the AE2000…

  • Grid Reticles

    Vee Gee Scientific

  • SMZ171 Series Stereo Microscopes


    With the new SMZ171 Stereo Zoom microscope Motic proudly introduces an optically improved addition to its well-established SMZ Stereo series. New materials for ESD compatibility as well as optimized LED illumination options have been added to this series to create a versatile Stereo microscope…

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