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Colorimeter Reagent Kits

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  • Colorimeter Reagent Kits


    Pre-mixed reagents for popular water treatment tests Pre-prepared reagent systems save labor Simplified methods reduce technician error Specific kits available for LaMotte’s SMART 3 Colorimeter and SMART Spectro Many kits use EPA compliant methodology Each reagent…

  • Standard Solutions


    Stable, pre-mixed solutions Ideal for verification and documentation For generating your own standard calibration curves when used with colorimeter reagent kits. Simply plot the results (in absorbance or % transmittance) verses concentration. The resulting curve can then be used to determine…

  • Kit,Chlorine Standards


    Verify performance of your Oakton C201, C301, or C401 colorimeters. Includes: set of 4 vials (one blank and three color reference standards) and case

  • Colorimeter Solutions

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    Assorted chemistries for use with your Orion AQUAfast II colorimeter. Test kits chemistries are convenient to use tablets. Rapidly dissolving, long shelf-life, tablets allow chemistry to be added to sample without reagent loss.

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