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  • CELLTREAT® Cell Scrapers & Lifters

    Celltreat Scientific
    Cell Scrapers & Lifters are designed for harvesting cells from tissue culture flasks, dishes, plates or bottles. The "scraper" style is available with the blade positioned parallel to the handle (229310 & 229315) for windshield wiper like scraping or perpendicular to the handle (229311 &…
  • Cell Scrapers And Cell Lifters

    For mechanical harvesting of cells Individually wrapped Sterile Unique blade design minimizes cell damage and ensures even contact with the growth surface. The large scraper (8600A29) is designed for use with larger flasks and roller bottles. The small scraper (8600A28) is designed…
  • Falcon® Cell Scrapers

    Flexible handle of polystyrene provides easy reach and handling Pivoting blade of low-density polyethylene Blade angle designed for maximum accessibility Sterile Diamond-etched, textured handle provides firm grip 9381N10 has an 18 cm handle and 1.8 cm blade; 9381N15 has a 25 cm handle and a…
  • Cell Scrapers

    Thermo Scientific Nunc
    For harvesting cells from tissue culture flasks by scraping the growth surface Two position blade - can be rotated and used in a horizontal or vertical position Can be manipulated to scrape windshield or hoe fashion Blade width: 17.5 mm Two sizes: 230 mm and 320 mm total…

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