Zahn Cup Viscometers

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Zahn Cup Viscometers
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  • Zahn Cup Viscometers


    … Inexpensive Boekel cup type viscometers measure viscosity in the 18 to 1725 centistokes range in 90 seconds or less. Five cups are available differing only in the size of the orifice. Viscosity is expressed in Zahn seconds which are correlated to viscosity in centistokes. Cup volume is 44 mL.

  • Thomas Zahn Signature Series S90 Viscosity Cups


    …increment of efflux time. Overall length: 355 mm. Dip Viscosity Cup Stand for Zahn® Cups Aluminum stand features rotating “lazy susan” style disc, with hooks that support five dip viscosity cups Base: 127 mm (5") diameter. Support shaft: 394 mm (15").…

  • EZ Viscosity Cups

    EZ=Equivalent Zahn; 3% Guaranteed tolerance; complies with and exceeds ASTM D 4212 All stainless steel cup and handle Oil used to standardize EZ Cups is produced in accordance with ISO 9002 The EZ cup formula for each cup of the series matches the applicable ASTM formula in D…

  • Ink and Paint Viscosity Standards

    Cannon Instrument

    For ink and paint viscometers For use with Zahn, Shell and Ford viscometer cups. Based on NIST value of 1.0016 centipoise for water at 20°C. Traceable to NIST. Approximate kinematic viscosity and drain times for the various cups at 25°C are given in table. Actual values are furnished…

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