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  • Kimwipe® EX-L Delicate Task Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Soft and gentle on surfaces Absorbent Low-linting Single-ply wipers are soft, non-abrasive and safe for most delicate surfaces. Wipes clean, providing extra low-lint and extractable performance. Easily wipes liquid and dust. Two sizes are packaged in Pop-Up ® dispenser boxes.

  • Polyknit Wipes


    The Polynit Wipe is made from filament polyester and is knitted in a special stitch which reduces degradation of the wipe and subsequent particle generation. The Polynit Wipe is specifically designed for ISO Class 5 or cleaner environments and is exceptionally low in particles and extractable…

  • Polyester/Cellulose Nonwoven Wipes


    wipe Strong and durable, wet or dry Low levels of particles and extractables Extremely absorbent Available as PROSAT ® and SATWipes ® presaturated wipes Applications Recommended for use in ISO Class 6 and above cleanroom applications Excellent for wiping and…

  • PRO-WIPE® 880 Wipers


    …for cleaning scratch sensitive surfaces Ideal for tray lining and other lab applications General wiping in component prep, compounding and wash areas Excellent for general wiping and cleaning in biomedical environments Excellent for use in capsule cleaning applications Certified…

  • NOVA-TECH™ Lint Free Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipes

    High Tech Conversions

    …Lint Free Wipes a high degree of absorbency and effectiveness during the process of general wiping. Wipes made with this fabric are converted in a class 100 cleanroom. Perfect for use in class 100 (ISO Class 5) cleanroom or higher Absorbent Strong, ideal for general wiping Lint Free

  • PURELL® Alcohol Formulation Sanitizing Wipes

    GOJO Industries

    The germ killing power of PURELL® in an alcohol formulation wipe. Kills 99.99% of most common germs that may make you sick. Plus, the non-linting, durable, textured wipe removes light soils and dirt. The formula is fragrance and dye free and leaves no stickiness or residue on hands. Product…

  • Purity Wipes

    … Purity Wipes are comprised of 100% continuous filament polyester fiber that is especially absorbent and clean. They are extremely low in particle generation and soluble extractables and are laundered in ultra filtered water and dried in a HEPA filtered class 10 air stream. Each wipe is hermetically…

  • Thomas Clean-Wipes


    …and strength. Long-lasting wipes never fall apart like paper towels. Wipes are individually dispensed and ready for instant use, with a unique opening that allows wipes to virtually glide out when pulled. Reclosable benchtop container assures a clean wipe each time and the snap-on sealed…

  • CiDehol® 70 Wipes

    Decon Labs

    …70 Wipes are pre-saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% USP grade water. These wipes are ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, production areas and equipment in labs, cleanrooms and other facilities. Simply wipe the surface to be cleaned and allow excess moisture to evaporate. The wipes are…

  • Wicked Awesome Blue Wipes

    High Tech Conversions

    Wicked Awesome Blue Wipes, made from DRC (double re-crepe) bonded cellulose offer exceptional absorbency for a variety of industrial wiping tasks. 9″ x 16.5″ DRC Cellulose Exceptional absorbency Basis Weigth: 76.61 GSM Packaging: 100 Wipes/Box, 9 Boxes/Case

  • Kresto Kwik-Wipes®

    Deb Stoko®

    Textured wipes for quick cleaning of dirt, grease and grime. No rinsing required. For quick cleaning of dirt, grease and grime when a sink is not available Textured wipes to aid in removing ground-in dirt For use on skin, also great for tools and other surfaces KRESTO®…

  • Bio-Pure™ Alcohol Wipes

    Diversified Biotech

    …packaging has a low carbon footprint. No Residue  - 70% IPA/30% H2O mixture evaporates completely Lint-Free  - Wipes won't scratch surfaces of optics. Durable  - Strong fabric won't fall apart. Ideal Use  - Clean lab surfaces,…

  • Sani-Cloth® Plus Germicidal Disposable Cloth Wipes

    …and virucidal Kills RSV in 1 minute; HBV, HCV, VRE and MRSA in 3 minutes; TB in 5 minutes Tested effective against 15 microorganisms Diamond-embossed wipe material is thick and strong Unique Deep Well Lid on canister seals securely to prevent moisture loss Wipes measure 6" x 6.75".

  • Kimwipes® Delicate Task Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    …softness and multi-ply absorbency that's perfect for a multitude of delicate tasks. Easily wipes up liquid and dust. Anti-static dispensing reduces lint and electrostatic discharge, controls usage, portability and reduces waste. Wipes clean, extra low-lint and extractable performance. White color.

  • Bio-Screen Wipes

    Current Technologies

    …The absorbent side features quick wicking action. Wipes are available in two absorbencies: Standard and Sponge Plus. Standard strength wipes absorb nine times their own weight while Sponge Plus wipes absorb 25 times their own weight. Wipes are 4" x 4". Also available in 16" x 16" squares and…

  • CaviWipes1™


    …generation in surface disinfection. CaviWipes1, a multi-purpose disinfectant/decontaminant wipe, can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces. CaviWipes1 contains durable, nonwoven, nonabrasive wipes presaturated with CaviCide1™. When used as directed, fragrance-free CaviWipes1 will…

  • Qualitative Fit Test Kits

    North by Honeywell

    …refresher wipe pads to clean perspiration and body oils from facepiece between scheduled cleanings; certificates; wallet versions of certificates and qualitative fit-test reports Bitrex® Fit-Testing Kit includes: Bitrex® solution Instructions and wall chart 20 refresher wipe pads to clean…

  • PRO-WIPE® OS Wiper


    Composed of 100% polypropylene meltblown, Pro-Wipe OS is engineered for oil absorption and retention. Surfactant free and low linting, this wiper is ideal for nutraceutical and gel capsule manufacturing where FDA food contact certification is required.  100% polypropylene meltblown…

  • Refresher Wipes

    North by Honeywell

    Refresher wipe pads provide a quick, easy method of removing perspiration and body oils from the respirator facepiece between scheduled cleanings. These wipe pads make respirator usage more acceptable to the wearer by improving comfort. The 80992 germicidal solution is an EPA (Environmental…

  • KIMTECH SCIENCE® Precision Wipes Tissue Wipers

    Kimberly Clark

    Precision Wipes Tissue Wipers, 1-ply, are an economical choice for general low-lint cleaning tasks Soft and absorbent Anti-static dispensing reduces lint Coated packaging helps protect wipes from spills

  • Amplitude™ Zeta™ Wipes


    Amplitude™ Zeta™ Two layers of polypropylene trap the cellulose core, which allow this material to be very absorbent a high level of cleanliness. Great with acid spills and solvents, Zeta is ideal for tray lining and other lab area applications. Inner core of cellulose…

  • Twill Jean Cotton Twill Wipes


    The Twill Jean Wipe is a 100% cotton fabric,woven in a 2 x 1 twill construction. The Twill Jean Wipe is very absorbent and has high thermal stability for high temperature applications. The edges are bias cut to prevent unraveling. Strong, durable, and absorbent Suitable for high…

  • Polywipe Light Knit Wipes


    The Polywipe Light Wipe is an unlaundered lightweight polyester knit wipe that is to be used in less than critical applications (in environments of ISO Class 6 and higher). The wipes have the same basic functional characteristics as laundered wipes. Lightweight polyester interlock knit …

  • PRO-WIPE® 750 Wipers


    …for cleaning scratch sensitive surfaces Ideal for tray lining and other lab applications General wiping in component prep, compounding and wash areas Excellent for general wiping and cleaning in biomedical environments Certified for contact with food per EC Regulation 1935 (2004)

  • KIMTECH® WETTASK® Wipers for Disinfectants and Sanitizers

    Kimberly Clark

    KIMTECH® Wipers for the WETTASK® Wiping System, featuring spunlace wipers that are compatible with Quaternary Amine disinfectants and sanitizers. The enclosed system helps avoid contamination of the wipers & cleaning solution while reducing exposure to chemical vapors and splashes. This system is…

  • Lab Wipes

    Azer Scientific

    Made from a low lint, heavy-duty, air-layered material For use as an absorbent surface For cover slipping, or For general lab clean up Quarter-fold

  • TuffStuff Task Wipes


    …operations and general maintenance. Tuff Stuff wipes are available in quarterfolded and dispensing roll configurations. Clean, contains no binders Very sorbent, low linting and solvent resistant Durable and solvent-resistant wipe maintains its strength when wet Creped for softness…

  • Thomas Cheesecloth Wipers


    For cleaning optics, wiping up spills or dying delicate labware 100% pure cotton, clean, absorbent and non-abrasive Will absorb six times their own weight of solvents and aqueous solutions Reagent grade quality Meets all lab requirements Lint-free 9 inch squared 8-ply pad…

  • Thomas Optik Wipes


    Non-woven cloth Cleans eyeglasses Strong cleanroom grade non-woven cloth is soft and lint-free Individually dispensed wipes are handy and ready for instant use Packaged 100 per polyethylene canister; reclosable container

  • Polywipe-C Wipes


    …filament polyester. This wipe is laundered and packaged in an ISO Class 4 cleanroom to further reduce contamination. Lightweight 100% polyester interlock knit wipes Soft textured wipe cleans surfaces without scratching Non-abrasive edge allows 100% utilization of wipe Extremely low…

  • Wipes Dispensers

    AK Ltd

    Tabbed base holds box in place Mounts horizontally or vertically Clear acrylic plastic Small holders can be used with small Kimwipes® and large holders can be used with large Kimwipes and Kaydrys®. Dimensions: small: 5 1/4” W x 5” L x 3 1/4” D; large: 5…

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