Western Blot Tray

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Western Blot Tray
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  • Antibody Saver Tray Sets

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …Antibody Usage in Western Blots Versatile sets of trays and lanes in 2 sizes can be mixed and matched for maximum efficiency when performing Western Blots. Reduce antibody volume by using only the tray/lane(s) needed Sets contain full and half blot trays as well as single lane,…

  • Incubation Trays


    …and gels from scratches Attached lid – to protect experiments from dust or debris that can cause speckles on blot images Convenient – multiple sizes available for different sizes of gels and blots Save – minimize antibody and buffer usage by using appropriately sized trays

  • Blot Trays

    IBI Scientific

    …Mini Blot Tray is used with The Blot Washer system. This tray has dimensions of 9.1cm x 6.6cm x 2.9cm. The Standard Blot Tray is used with The Blot Washer system. This tray has dimensions of 11.7cm x 9.0cm x 2.9cm. The Large Blot Tray is used with The Blot Washer system. This tray has…

  • The Blot Washer

    IBI Scientific

    …and waste reservoirs provide automated dispensing and aspiration of western blot reagents. The IBI Blot Washer system comes with the pump/module, 4L wash bottle with cap, 4L waste bottle with cap, mini blot tray, standard blot tray, vacuum tube with connectors, dispense manifold, aspirate manifold,…

  • 400 Series SealPAK Pouches

    Ampac Flexibles

    …Uses: Outer package for Chemo IV’s Chemo cassettes Overwrap for medical trays and kits Animal tissue storage ELISA plate storage Western blotting – storing and incubating blot Overwrap for evidence kits Evidence/Narcotics storage Ion chromatography –…

  • …gel staining and destaining, washes, hybridisations, immune precipitation and Western blots. Features: Smooth 3D gyratory motion with 7° angle Maximum shaking weight 3Kg/6.6Lb Comes with a tray platform with anti-slip mat Wide range of platform options for culture flasks,…

  • Mini-100 Orbital-Genie Shakers

    Scientific Industries

    …stacking trays available. Ideal for Western Blot applications and more. Stacking Tray (1165P46) A non-slip tray that can be stacked onto the Mini-100 Orbital-Genie's existing platform tray, increasing the capacity for mixing by double-stacking two trays. The stackable tray measures 290…

  • …is provided with a set of 12 x 8 well application strips. Enhancer™ is provided with a flip-application tray which accommodates 96 application tubes. The application tray may be flipped four times to apply 4 x 96 samples on a 12 x 9cm membrane. A total of 384 samples may be applied…

  • Incubation Trays

    Azure Biosystems

    Tray with clear top and bottom for staining and washing gels and membranes. Tray with opaque black top and bottom for staining and washing light sensitive gels and membranes.

  • Next generation of Gel and Blot Imagers No matter what your preferred method of western blotting is, the UVP ChemStudio Series features the highest sensitivity in gel analysis available. Fluorescent western blotting is the preferred method for quantitative comparisons between protein samples…

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