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Well Plate Stand
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  • Well Plate Stand

    Diversified Biotech

    A convenient holder for a microplate, tilted at a 30° angle to comfortably view samples and pipette without strain. Each stand has a neoprene pad and rubber mounting to prevent slippage of the plate and stand.

  • Adjustable Microplate Tilting Stand

    Bel-Art Products

    …components to microplate wells by adjusting plates to the most convenient angle. The angular presentation of the plate and clear acrylic platform beneath allows you to easily judge which wells have received liquid addition by comparing the menisci between neighboring wells. Max tilt 45º. Pivots…

  • Well Orienter, Stand and Pad

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …The Well Plate Stand View samples at a comfortable 30° angle and pipette without strain The neoprene pad and rubber feet prevents slippage of the plate and stand The Well Pad A convenient note pad that corresponds to the layout of a 96-, 48- or 24-well plate Keep…

  • 96 Well Polypropylene Plates

    Greiner Bio-One

    …standard laboratory chemicals. Black plates are ideal for fluorescence polarization. Microplates feature alphanumerically coded wells with round, conical, or flat bottoms. Chimney well plates feature a chimney-like arrangement in which each well stands on its own to reduce the possibility of…

  • Adjustable Well Plate Stand

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    …angle (45° max. tilt) required to fully view every well Compact design takes up little bench-top space measuring only 6? L x 4 1/2? W x 2 1/2? H Durable acrylic material will last for years if properly cared for Adjustable Well Plate Stand shown with a 96-well Color Orienter (sold separately)

  • SE260 Minivertical Unit

    GE Healthcare

    …the heat-conductive alumina gel plate and built in heat-exchanger, with or without connection to an external circulator. The alumina back plate of each gel sandwich is in contact with buffer in one of the two buffer chambers, which act as heat sinks. The alumina plate conducts heat away from the gel…

  • Adjustable Well Plate Stand

    Diversified Biotech

    Achieves accurate pipetting by allowing the flexibility to adjust the angle of the microplate (45° max. tilt).  The stand takes up little benchtop space measuring only 6"L x 4.50"W x 2.50"H. Well Orienters are sold separately.

  • 384 Well Small Volume™ LoBase Microplates

    Greiner Bio-One

    …is for fluorescence assays. LoBase plates feature a chimney-like arrangement of wells in which each well stands on its own to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. Chimney wells also feature individual rims that rise above the surface of the plate to aid in sealing by cap mat, thermal…

  • SE250 Minivertical Unit

    GE Healthcare

    …The unit can run 12 tube gels with two tube gel adapter kits. Available slab casters include 2, 4 and 10-place models. Includes: Basic unit, 10 glass plates, two alumina notched plates, well-locating decal, SE245 Dual Gel Caster, two each 0.75-mm thick 10-well combs and 0.75-mm thick spacer set

  • Polarsafe™ Cooling Blocks

    Argos Technologies

    …for the utmost in temperature control for precious laboratory samples. These electric blue aluminum blocks are anodized to stand up to cold temperatures. Uniform well construction provides inserted tubes with a snug fit and a highly efficient degree of thermal conductivity. Simply place the…

  • Pipettor Guides

    Diversified Biotech

    …to help align your Pipetter with the microplate wells. The sliding guide is clearly marked with column letters for fast and easy orientation. The Guide is compatible with multi-channel pipetters. Use with or without the 30° angled stand. The Pipetter Guide is a great tool to reduce eyestrain…

  • Electric Bell Model

    United Scientific Supplies

    Well-constructed and attractive electric bell model mounted on a clear acrylic plate and a finished wooden stand. Functional parts are clearly seen. Operates on 6V d.c. with on/off switch, adjustable contact screw, and binding posts for easy connection.

  • Mini Light Box and Mini Magnifier


    …96-well plates, petri dishes, electrophoresis gels, slides, and transparencies. Powered by four AA batteries (included). Measures 161 x 135 x 44 mm. Mini Magnifier enlarges objects for easier viewing. Swiveling, molded lens. 1.75X magnification. Lens measures 185 x 100mm; stand measures…

  • Hippurate Hydrolysis Broth


    …to mix well. Bring the volume up to 100 ml with distilled water. The solution appears orange in color. Inoculate tubes with 1 to 2 drops of 18 to 24 hours old pure broth culture of a confirmed beta-haemolytic Streptococcus or with one to two isolated colonies from an original isolation plate.

  • AgileSealer™ Multi-Well Plate Sealer

    ACTGene, Inc.

    …sample loss. Offering complete versatility, the AgileSealer™ will accept a full range of plates for PCR, assay or storage applications, and can be used for standard height to deep well plates.  Features: The unique ceramics platen prevents sticky sealing from over-heating…

  • Plate 24 Well Natural


    Chimney Top: This plate has no side skirt and the top of each well stands approximately 5mm up from the plate matrix. Available with standard profile wells only. Orientation cut is at position H12.

  • Plate 48 Well Natural


    Chimney Top: This plate has no side skirt and the top of each well stands approximately 5mm up from the plate matrix. Available with standard profile wells only. Orientation cut is at position H12.

  • Ultraflux 96 Well PCR Plates


    …Top: Plate does not have a skirted side. A low rim around the top of each well helps to prevent accidental cross-contamination. Available in both standard and low-profile well format. Orientation cut is at position H12. Chimney Top: This plate has no side skirt and the top of each well stands

  • AREX Digital Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrers


    …that ensures ease of cleaning and excellent resistance to chemicals, scratches and surface abrasions. This hot plate stirrer ensures precise thermoregulation of the heating plate as well as a high degree of reliability and safety. The AREX Digital offers the most advanced technology, as it is…

  • TORBAL Attachments and Grips

    Scientific Industries

    Thomas No. 1165P91 This chrome-plated manual C-Clamp is designed to secure samples on the testing stand. The clamp also easily attaches to the force gauge and it is ideal for taking measurements on a wide range of samples of varying shapes and sizes. This attachment should be used when testing…

  • Magnetic Stirrers Accessories

    IKA Works

    … Clamping range - stand: 25 - 36 mm Clamping range - extension arm: 5 - 21 mm Material: cast aluminium Thomas No. 3410Q20 Specialized clamp with openings for the stands R 2722 and R 2723 as well as extensions with Ø 16 mm. Clamping range - stand: 34 mm Clamping range…

  • SmartReader™ 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader

    Accuris Instruments

    … The plate layout interface allows for quick and intuitive set up of a plate’s well contents. The display shows a graphical representation of the 96 well plate, and the user can label each well as required for: "known standard", "unknown sample", "blank well",

  • Human Spinal Models

    Walter Products

    …a hanging stand and labeled diagram. Dimensions: 3 x 6 x 24". This replica of the cervical spinal column consists of the occipital plate and 7 cervical vertebrae. The intevertebral discs, spinal cord, vertebral arteries and cervical nerves are also shown. Comes mounted on a stand. Human…

  • Live Cell Multiplex Assay Kit

    Cayman Chemical

    …multiplex (LCM) assay provides an efficient fluorescence-based method of quantifying the relative number of live cells resident in treated wells of an assay plate. While the LCM assay may be performed as a stand-alone assay, it is has been specifically optimized to be run in multiplex with any of…

  • Sonicator Accessories


    …each well of a 24 well plate simultaneously. This horn is effective for cell disruption, mixing, dissolution and many other applications. The 24 Tip Horn can be mounted inside the Sound Enclosure (#432B2) to reduce the noise level generatedby sonication. Alternatively, a Heavy Duty Stand is…

  • ENDURO™ VE20 Vertical Gel Electrophoresis System


    …of glass plates between separate casting and gel running components Glass plates with bonded spacers assure clean well formation, correct alignment for leak-free casting and eliminates manually aligning spacers Casting stand design ensures leak-free casting even if glass plates are misaligned

  • Super-Nuova Multi-Position Digital Stirring Hotplates and Stirrers


    Ideal for high-volume, high-performance processing and life science/biotechnology applications as well as labs with multiple users Operating Features: Features four independently controlled stirring positions Separate easy to read displays for heating and stirring are adjustable in…

  • ZR-96 MagStand

    Zymo Research Corporation

    The ZR-96 MagStand is a magnetic stand for the separation of magnetic beads in standard 96-well format plates, especially for high-throughput applications including the following product lines: EZ-96 DNA Methylation MagPrep product line, ZR-96 Genomic DNA MagPrep, Zyppy-96 Plasmid MagBead Miniprep,…

  • SealMate™ System for Adhesive Microplate-Sealing Films

    Excel Scientific

    …as the dispensed sheet is separated from the roll. The smooth lower surface can be swept across the film once applied to the plate to assure secure sealing around all wells. Thumb and forefinger notches above and below the film at the edge of the dispensing bill provide access to the non-adhesive…

  • Thomas Model 4 Wiley® Mill


    …is placed back from edge of bench. Clearance below chute of stand mounted mills is 495 mm. Jar Chute: Threaded to take standard Mason glass jars, up to 2 qt. (1.8 L) capacity. Jars permit observation of finished product, as well as affording convenience for storage of samples. A bag or sack…

  • FreeZone® Freeze Dryers Miscellaenous Accessories


    …x 0.9"h. Makes sample loading and unloading as well was cleaning easy when using the Tray Dryer. Microwell Plate Holder (1177K20): Solid aluminum base tightly holds microplates. Eliminates air gap on bottom of plate for excellent heat transfer to microplate. Gives temperature…

  • ENDURO™ Modular Vertical Gel System


    plates are placed on either side of the insert and held into place by the pressure bar. An additional gel may be run on each side by stacking the plates. The assembly is then placed into the casting stand for pouring the gel. After the gel is polymerized, the insert is removed from the casting stand

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