Water Softener

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Water Softener
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  • Softener Model


    Softeners in the Model S Series are designed to produce a large volume of high quality softened water. Each softener has a faucet adapter that easily connects to any faucet. As water passes through the chamber, the resin column causes scale-forming calcium and magnesium ions to be exchanged for…

  • Softener Cartridge


  • Demineralizer, plastic, portable, with hose. Special faucet adapter, plug, and resin. Used in Model 15-E Water Conditioning Demonstration Kit.

  • Similar to 3923E40, but with single high- capacity resin, which will soften 150 or more gallons of water with 7 gpg hardness Exhausted resin may be replaced or regenerated by brine treatment procedure included in instructions

  • RO Water Systems


    …maintain The Thermo Scientific Barnstead RO reverse osmosis system provides a source of purified water for general lab use such as glassware washing or as feed water to our ultrapure water systems such as the Nanopure and Easypure II. The Barnstead RO system is easy to operate and simple to…

  • Sodium Hydroxide, Pellets, FCC

    Spectrum Chemical

    …is water soluble, as well as soluble in ethanol and methanol. One of its many characteristics is that it's a deliquescent alkali and absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture from the air. Food grade sodium hydroxide is used in the chemical washing and peeling of fruits and vegetables, softening of…

  • …Hg. Softening point: 45°C. Site of application should remain between -10 and +30°C. For the rigid permanent or semi-permanent sealing of joints in high vacuum systems down to 4.5 x 10 -9 mm Hg @ 20°C or at a small positive pressure Will seal against liquid water, water vapor…

  • …of washer-disinfectors, the load carrier system has been completely updated and rebuilt on a new foundation. As well as the particularly effective water and drying air flows, the new load carriers are characterised by their new modular design. In this way they offer the user not only an increased…

  • …concentration in potable waters to cause problems. Hardness increases soap consumption in laundries and causes scale in boilers. Hardness test kits include the inexpensive Models 5-B and 5-EP designed for those needing quick checks on the efficiency of water softeners. More sophisticated test…

  • …and is a mineral that occurs naturally in deposits of the mineral Evaporite. Its uses vary from household products, such as hand soap and water softening agents, to use as a flux in welding and can also be found in small scale gold mining operations as a substitute to mercury. CAS #: …

  • EASY DAB® Crème Cleanser

    National Chemical Laboratories

    …porcelain, ceramics and other hard surfaces. This highly thixotropic formulation consists of fine polishing aids, detergents, rust removers, water softeners and wetting agents to provide easy cleaning. Features & Benefits Free rinsing / Does not leave any residue Mild abrasive action…

  • …provide excellent alkaline buffer, corrosion prevention for metal(i.e. Zinc,Aluminium) and function of softening water. In ceramic industry, it is used as a ceramic grinding, glue and water reducing agent can extend the life of ball mill, drying tower to improve efficiency and reduce cost.

  • PVC Gloves

    NEST Scientific USA

    …it is flexible, it does not provide the tactile sensitivity associated with most rubber products. PVC starts to soften at approximately 82°C (180°F). PVC is effective against water and most aqueous solutions, detergents, and diluted bases and acids. It only has limited chemical resistance to organic…

  • Low-Density Polyethylene Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …sufficient flexibility and resilience to make a tight joint on glass or metal tubing; attachment is made easier if end is first softened by dipping into boiling water. Can be sterilized chemically or with ethylene oxide gas. Not autoclavable. Not usable with halogenated hydrocarbons. Should be…

  • MixMulti, 120V


    The Barnstead LabTower EDI system delivers up to 200L/day of Type 1 ultrapure water (18.2 megohm) or Type 2 pure water (10-15 megohm) from a tap feed water supply. Water product quality exceeds international standards ASTM Type 1 with a resistivity of 18.2 megohm and TOC 1-5ppb with optional…

  • …remove softened material. A barrier moisturizing ointment with or without antibiotics may then be used on the clean wound. Eye irrigation: BIO MED WASH can be used in an emergency to irrigate eyes. To apply, hold the lid of the affected eye open with fingers and, from 8 to 12 inches away, aim water

  • Urea, Ultra Pure

    MP Biomedicals

    …feeds; it is reacted with aldehydes to make resins and plastics; condensed with malonic ester to form barbituric acid; used in the paper industry to soften cellulose; used as a diuretic; enhances the action of sulfonamides; an antiseptic. Urea in solution is in equilibrium with ammonium cyanate.…

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