Water Sampling Bag

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Water Sampling Bag
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  • Tedlar Sampling Bags


    Sampling bags are a low-cost, whole-air sampling device for high-level VOCs and permanent gases. Several EPA, NIOSH, and OSHA methods exist for bag sampling for a variety of applications: stationary sources emissions; workplace atmospheres; ambient, indoor air quality; and breath analysis. Choose…

  • Whirl-Pak® Water Sample Bags


    …polyethylene bags with sodium thiosulfate Disposable, transparent bags for water sampling With white marking strip and 4 oz. fill line Similar to 1303R20 bags except contain a nontoxic, non-nutritive tablet impregnated with 10 mg of sodium thiosulfate. For dechlorinating water samples in…

  • Water Sampling Kits


    …Labplas Water Sampling kits are made with highly resistant FDA-approved polyethylene. Key features are: maximum bag mouth opening to facilitate the insertion of water sample, a convenient write-on strip and volume markings for measurements. All Labplas Water Sampling kit TWIRL'EM® bags

  • Stand-Up Whirl-Pak® Thio-Bags®


    The job of collecting water samples is easier with the Whirl-Pak® Stand-Up Thio-Bag®! A special gusset on the bottom of the bag flattens out when water is put in the bag, allowing it to stand up completely by itself. No rack or other holder is needed to keep the bag upright. Forget washing and…

  • Master Crime Scene Tac Pak Kit

    Arrowhead Forensics

    …scene requires. Protect valuable GSR and trace evidence with our signature Hand Preservation Bags, seal evidence on the spot with our Seal-Guard Tamper Resistant Evidence Tape and collect DNA samples with the Bio-Swab. The kit will give you the ability to collect latent fingerprints, trace evidence,…

  • insterprep® Sterile Media


    bag or sachet required, add sterile water and your sample and place into your Stomacher for blending. That’s it! NO waiting, NO waste, NO fuss Just fast, accurate sample preparation. Insterprep Media Bags Instantly soluble, pre-measured, sterile media in a Stomacher® bag.

  • RACK’N’LAB Sampling Bag Racks


    The solution to safely carry your lab samples Labplas’ RACK’N’LAB is best used to transport bags used in food testing and environmental water sampling amongst many other industries. Its innovative design allows multiple bags to be used whilst being held upright without the…

  • Filter Funnel With Dark Membrane

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalgene 147 Membrane meets EPA requirements for water quality work Cellulose nitrate black membrane filter is perfect for detecting micro-organisms difficult to see on white membranes. Graduated, 100 mL upper chamber provides sample accuracy and convenience. “Peel away” upper…

  • CRITERION™ Buffered Peptone Water Dehydrated Culture Media

    Hardy Diagnostics

    Hardy Diagnostics CRITERION™ Buffered Peptone Water is intended to aid in the recovery of injured Salmonella species from foods and other samples prior to selective enrichment and isolation. CRITERION™ Dehydrated Culture Media by Hardy Diagnostics is formulated to meet or exceed the…

  • Syringe Filters and 50mm Units, Sterile - MCE, CA, NY, PES, PTFE

    Advantec MFS

    …and an inlet vent. These units are supplied individually bagged. Cellulose Acetate (CA) - Very Low protein binding suitable for protein and enzyme solutions. Low aqueous extractables(0.1wt%). Nitrate-free for ground-water samples. Clarify and filter sterilize biological fluids, including…

  • USDA Cattle/Swine Kit with Buffered Peptone Water Broth

    3M Food Safety

    samples according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) procedure for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). Each kit contains: 25 mL of Buffered Peptone Water Broth in screw cap bottle Disposable 100 sq cm template (10 x 10 cm test area) Dehydrated sponge in sample bag

  • NWCP Series Nitrile Co-Polymer DI Water Washed Class 10 Gloves

    CT International

    …Finger Tips for Critical Handling Double Bagged Tapered, Beaded Cuff 12" Length, Ambidextrous Leak Tested Meets or Exceeds ASTM D3578-05 Standards Particle and Extractable Testing in Accordance with IES-RP-CC-005.2 Sampled in Accordance with MIL STD-105E Qualified…

  • DNA/RNA Microarrays Kit


    …RNA samples to a membrane to screen for positive and negative samples. Kit includes: instructions, simulated patient DNA and RNA samples, controls, microarray cards, plastic bags to incubate membrane, microtest tubes, pipets. You need: automatic micropipets and tips, distilled water,

  • Thermal Transfer Clear Cryogenic Labels (from -196°C to +100°C)

    GA International

    water. These qualities make our transparent cryo labels ideal for: Labeling and long-term storage of samples in liquid nitrogen and freezers Dry-ice transportation Autoclave, dry-heat and UV/gamma rays sterilization Labeling of tubes, vials, microplates, cryo boxes, plastic bags,

  • PFLT Series Class 10 Latex Gloves

    CT International

    CTI’s PFLT Series are Latex DI Water Washed Class 10 Gloves. Like all our gloves, they are manufactured for outstanding strength, stretch and fit. They offer a textured surface and are double chlorinated reducing contact sensitizers and protein content. PFLT Series Class 10 Latex gloves ISO 4…

  • Wide Mouth HDPE Large Bottles

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    … Durable Weighs up to 50% less than same size glass containers For dry materials or water sampling, high-density bottles have size 100 mm polypropylene screw cap. The bottles come individually bagged. Each bag is labeled with the catalog number, description and lot number.

  • Bird Rinse with Buffered Peptone Water Broth

    3M Food Safety

    …not react with the contents or impact sample integrity. Buffered Peptone Water Broth is an ideal diluent for food, beverage, and environmental samples and is a cost-effective alternative to mixing in-house. When used in conjunction with bird or turkey rinse bags from 3M, this solution is ideal for…

  • Dilution Pouch with Butterfield's Buffer

    3M Food Safety

    …many sample preparation and enrichment procedures. Designed to meet stringent laboratory testing needs, these bags have the strength needed to endure sample preparation and handling processes. The flat bottom allows the pouch to stand on its own and heavy gage wire closure holds the bag open,…

  • Thomas Coliform Water Sampling Vials


    …of testing. The 120 mL microbiological container has a raised sample fill ring at 100 mL . Pre-applied sample identification label. Available with or without sodium thiosulfate tablet for coliform or more general water sampling and with or without a chain-of-custody tie. Lot numbered for easy…

  • Bailers


    …washing and DI water rinse Ready-to-use Capacity approximately 1 L Friction-fit nozzle for easy, no-splash sample removal For use in all ground wells with two inches i.d. or larger. Overall length 36”; 1.5” i.d x 1.562” o.d. Packaged in individually sealed bags to maintain…

  • MicroFunnel™ Plus Filter Funnels

    Pall Life Sciences

    …transfer sample from cup to disposable funnel and risk introducing contamination MicroFunnel Plus AP unit allows aseptic collection of the sample through the lid sample port. No need to remove lid MicroFunnel Plus products with Supor® membrane are designed to allow sampling of hot water up…

  • The Pill™ Autoclave Deodorizer Capsules

    Decon Labs

    …autoclaves, biohazard bags, incubators, freezers, cages, laboratories, etc. Mild lemon fragrance gelatin capsules contain concentrated formulation to neutralize, not simply mask, odors caused by autoclaving organic and inorganic samples or waste Capsules dissolve in hot water to vaporize…

  • Stomacher® 3500 Series


    samples is referenced throughout the world for this technique. The Stomacher® 3500 Bioreactor Thermo is used in the pork industry to prepare samples for the detection of Trichinella. The machine has a heater element inside the door and the samples of pork meat are digested inside the bag

  • BCYE-PAC Agar

    S2 Media

    …supplemented with PAC is utilized for enhanced recovery of Legionella pneumophila and Fluoribacter dumoffi present in clinical and environmental water samples Cefemandole inhibits gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, polymyxin B inhibits gram-negative bacteria (except Proteus spp.), and…

  • Safe-Lock Microcentrifuge Tubes, Forensic DNA Grade


    …Safe-Lock Tubes are guaranteed to withstand forces up to 30,000 x g, allowing you to safely centrifuge without sample loss. Seal safety! During incubation in a boiling water bath, only the Eppendorf Safe–Lock Tubes remained safely closed. 10 % to 20 % opened lids were found for the…

  • CHS Series Class 10 Latex Gloves

    CT International

    CTI’s CHS Series are Latex DI Water Washed Class 10 Gloves. Like all our gloves, they are manufactured for outstanding strength, stretch and fit. They offer a textured surface and are double chlorinated reducing contact sensitizers and protein content. CHS Series Class 10 Latex gloves ISO 4…

  • MacConkey Agar (MAC)

    S2 Media

    …organisms and enteric pathogens based upon lactose fermentation This medium is recommended in standard methods for water, dairy, cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and clinical samples Our manufacturing facility and QSM comply with cGMP's for medical device manufacturing Class I Medical…

  • TSX Series High-Performance Blood Bank Refrigerators

    Thermo Scientific

    …requirements established by the AABB and FDA for the storage of whole blood and blood components Stores up to 385 blood bags (450mL whole blood); Stores up to 770 blood bags in the 51/2 cu.ft. refrigerator (450mL whole blood) Whisper quiet with a sound level of 52 dBA, enabling end users to…

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