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Water Pump
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  • …steel water bath is a convenient and reliable 8.5 liter bath that consistently delivers outstanding results in the lab. Precise and user-friendly temperature control Automatic water level detection system Variable water circulation speed External water circulation pump to accurately…

  • Aquarium Pumps

    Franklin Electric

    Little Giant® Aquarium series magnetic drive pumps are specifically designed for salt water and fresh water aquarium circulation and filtration applications.

  • water vacuum pump, JPV model, which assures a constant water recirculation (previously introduced in the tank of the pump). This allows a drastic decrease of water consumption. Convenient Operation Circulator replaces expensive water consumption Provides vacuum where no reliable water

  • Vivaflow 50


    …ml to 5 liters. 50 cm2 membrane surface area. The standard Vivaflow 50 cassette package comes with two cassettes, tubing, flow restrictor, one series interconnector and high pressure pump tubing. All you need is a peristaltic pump with a pump head capable of handling 6.4 mm OD tubing (size 16).

  • …e.jet is designed to pump both gas and liquids collectively, allowing the powerful system to draw simultaneous vacuum filtration and transfer the filtered liquid to waste. Therefore, no loss of efficiency or malfunctions from water drawn into the pump head. The transfer pump comes with quick…

  • Recirculating Water Pump that ensures optimum aspiration depending on the digestion phases and the number of samples placed in the digester connected to the pump. Optimized Performance Aspiration matches digestion phases and sample number Eliminates the problem of unreliable water

  • Permanently Lubricated Pumps

    Franklin Electric

    …transferred or recirculated. Applications include aquariums, swimming pools, water displays, ice makers, air conditioners, boat bailing, fuel oil transfer, circulating water for welding and pipe threading machines, pumping mild chemicals such as soap solutions, acids, plating solutions and…

  • Vacuum Pump


    …vacuum connection. Variety of supplied adapters simplify connections to most water sources. Optional reducing adapters are available. Items Supplied: Water jet filter pump includes: Water connection (sleeve nut R 3/4'', reducing adapter R 1/2'', and…

  • Diaphragm Pump


    …total organic carbon (TOC) reduction in water through the use of 185 and 254 nanometer (nm) UV wavelengths. The LabStrong 185/254 nm UV Lamp is suitable for operation in the Thermo Scientific Barnstead TII and NANOpure* DIamond (with new style ballast) water purification systems.   The lamp…

  • …oil-filled pump with epoxy coated cast aluminum housing. For commercial, industrial and home applications including statuary fountains, water displays, air conditioners, machine tool coolants, and many other applications where liquid must be transferred or recirculated. This compact 170 GPH pump

  • Polypropylene Pump Aspirator

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …faucet with 3/ 8 inch internal pipe thread Usable for pump-off of corrosive vapors which attack metal Operates efficiently with water pressures as low as 7.5 psi for minimum water consumption Maximum free air pumping capacity of 11.5 liters per minute at a water flow rate of 6.5 liters per minute

  • …vapor after the pump. 1230D90 - Secondary Condenser Vaccum Pump V-700/710 compact high performance condenser for producing maximum condensation of residual solvent vapor after the pump. 1230D91 - Secondary Cold Trap, If dry ice is used instead of cooling water, a suitable cold trap…

  • Vacuum Aspirator Pump

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    High-density polyethylene aspirator pump operates on water pressure above 11psi (7584 N/m2). Integral check valve resists corrosive filtrates and fumes Quick-disconnect hose fitting accepts 6.4 to 9.5mm (1/4 to 3/8") I.D. tubing Male thread faucet connection is 9.5mm (3/8")…

  • Vacuum Pumps


    Sartorius Vacuum Pump Systems

  • …0.7 cfm is an oil-free, portable, chemical resistant, 2-head recirculating water pump, with simplified maintenance, and no frequent and costly oil change. All major parts are made of PTFE, these economical vacuum pumps are perfect for tough lab applications. Free three feet 3/8" white…

  • …flexibility, chemical resistance and extended pump life in a clear, plasticizer / oil-free tubing product. It is ideal for a broad range of demanding applications including peristaltic pump systems, soap and detergent dispensing, ink transfer, water purification lines, food and beverage, and…

  • UPSP-5 Series Utility Pumps

    Franklin Electric

    The rugged UPSP-5 Series portable utility transfer pump, with integral carrying handle, is perfect for intermittent duty of moving water from one location to another. Ideal for flooded basements, watering lawns and draining water heaters.

  • …humidity. By their chemical nature, they will not have any chemical reactivity with solvents such as TCE or alcohol. The pH of the deionized water solutions tested was the same before and after a 7-day period. No color change or any other physical change noted for any solvents tested. …

  • …vapor after the pump. 1230D90 - Secondary Condenser Vaccum Pump V-700/710 compact high performance condenser for producing maximum condensation of residual solvent vapor after the pump. 1230D91 - Secondary Cold Trap, If dry ice is used instead of cooling water, a suitable cold trap…

  • EZ-Stream Vacuum Pump


    pump can provide vacuum up to 600-700 mbar, and because it transfers liquids through the pump head this translates to a high flow rate performance. The pump can easily handle a multiple head manifold for water or beverage testing, providing a comparable flow rate to traditional vacuum/pressure pumps

  • …ensure exceptional water vapor tolerance with minimal impact on ultimate vacuum. Wearing forces have also been reduced for longer service intervals. Great Value All of these features are available on pumps that are comparable in price to old-design belt-drive and direct-drive vacuum pumps.

  • …made of soft PVC. The OTAL® liquid transfer pumps are popular and appreciated thanks to their easy handling in daily use. Only the tube comes into contact with the liquid when OTAL® pumps are used. OTAL® bettery pump for safe filling of car batteries with acid or distilled water.

  • Swimming Pool Pumps

    Franklin Electric

    Little Giant® swimming pool cover pumps help safeguard and protect your pool cover from prolonged accumulation of rain or melting snow. Available in manual and automatic versions, pool cover pumps easily adapt to a standard garden hose for water removal.

  • …RO-purified water storage tank. Feedwater inlet tubing, 7' long, with 1/2" OD Male NPTM, BSPM or GAZ fitting and pre-filter screen. RO reject tubing, 80" long. 50 dB maximum noise level at a distance of 3 1/4 feet (1 m). Distribution pump. Continuous/intermittent…

  • arium® bagtanks


    The pure water is stored in the innovative, closed arium® bagtank system. Here, the prepared pure water is securely protected from secondary contamination. The Sartorius bagtank system enables consistent water quality over an extended period, thereby providing for long-term, reproducible…

  • Vivaflow 200


    …of samples up to 5 liters. 200 cm2 membrane surface area. The standard Vivaflow 200 cassette package comes with tubing, pressure indicator, flow restrictor and high pressure pump tubing. All you need is a peristaltic pump with a pump head capable of handling 6.4 mm OD tubing (size 16).

  • RO Water Systems


    …technologies to create consistently pure RO water. Product Features: Three systems produce RO water flow rates up to 6, 12 or 24 L/hr or 120, 240, or 480 L/day The 12 and 24 L/hr systems provide for silent operation with new pump technology; 6 L/hr system uses available in-house…

  • Produce from 100 to 600 liters of laboratory grade water per day Microprocessor controls allow for 24 hour fully automatic operation Integral pump for consistent operation and flow rate Can be wall or bench mounted A series of internal pressure gauges allows you to monitor…

  • …concentration units, buffers and other accessories. Operated best by laboratory pump. Vivapure LentiSELECT 1000: Fast purification of 4–5 x 109 lentivirus particles from 1000 ml cell culture. Complete kit with concentration units, syringe sets, and all buffers. Operated best by laboratory pump.

  • …rod will quickly destroy the pump seals. In turn, the seal material gets trapped on the frit at the head of the column, which leads to increased system pressure and/or irregular or poor peak shape. As the piston continues to wear, a leak may develop at the pump. Any time piston seals are…

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