Water Distillation System

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Water Distillation System
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  • Aquatron® Water Stills

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …litres/hour double distilled water for higher purity levels. The first stage distillation is carried out in a glassware set mounted at the front of the cabinet allowing easy access for descaling. The distilled water is fed to a second set of glassware mounted at the rear and distilled a second time.…

  • BEAR Economy Water Distillers

    BEAR Innovation

    …reliable water distiller with modern space-saving design. Full powder-coated stainless steel body. Modern space saving design Low-cost High-quality distillate – conductivity approx 2,5 µS/cm (depends on incoming water) Thermostatic low-water cut-off safety system

  • Recirculating Chillers, F-305 / F-308 / F-314


    …start/stop when used in conjunction with the Rotavapor® R-300 system. Your most important benefits: Efficient Efficient distillation due to complete integration into the BUCHI rotary evaporation system Saves time thanks to instant start with automatic and dynamic pressure…

  • STIL EL5G 3PH 4W 120/208

    Thermo Scientific

    …the water and assures product water quality. The over temperature protection system improves safety while the new plug-and-play hardware allows for easier installation. Low water cut-off protects heating elements when water supply is interrupted. Double-walled boiler to preheat feed water

  • BEAR All-in-One, Automatically-Controlled Water Distillers

    BEAR Innovation

    distillation water distiller made of stainless steel. Designed for producing high quality distillate without full-time personnel control. CE-certified. Modern all-in-one design Low cost, comparing to competitors and distiller+separate automatic tank systems High-quality distillate

  • GenPure Pro

    Thermo Scientific

    The Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure Pro water purifcation system makes up to 200L/day of Type 1 water from a pretreated feedwater supply. The unit ships complete with all necessary consumables and accessories so that the unit can be installed and running the day it is received.

  • Ion-X-Changer Water Purification Cartridges


    water pressures as high as 100 psi for safe hookup to any laboratory tap water system. Cartridge resins turn amber to indicate when cartridges need to be changed. All cartridges must be used with mounting brackets (order separately). Purify water up to 15 MΩ-cm Design your system

  • UDK 129 Kjeldahl Distillation Units


    … UDK 129 far exceeds expectations from an entry-level distillation unit: Automated Operation System runs after setting sodium hydroxide addition and distillation time High Tech No loss of nitrogen: distillate temperature stays below threshold Accurate dosing of…

  • GenPure™ xCAD Plus Water Purification System Packages

    Thermo Scientific

    water system! Pure and simple. Thermo Scientific™ Barnstead™ GenPure™ xCAD Plus water purification systems with start-up consumables deliver ultrapure 18.2 megohm water with consistent quality, outstanding flexibility and great savings. Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus water

  • Direct-Q® 3 Remote Water Purification System


    All-in-one system: Produces pure (Type 3) water at 3 L/hour and ultrapure (Type 1) water at 0.5L/min, directly from potable tap water. Direct-Q® systems deliver both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide variety of applications in your lab. Direct-Q® systems

  • arium® comfort I Water System


    …conventional water systems, the arium® comfort I with its iJust software makes the best use of your water resources. Intelligent iJust enhances the quality of purified water, reduces your water usage, and calculates the optimal cleaning cycles for the system. Premium product water

  • 40L Water Storage Tanks for Fi-Streem III Glass Stills


    …kit allows for distribution of distilled product water to a glassware washer, point of use deionization (DI) system or any system requiring distilled water as a feed source, while leaving the spigot at the front of the tank free to manually draw water from at any time. Product Features:…

  • EASYpure® Water Purification System and Cartridges


    …Osmosis (RO). Water is compensated to 25°C. On-off and standby modes re-circulate water for ten minutes each hour. Pump maintains purity without wasting water. Exceeds ASTM, NCLLS and CAP type 1 water standards. Feed water requires pretreatment by reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization.…

  • WaterPro® BT™ Water Purification System


    …BT System produces both RO-purified and Type I water packaged in a compact all-inone benchtop design For laboratories needing 1-10 liters per day, the WaterPro BT System, delivers ultrapure Type I*, up to 18.2 megohm-cm at a typical rate of >0.5 liter per minute** at inlet water temperature…

  • CF Series Water Circulators


    Powerful and water saving closed cooling system with excellent cooling capacity Features Environment friendly coolant used for refrigeration Waterproof touch panel with big LED display and sheet key for easier setting Less energy use and less cooling capacity loss by fixing the…

  • SG Gradient Makers

    GE Healthcare

    …gradients for centrifugal sedimentation separations and delivering salt gradients for low pressure chromatography systems. The gradient maker should be cleaned thoroughly with distilled water after use to prevent polymerization or crystallization of solutions in the chambers and stopcocks. Do not…

  • Heating Element Replacement


    …resistance, resulting in heating of the element. The heating of the element causes the water in the boiler of the glass still to boil. This heating allows for the process of distillation to occur. The heating element provides outstanding quality at a lower cost than the competitor’s.

  • SYNTHWARE Dean Stark Distillation Receivers

    Kemtech America

    For easy separation of water from reaction or distillation system.

  • JP Recirculating Water Pumps


    … Practical Considerations Water recirculated for economy Quiet operation Water level detection Convenient drain valve Easy to move using two in-set handles Recommendations Complete your preferred system with the SMS Scrubber that neutralizes all…

  • SmartPak Purification Pack for RiOs-DI System


    Technology Activated Carbon Reverse Osmosis Ion-Exchange  

  • Milli Q Purification Pack RO Feed

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    For systems being feed with Elix, Reverse Osmosis (RO), or Distilled Water, this our direct replacement for Millipore’s Q-Gard 1 Purification cartridge. Equivalent to Millipore's (QGARD00R1). This cartridge also features a special mix of Ion-Exchange, and activated carbon resins to…

  • DI GARD™ String Wound Prefiltration Filter Cartridge

    Evoqua Water Technologies

    …of prefiltration applications such as SDI (service deionization or portable deionization), reverse osmosis, and CDI (Continuous Deionization) Systems. We offer a variety of filter cartridge and filter bag replacements and housings to meet specific configurations and filtration needs. The…

  • VAI WFI Quality Water

    Veltek Associates

    VAI WFI Quality Water is bulk manufactured high quality grade of water for use during disinfectant preparation. VAI’s VAI WFI Quality Water is produced from our validated 6 effect distilled WFI water system that is routinely monitored and passes all of

  • Cartridge Kit for Arium Ultrapure Water Systems


    …ultrapure water systems. The set includes 2 water purification cartridges: 1 x prefilter cartridge 1 x polishing cartridge H2O-U-PACK (1213R38) The Universal Kit is a cartridge set for an arium ultrapure water system that is fed by tap water. This set includes 2 water

  • Certified Cell Culture Water


    water systems, incubators and for the preparation of reagents for chemical analysis or synthesis. Our cell culture water eliminates endotoxin concerns as it has no detectable Endotoxins (below the detection threshold of <0.005EU/mL) and contains no detectable gram-negative bacteria. The water is…

  • Distilling Receiver, Jacketed

    Ace Glass

    Jacketed receiver with vacuum manifold for removal of sample during operation without disturbing the system. Stopcocks on manifold are 4mm bore, receiver stopcock is 3mm. Hose connections are size E on condenser; 10mm O.D. olive on manifold.

  • Bactericidal UV Lamp for Elix® Systems


    For Elix® systems.

  • SimpliPak® 1 Purification Cartridge


    For Simplicity® systems with Elix® / RO / distilled water feed.

  • Q-Gard® 1 Purification Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® systems connected to Elix® / RO / distilled water feed.

  • Wall Mount Kits


    …kit accommodates varying inlet water contaminants. When used, the kit reduces the frequency of cleaning LabStrong Fi-Streem Water Stills and other distillation systems. The kit also provides extended cartridge service life for point of use deionization (DI) water systems, which significantly reduces…

  • Fi-Streem Puri-Fi Pretreatment Cartridge


    …exchange resin Water purity indicated by resin color change at two windows in casing Will produce water quality as high as 0.1uS cm conductivity Lower cost alternative Disposable Ideal for in-line applications Two year shelf life Optional wall mount system available (AY0012-2)

  • Q-Gard® T2 Purification Cartridge


    For Milli-Q® systems connected to DI water feed.

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