Water Bath Shaker

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Water Bath Shaker
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  • C76 High-Temperature Water Bath Shakers


    Microprocessor-controlled orbital shaker for applications up to 80°C. High capacity shaking water bath for all your critical incubations 1 piece seamless bath with rounded corners ensures even heating and easy cleaning Feedback control of temperature and agitation rate for reproducible results …

  • Max Q 7000 Water Bath Shakers


    …drain system with quick disconnect Twin baffles minimize splashing and turbulence Prevent heat loss with optional covers These orbital shaking baths feature shaking speeds from 15 to 500 rpm on the digital units and 40-400 rpm on the analog units. Safety measures include audible alarms for high…

  • SB-12L Shaking Water Bath


    This compact shaking water bath utilizes the well proven, belt-less motor drive system from our popular Orbi-Shaker™ Series, with the addition of precision temperature control up to 80°C. The seamless, stainless steel chamber has a 12 liter capacity and includes a universal…

  • MaxQ Orbital Shaker Promotion

    Thermo Scientific

    …time. View all parameters simultaneously to prevent risk of error when establishing run conditions. Flexibility: Bench-top, floor and stackable models are available, fully equipped with incubation, refrigeration and water bath options to accommodate a wide range of applications and budgets.

  • Precision™ Shaking Water Baths

    Thermo Scientific

    Precision shaking water baths support a range of sensitive life science and QA/QC applications, from warming fragile reagents to tissue culturing and genetics sequencing. Easily clean and maintain your bath with new coil-free interior. Precision shaking water baths are available in 15 L and 27 L…

  • The Belly Bath

    IBI Scientific

    …switch for the water bath. The water bath incorporates thermal run-away safety switch, which operates independently of the main temperature controller. The lid is 3/6” thick PET clear lid with an easy grip handle and thermometer port. The Belly Bath combines a water bath with the gentle…

  • Accessories for Incubator Shakers & Open-Air Shakers (Not CO2)


    …Sticky Pad is 20 cm x 20 cm (7.9 inches square) and can be re-generated to like-new condition by washing with mild detergent and water. Neither can be used in water baths. For best performance, Sticky Pad should be used on an anodized aluminum substrate. Test Tube Racks have an adjustable angle…

  • Orbital Reciprocating Incubator/Shaker


    …Adjustable speed, stroke and motion Quiet operation Switch from one motion to another by simply changing the orientation of the tray. Shaker is designed to provide the working area for a large number of vessels while retaining a minimal footprint. Temperature and shaking speed are…

  • Lead Rings


    Use rings to stabilize glassware and plasticware on shakers or immersed in water baths. Vinyl-coated lead rings will not mark or scratch bench tops or labware.

  • Accessories: Clamps & Test Tube Racks

    New Brunswick Scientific

    …RPM depending on orbit diameter, flask size and load Sticky Pad is 20 cm x 20 cm (7.9 inches square) and can be re-generated to like-new by washing with mild detergent and water For best performance, Sticky Pad should be used on an anodized aluminum substrate Cannot be used in water baths

  • Accessories: Clamps & Test Tube Racks

    New Brunswick Scientific

    …that cannot be held with conventional flask clamps Tape can be used at speeds of up to 200 to 300 rpm depending on flask size, orbit diameter and load Roll size: 16.4 ft. x 1.6 in. Can be used several times before losing its adhesive properties Not for use in water baths

  • Oven and Incubator Accessories

    Shel Lab

    The SHEL LAB line of laboratory equipment faces industrial, clinical, and laboratory applications with ease. They offer Anaerobic chambers, water baths, laboratory and industrial ovens, and incubators that are as innovative as the industries that use them.

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