Water Bath Balls

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Water Bath Balls
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Aries Filterworks

  • Hollow Bath Balls

    LW Scientific

    …Hollow Bath Balls are an incredible addition to your lab or clinic and save you money and time. Use them instead of a lid on your water bath. Immerse your tubes through the ball thermal layer, and never have to worry about removing a lid and replacing it! The thermal ball layer retains the water

  • PURA™ Water Baths


    …lip of the PURA bath for draining of excess water after removal. Maximum number of racks in bath: PURA 4 = 1; PURA 10 = 3; PURA 14 = 3; PURA 22 = 5; PURA 30 = 7. Hollow Balls Polypropylene hollow balls to reduce heat loss and evaporation; form a floating lid on the water surface. Up to…

  • CT-1000 Constant Temperature Baths

    Cannon Instrument

    …ASTM D 445 for kinematic viscosity measurements. Two electric heating elements inside the bath rapidly heat the medium to any desired temperature within the range. A cooling coil, when connected to tap water or a cooling system, permits operation below or slightly above ambient temperature. A…

  • ROT-X-TRACT-LC Corning Accelerated One-Step Liquid-Liquid Extractors


    …connections: one water supply line in, one drain line out Organomation vacuum insulated concentrator tubes keep delicate samples safe Standard Features: Stepped bath rim and cover disk seals steam chamber Each condenser water line attached to centrally located water manifold …

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