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Waste Container
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  • 1 Gallon Waste Container


    …radioactive material. Excess residue can be rinsed from the funnel into jug to further reduce exposure. Choose between waste box with lid cover (internal dimension 6-1/2" L x 6-1/2" W x 12" H) and enclosed waste box internal dimensions 6-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 18-1/2" H).

  • Biohazardous Waste Containers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    waste with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Biohazardous Waste Containers, which feature convenient one-step sterilization—no need to remove the bag. A port opening in the cover allows for one-handed disposal of materials, limiting exposure to infectious waste. The containers hold…

  • SharpSafety™ Non-Infectious Waste Containers


    …non-infectious waste container is designed to reduce injuries and disposal costs for non-contaminated sharps. The containers are manufactured with recycled material and are uniquely colored to easily distinguish proper waster segregation of non-infectious sharps. The SharpSafety™ containers

  • Flip-Top Waste Containers

    IBI Scientific

    IBI’s flip-top waste containers are designed for the safe disposal of contaminated pipette tips, microcentrifuge tubes, mini columns, as well as any other small items that require containment. The FL-60 and FL-150’s lid has a Flip-Top cap with a 2cm diameter entry hole under it for disposal…

  • Solid Waste Containers


    Container is made of rugged HPDE and has a detachable base and lid with a gasket. It is an ideal container for solid waste in the lab such as used silica gel radioisotopes, contaminated gloves, Kimwipes, filter papers, and other disposables. Overall height with the lid open is 21", footprint is…

  • Polypropylene Waste Containers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Heavy-duty, chemically-resistant Friction-fit cover and molded-in handles Six-gallon (22.7 L) containers are 279 mm O.D. x 457 mm high. Twelve-gallon (45.4 L) containers are 356 mm O.D. x 584 mm high.

  • SAF-T-TAINER™ Biomedical Waste Containers

    Medegen Medical Products

  • Waste Containers with Fitted Lids

    IBI Scientific

    …laboratory waste that requires containment. These safe storage containers may be used with disposable NRC-approved waste bags. There are three (3) stationary waste containers available in convenient sizes with fitted lift-off lids, and one (1) large mobile waste container with heavy duty…

  • Waste Containers with Hinged Lids

    IBI Scientific

    …radioactive waste or any other laboratory waste that requires containment. These safe storage containers may be used with disposable NRC-approved waste bags. There are four (4) stationary waste containers available in convenient sizes with hinged lids, and one (1) large mobile waste container

  • Waste Container Biohazardous PP 15 Gallon

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

  • Eco Funnels Plastic Secondary Waste Containers


    Secondary waste container for ECO Funnels.

  • Clear Acrylic Mobile Hazardous Waste Containers


    …closing. Waste container for hazardous materials with visibility 2 part construction allows lifting of primary container 1/2 inch acrylic construction protects from beta emitters 4 industrial casters; 2 with brakes Hinged lid for easy filling, closing and containment Standard…


    Essendant Receivables

  • Bio-Bin® Waste Disposal Containers


    …Sterility Tape Supplied with 2 x 2” Biohazard Waste Labels Reorder information printed on the Bio-bin Bio-bins are a new cost effective and convenient alternative to rigid plastic waste collection and disposal containers. Ideal for use in academic, clinical, government and…

  • Filter Breakthrough Indicators: for Low-Flow Waste Containers Filters


    The HPLC Solvents Breakthrough Indicator is qualitative (yes/no) colorimetric indicator of the end-of-service life of low-flow filters. It is designed to provide real-time indication of the saturation and breakthrough of hplc solvents. HPLC solvents include Acetone, Acetonitrile, Chloroform,…

  • VapLock™ Solvent Waste Kits for Justrite® Containers


    …harmful solvent exhaust Easily connect to Justrite safety containers using quick disconnects Use the waste kits to minimize leaks, spills, and vapor escape from solvent waste containers. Waste kits include a manifold, exhaust filter, adapters, plugs, and tubing—everything…

  • VapLock™ Solvent Waste Manifold Caps for Justrite® Containers


    Connect solvent waste manifold caps to waste containers for a secure closed system Select from various manifold cap sizes to fit your laboratory and industrial solvent waste containers. Quick disconnect caps are available with PP or SS fittings and allow fast and easy connections to…

  • Hazardous Waste Hazmat Labels

    National Marker (NMC)

    Hazardous Waste Container Labels identify the contents of Hazardous Waste containers with the proper labels.

  • Waste Water Cart


    23.5 gallon waste container cart, allows easy collection of used flushing fluid. Concave top surface with center drain. Dual wheels, molded handle for easy portability. For use with Fendall Porta Stream I, II, II and Fendall Flash Flood.

  • Safety Waste Systems

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Ideal for temporary waste containment Easy-snap safety latch on lid Lid/vent system reduces volatile emissions Wide mouth funnels for easy pouring Safer than glass HDPE and PTFE material construction resists most common lab solvents, acids and bases. Removable neck screen…

  • Biohazard Waste Cans


    Justrite’s Biohazard Waste Containers meet OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 for the segregation of infectious waste. Use them to store contaminated laundry as well as other regulated waste; however, not for the storage of sharps. Sturdy steel cans feature leakproof construction with foot-operated,…

  • MiniVac Waste Collection System

    Argos Technologies

    Simple, safe, cost effective laboratory waste removal system The Argos MiniVac waste collection system was designed with safety, convenience and bench-top space in mind. The MiniVac system replaces the need for glass waste containers; eliminating the risk of breakage and contamination. The…

  • Safety Waste Funnel Systems

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Temporarily contain waste on the benchtop or under the lab hood using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste Funnel Systems. Funnels feature the Easy Snap Safety Latch to minimize spillage if accidentally tipped over and a larger diameter funnel for easy pouring. The vent system helps…

  • Non-Hazardous Lab Waste Floor


    … Introduced to be used in safety conscious laboratory  environments enabling staff to collect all  Non-Hazardous Laboratory Waste in one container. 6 disposal boxes per each case. Colorful easy to read graphics. Ships flat for easy storage. Easy assembly-instructions…

  • Biohazardous Waste Cans

    Eagle Manufacturing Company

    …workers of potential biohazards Meets OSHA requirements for exposures to blood-borne pathogens Foot lever reduces user’s hands-on exposure Polyethylene construction helps prevent accidental punctures which may occur with biohazard bags in open stands. Waste cans are available in 3 sizes.

  • Dry Waste Boxes


    Dry Waste Box Hinged Lid (1212V15) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 4x8x15.5in Slim Model: Beta shielding box is for storage of a wide variety of laboratory products. Available in many sizes to suit almost every need. 100% shielding from 32P emitters. Hinged lid for easy handling. All…

  • Zero Waste Box: Glassware


    …include any laboratory plastics. We will also not accept household hazardous waste such as pressurized canisters, pesticides, oil based paint or medical sharps, organics, broken glass, bio-medical waste, soiled diapers or expired medication. In addition, we also will not accept any item…

  • Cease-Fire® Waste Receptacles


    Justrite’s Cease-Fire® Waste Receptacles are specially contoured to direct smoke and gas from any fire inside the container, back into the combustion area, cutting off the air supply and extinguishing flames in seconds. Cease-Fire® receptacles provide around-the-clock protection…

  • EZwaste® Solvent Waste System

    Foxx Life Sciences

    EZ-Waste Solvent Waste System is designed to be an affordable solution for liquid waste disposal.Carbon exhaust filter traps solvent vapors,tube fittings secure waste tubes to carboy, providing the closes system necessary to prevent spills. 90° adapter included for maximum storage flexibility.…

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