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Viscometer Oil
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  • Borosilicate Glass Ostwald Oil Viscometer


    Made with borosilicate glass Without stopcock Time of outflow for water at room temperature: 60 to 100 seconds Minimum sample: 5 mL

  • SimpleVIS™ Portable Viscometer

    Cannon Instrument

    …style tube, works with both transparent and opaque oils Reliable, only 2 moving parts Easy-to-use graphical touch screen Small sample volume: <0.5 mL Rapid automated analysis: <3 minutes The Cannon SimpleVIS™ Portable Viscometer offers the industry a new tool for quick and reliable…

  • Viscometer Cleaning And Drying Apparatus


    Removes all traces of oil Air pressure drives solvent No electrical contact needed Unit is designed to wash the inside of glass kinematic viscometer tubes with a jet of solvent. At the touch of a button, the solvent stream is cut off and an air jet is directed into the tubes for…

  • Cannon-Fenske Series Viscometers

    Cannon Instrument

    …Require liquid bath depth of 203 mm (8"). Calibrated viscometers are supplied with a certificate of calibration and instruction sheet. Viscometers have the serial number and size printed on the outside of the box and on the viscometer. Additional sizes are available on special order. Holder not…

  • Digital Paddle Viscometers

    Cannon Instrument

    …Paddle Viscometer can also be used for other applications consistent with its temperature control and viscosity measurement capabilities, including the ASTM D 244 consistency test. Ideally suited for field use, the Digital Paddle Viscometer can determine the viscosity of lubricating oils,

  • Zahn Cup Viscometers


    Quickly measures the viscosity of liquids such as paint, lacquer, varnish, syrup and oil Compact and easy to use Rapid results Inexpensive Boekel cup type viscometers measure viscosity in the 18 to 1725 centistokes range in 90 seconds or less. Five cups are available differing only in the…

  • Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm Calibrated Viscometers

    Cannon Instrument

    …of 230 mm. Precision: ±0.3%. Unity Factor viscometer constants are within 0.2% of values listed in table. Individually boxed with certificate of calibration and instruction sheet. Serial number is printed on the outside of the box and on the viscometer. Without holders. See Thomas numbers 9726M95…

  • Flow Cup Viscometers


    …checks can be performed using Fungilab standard oils specifically formulated for this type of viscosity test. We also provide calibration services at our facilities. Flow cups conform to ISO 2431 or ASTM D1200 standards. Fungilab supplies durable and sturdy support for all Flow Cup viscometers.

  • BO Series Constant Temperature Oil Baths


    Easy-to-use, digital setting, compact design oil bath. Features BO400/410 Digital temperature setting by up and down arrow keys Removable oil tank for convenient cleaning and changing of oil Heater situated outside the water tank Exclusive connection for bath…

  • BOA Series Large Capacity Constant Temperature Oil Baths


    Large capacity 37L oil bath with temperature control of up to 200/270°C. Operation and functions High temperature distribution accuracy by adopting jet stirring Advanced supportive functions Standard equipped with external alarm output, temperature output terminal (4~20mA, 1~5V…

  • Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm Unity Factor, Found Holder, ZCAXC-RO Series Viscometers

    Cannon Instrument

    Calibrated viscometers For measurement of kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque Newtonian liquids Meets ASTM Standard D 445; specifications conform with ASTM Standard D 446 Also used to measure kinematic viscosity of cut-back asphalts and road oils at 140°F and asphalt…

  • General Purpose Low Temperature Viscosity Standards

    Cannon Instrument

    …eld Viscometer ASTM D3829, Predicting the Borderline Pumping Temperature of Engine Oil ASTM D4684, Determination of Yield Stress and Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils at Low Temperature ASTM D6821, Low Temperature Viscosity of Drive Line Lubricants in a Constant Shear Stress Viscometer

  • Certified Viscosity “Check Oils” for SAE Target Viscosities

    Cannon Instrument

    … The oils enable users to “check” the performance of their Cold-Cranking Simulator, Mini-Rotary Viscometer, and Kinematic Viscometers by measuring commercially-available formulated engine oils. Viscosity values for the check oils will be at typical blend targets. Custom check oils with…

  • Bath Oil, 6-Gallon Container

    Cannon Instrument

    Contains an oxidation inhibitor which reduces tendency to darken at higher temperatures For use below 135°C (275°F) For higher temperature requirements, see Thomas number 6428R25.

  • Viscosity Standard, -20 and -25°C for CMRV, 500 ml

    Cannon Instrument

    For preceding the borderline pumping temperature of engine oil in accordance of ASTM Standards D 3829 and D 4684 Viscosity of 30,000 centipoise at -20°C based on NIST value of 1.0016 centipoise for water at 20°C; traceable to NIST

  • VISDISK for Windows

    Cannon Instrument

    …Specifications and SAE Viscosity Grades for Engine Oils Cold-Cranking Simulator calculations-simplifies calculation of calibration coefficients and calculations involving thermistor temperature probes CANNON Mini-Rotary Viscometer calculations-allows calculation of apparent viscosity…

  • BH Series Precision Constant Temperature Water Baths


    … Precision controller enables temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.01°C (at 20°C) BH501 can be used as precision water or oil bath Maximum of 99 steps of programming operation, fixed temperature operation, quick auto stop, auto stop and auto start functions RS485…

  • EZ Viscosity Cups

    EZ=Equivalent Zahn; 3% Guaranteed tolerance; complies with and exceeds ASTM D 4212 All stainless steel cup and handle Oil used to standardize EZ Cups is produced in accordance with ISO 9002 The EZ cup formula for each cup of the series matches the applicable ASTM formula in D…

  • Ford Viscosity Cups


    …The body is machined from solid bar aluminum and the orifice is made of brass. Calibrated cups are calibrated against standard oils referenced to certified NIST oils. Ford Cup Accessory Kit includes a cover glass for removing excess sample from cup, a bubble level for leveling cup and stand,…

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