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Vial 5ml
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  • Vial Amber Graduated 5ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

  • Vial, Clear, Solidcap, TFE, 5mL

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

  • 5mL storage vial snap cap kit 100/pk

    Agilent Technologies

  • 5mL & 10mL Transport Vials

    Stockwell Scientific

    Tube Material: PP-CO Cap Material: HDPE 5mL Size* (Length x Dia.): 60 x 20mm 10mL Size* (Length x Dia.): 94 x 20mm Min. Temp.**: -40°C Max. Temp.**: 120°C * Dimensions are measured with cap intact. Diameter measurement is the OD taken at the widest part of…

  • Vial S / T Amber 5ml No Graduation

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

  • Vial S / T Clear 5ml No Graduation

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

  • 5mL high recovery screw cap vials 30/pk

    Agilent Technologies

  • 20mm snap cap for 10 and 5mL sampl vials

    Agilent Technologies

  • Vial, Voa, 40ml, preserved, 5ml methanol, Lvl 2

    Quality Environmental Containers

  • Vial, Voa, 40ml, preserved, 5ml sodium bisulfate, Lvl 2

    Quality Environmental Containers

  • 5mL & 10mL Transport Vials, kPa Pressure Tested

    Stockwell Scientific

    …referenced test methods. The results of the test can be found in the Additional Info Tab. Tube Material: PP-CO Cap Material: HDPE 5mL Size* (Length x Dia.): 60 x 20mm 10mL Size* (Length x Dia.): 94 x 20mm Min. Temp.**: -40°C Max. Temp.**: 120°C *…

  • Vial, Voa, 40ml preserved, .5mL, 1:1 Sulfuric, Lvl 3

    Quality Environmental Containers

  • Vacules w / Screw Caps 5ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    External thread Free standing Heavy wall construction designed for lyophilization and freeze-drying. Manufactured from Wheaton 33 low extractable borosilicate glass (meets ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I standards.)

  • Cryo-Safe™ Vial Storage Box

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …2"H) For vials: 1.2 - 2.0ml Pattern: 5 x 5 1222X71 Place: 81 Dimension: 133.35 x 133.35 x 50.8mmH (51/4 x 51/4 x 2"H) For vials: 1.2 - 2.0ml Pattern: 9 x 9 1222X72 Place: 81 Dimension: 133.35 x 133.35 x 95.25mm H(5-1/4 x 5-1/4 x 3-3/4"H) For vials: 5.0ml Pattern: 9…

  • Tuff Vials


    Highly break resistant tough polycarbonate vials with polypropylene leakproof closures. Glass clear allows viewing of valuable contents, liquid or solid. Reusable and autoclavable. 5mL and 10mL are also ideal for leakproof shipping of reagents and buffer solutions, for packaging of serum,…

  • CryoELITE™ Tissue Vials

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …protection. Offering researchers a uniform vial able to maintain sample integrity while maximizing storage capacity and organization, the CryoELITE Tissue Vials feature a wide-mouth opening, 5mL capacity and high integrity closure. The CryoELITE Tissue Vial offers researchers who work with tissue…

  • Cryogenic Vials with Bar Code

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    1.2, 2.0 and 5.0mL standard and 1.5mL SYSTEM100™ cryogenic vials with bar code are ideal for automated data collection, sample inventory or to mask the identity of samples Code 128-numeric barcode is printed in black on white background Human readable is printed below bar code Barcodes are…

  • National 12 × 96mm Glass Vials for Automated TOC analyzers

    National Scientific

    Maximum fill volume: 5mL Superior quality N-51A clear borosilicate glass 5mL sample vial is designed for use in the Shimadzu™ Model ASI-5000 Screw thread vial fits standard 10-425 closures (included with pre-assembled product) Open-top vial was designed in cooperation with the…

  • Multi-Vials

    Stockwell Scientific

    …are an excellent multipurpose container. They are primarily used for liquid scintillation counting, beta-gamma counting, and sample storage. White polyethylene caps are perfect for convenient, easy marking. Features include: Nominal volume of 5ml. High density white polyethylene snap cap.

  • OSOM® hCG Serum Controls For OSOM® hCG Combo (Ships on ice)

    Sekisui Diagnostics

    For use with hCG Combo®. Kit contents: 1 vial hCG Negative Serum Control (5mL/vial) and 1 vial hCG Positive Serum Control (5mL/vial).

  • Addipak Saline Unit Dose Solutions


    Convenient 3mL, 5mL and 15mL vials of sterile solution for inhalation therapy Color-coded for easy identification Inverted milliliter graduations for accurate dispensing

  • Aluminum Cryo-Canes

    Crystal Technologies

    Aluminum cryo-canes available in two styles, with and without vial platforms. Each cryo-cane holds either five 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 or 2.0ml cryogenic vials (with vial platform) or 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 , 2.0 or 5.0ml cryogenic vials (no vial platform).

  • CapInsert™ for 5.0mL Microcentrifuge Tubes


    At any time the Color Coded Insert could be applied to the tube closure, which eliminates jeopardizing the integrity of your sample by transferring it to another vial. It is manually press fit and locks into place on top of closure.

  • Scienceware® Polypropylene Freezer Boxes

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …either 1.5 to 2ml micro tubes / cryo vials (81-place box) or 5ml conical centrifuge tubes, including Eppendorf* brand (25-place box). 81-place micro tube / cryo vial box fits standard 2” ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer racks 25-place 5ml conical centrifuge tube box fits standard…

  • Heat Transfer Block - Microscale

    Ace Glass

    …for vials and one hole for thermometers. 9594-16 for use on top of stirrer-hot plate to effect better heat transfer. Block has three bowl shaped-recesses, one 20mm straight-thru hole, one deep bowl-shaped hole, and one hole for a thermometer. 9594-08 auxiliary heat block for use with 3mL and 5mL

  • Saliva Collection Kits

    IBI Scientific

    vial, and disposed. The 5ml saliva collection vial is graduated to allow easy assessment of sample volume. A continuous line around the vial indicates the desired 2ml volume mark. After saliva deposition, a 2ml Saliva Stabilization Solution is then added to the saliva collection vial, the vial is…

  • Preserved VOA Vials, Certified

    Greenwood Products

    Preserved - 40ml Clear VOA Vial Bonded T/S Septa Cap - w/.5ml 1:1 HCL Certified  (72/cs)

  • Cryofile And Cryofile XL Freezer Boxes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Provide high quality storage in cryogenic temperatures NEW CryoFILE Storage Boxes for 5mL Tissue Freestanding Vials Grid ID numbered from 1 to 81 for easy content identification Numbering system printed on lid and bottom of box coordinates sample ID 6 colors provide color…



    5mL x 0. 63mm outer diameter syringe 2mL clear sample vials (144) 2mL amber sample vials (100) blue crimp caps with septa (100) green crimp caps with septa (100) red crimp caps with septa (100) septa for waste/wash vials (100) crimper - 11mm decapper - 11 mm 2 mL vial rack

  • Polycarbonate Cryo/Freezer Boxes

    United Scientific Supplies

    Manufactured of strong polycarbonate, these boxes are ideal for compact storage of 2.0 or 5.0ml cryogenic vials.  Boxes can be used at temperatrues from -196°C to +121°C and are autoclavable.  Transparent lids have a numbered grid for sample identification.  Frosted…

  • Deluxe Microchemistry Kit


    …Laboratory (Published by John F. Wiley). Components come in Standard Taper 7/10 and 14/10 joint sizes. A selection of conical reaction vials from 0.1 mL to 5.0mL capacity is included. All components are mounted in foam within a polyethylene case for easy storage. For more detail on individual…

  • Transport Tubes

    MTC Bio

    …environmental, independent testing, food testing, and biological research labs. Used to store, transport or freeze samples, these tubes come in both 5mL (16 x 60mm) and 10mL (16 x 80mm) and are fitted with leak-proof screw-caps. They are made of high-grade polypropylene, and include white printed…

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