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Vial 4ml
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  • Vial Racks for 2mL and 4mL Vials

    National Scientific

    Polystyrene racks can be stacked empty or with any number of vials inserted Polypropylene racks can be stacked empty or with a full tray of vials Polypropylene rack is durable; can be washed and reused multiple times All racks feature alphanumeric indexing for easy location of samples …

  • Vial, Amber, Assembled, P.Seal 4mL

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

  • 15x45mm 4mL Screw Thread Vials

    National Scientific

    Original Waters™ 4mL WISP™ autosampler vial Superior quality 51A amber glass Uniformly flat bottom for security with inserts

  • Vial Dilution 4ml In Lab File, Clear FB

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    4 mL size Marked with blue line at 3 mL level Pre-attached solid-top black phenolic screw cap with 14B rubber liner Autoclavable

  • Scintillation Vials

    Globe Scientific

    …permits the vial to be sealed tight with an easy 1/4 turn and with minimum pressure. The 6.5mL Scintillation Vials are securely sealed by simply snapping the caps on. The cap is conveniently removed with an easy 1/4 turn to the left. The 4mL Polyethylene Scintillation Vial uses a full…



  • 4ml Glass Vials with Cap for NIRA


    Our Glass Vials for the Near Infrared Reflectance Accessory (NIRA) are directly used for measuring reflectance of solids and transreflectance of liquids.

  • Convenience Kits

    J.G. Finneran

    Convenience Kit consisting of Finneran 4ml Clear Vial, 15x45, 13-425mm Screw Thread and Black Open Top Polypropylene Cap with Red PTFE/Silicone Septa.

  • Vial In Vial File 4ml, Clear, TFE Lnr 15X48mm

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Clear plastic hinged case with 2 or 4 mL vials Convenient for storing and transporting vials Partitions and foam inserts protect vials Includes alphanumerical indexing card Choice of solid or open top screw cap Caps attached to vials

  • Multi-Plug Safety Sleeve

    J.G. Finneran

    …Sleeve is available in clear K-resin or black glass reinforced polypropylene. Use it as a tool to make plug and shell vial assembly easier and safer. The safety sleeve is “Multi” useful because it is designed to work with 1mL, 2mL or 4mL shell vials. One Safety Sleeve works with all three sizes.



  • Vial Sample S / TW / PTFE Cap 4ml Cs144

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Sample Vials Screw-Thread PTFE Closure Clear, KG-33 Borosilicate Glass The 16 mL size complies with EPA 600 Series Methods

  • Centrifan™ PE Personal Evaporator/Condenser, Rotor, 8 x 4ml (1 Dram) Vials

    KD Scientific

    …to prevent release of toxic fumes. The unitmay be purged of air with a nitrogen bleed to performoxygen-free drying. Rotor Capacities: 6x20ml Scintillation Vials; 6x30ml Scintillation Vials; 4x40ml Scintillation Vials; 8x16mmx100mm Test Tubes; 8x1.5ml Eppendorf Tubes; 8x4ml (1 Dram) Sample Vials

  • FluidX™ Tri-Coded Next-Gen Jacket 4mL Sample Storage Tubes with External Thread

    Brooks Life Sciences

    … Developed to exceed the demands of sample security, management and tracking in modern high-density storage applications Tri-Coded Jacket 4.0ml external thread tubes carry three unique and permanent high-contrast tube identifiers, 2D Code, Linear Barcode and a Human Readable Number (HRN) …

  • Clear & Amber Vials


    MicroLiter offers products for both LC and GC applications.

  • 4 mL, Waste and Wash Screw Top Vial with Write-On Patch and Level Lines


    …resistant to acidic, neutral and alkali solutions. In addition, all our vials are manufactured to specific tolerances that are guaranteed to fit and perform with PerkinElmer and non-PerkinElmer instruments. Combine our vials with our Exclusive pressure relief caps/septa to ensure safe analysis at…

  • Trays for Vials


    High pressure for 96 well inserts, microliter has a full line of lc and gc chromatography consumables and can help you determine the best products for your application.

  • E-C Vials w / Rubber Lined Caps, Amber, 4 ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Wheaton Sample Vials, 4mL or 0.14oz, Amber, 13-425 Finish with 14B Rubber Liner, Type I Borosilicate Glass (4 mL E-C Vial, Glass Amber, 13-425 Rubber Lined Cap)4 mL Economy Vial, Glass Amber, 13-425 Cap, Rubber. These economically priced sample vials are conveniently packed in two shrink-wrapped…

  • Vacuum & Ionized Clear Borosilicate Sample Vials with Black Phenolic PolyCone…


    …loose dirt, carton lint, aerosols, and fine glass particles are from the vials, and seals cleanliness into each individual screw thread vial. Clear, Type I Borosilicate Glass Vial 13-425 Black Phenolic PolyCone Lined Cap attached, Vacuum & Ionized 1 dram (4ml) Case of 144

  • Stabil-PAC


    …routine use. Stabil-PAC contains suffient NVoy Polymer to protect at least 12 mg of protein, and for Stabil-PAC Maxi up to 48mg of protein can be protected. Contents: 6 x Vial each containing 10 or 40 mg (maxi size) NVoy, 1 x Vial containing 4ml DMSO,1 x Vial containing 4ml Strong Release Agent

  • EvoluChem™ LED 18W


    Experimental Details: In duplicate in a 4-ml vial equipped with a teflon septa and 2x7 mm stir bar, were weighed 4-bromoacetophenone (4.95 mg, 25 μmol) and potassium benzyltrifluoroborate (4.50 mg, 25 μmol, 1 equiv.). To this vial was added a 1.0 ml solution in DMA containing NiCl2-dme (1.1…

  • SampleScan 96 2D Barcode Readers


    …Compatible 96 tube format labware Micronic ThermoFisher (Matrix, ABgene, Nunc) Corning Greiner FluidX Matrical Wheaton 4mL glass vials with 2D barcodes Cryovials with 2D barcodes Others, including non-SBS format racks High-density tube racks with offset rows and…

  • Clear waste and wash vial, 4 mL (15 mm) (single pack)


    Our 4 mL screw top vials are manufactured from Type I Borosilicate Glass, which meets all USP, JP, and EP Pharmacopeia requirements.

  • 4DX-FAS Autosampler w/Dual Flow Rinse


    …injection accessory for high sample throughput or chromatography applications Holds a variety of vials from 0.5mL microcentrifuge tubes to 250mL tall bottles Maximum sample capacity for a given work area, can accommodate from 576 samples x 4mL to 20 samples x 250mL Accommodates up to 10 Standards

  • 2DX-FAS Autosampler w/Dual Flow Rinse


    …injection accessory for high sample throughput or chromatography applications Holds a variety of vials from 0.5mL microcentrifuge tubes to 250mL tall bottles Maximum sample capacity for a given work area, can accommodate from 384 samples x 4mL to 20 samples x 250mL Accommodates up to 10 Standards

  • CRYOVIAL® External Thread Design with Lip Seal


    …enhances the leakproof qualities of these vials at various temperatures. Tubes are provided with a white marking area for sample identification and can be color coded by the use of a CAPINSERT™ (Series T312). T309-2 can be centrifuged up to 17,000g. Vials are sterilized by gamma radiation and…

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