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  • EC Vial Series


    … With all the organic vials, Teflon and type 1 glass are the only surfaces that will make contact with the sample. This sample vial and closure combination provides an extremely inert and chemically resistant environment for harsh, sensitive and reactive samples. Vials are manufactured from…

  • Sample Vials


  • Clear Borosilicate Sample Vials


    Clear Borosilicate Sample Vials offer maximum visibility. Type I borosilicate glass assures the contents integrity. Most vial sizes packaged in blue corrugate boxes to reduce carbon dust. NOTE: Vials only, caps are not included.

  • Dram/Sample Vials

    J.G. Finneran

    The dram/sample vials are available in clear or amber Type I borosilicate glass assembled with solid top or open hole black polypropylene screw thread closures. The solid top closures are lined with PTFE/F217 material and the open hole closures have PTFE faced silicone septa assembled in the…

  • Vial Sample S / T w / PTFE Cap 16ml Cs144


    Screw Thread, KG-33 Borosilicate Glass Sample Vials with PTFE Closure Attached. The 16 mL size complies with EPA 600 Series Methods

  • Thomas TomCap® Vials


    Unique septa/liner is molded to provide a leakproof seal 40 mL capacity EPA V.O.A. vial in clear or amber borosilicate glass Unique liner shape mechanically locks into closure, preventing contamination from dropped liners Available as assembled only, pre-cleaned to EPA protocol B, or…

  • Polypropylene Storage Vials

    United Scientific Supplies

    Storage vials are designed for use with samples from -80°C to 121°C. DNase, RNase, and Pyrogen-free. Used for storage of PCR reagents, enzymes and other diagnostics, biochemical reagents or samples.  Polypropylene vials feature a large white frosted labeling area, silk screen…

  • Amber Borosilicate Sample Vials


    Amber Screw Thread Vials offer protection from harmful light and UV rays for light sensitive products. These general purpose glass vials are made of Type I Borosilicate glass, providing exceptional resistance to heat shock and chemical leaching. Purchase closures separately.

  • Tuff Vials


    Highly break resistant tough polycarbonate vials with polypropylene leakproof closures. Glass clear allows viewing of valuable contents, liquid or solid. Reusable and autoclavable. 5mL and 10mL are also ideal for leakproof shipping of reagents and buffer solutions, for packaging of serum,…

  • Accuform SSR Vials


    …suitable for 2D barcoding Kimble Accuform SSR Vials are designed to provide reliable storage, retrieval, analysis and delivery of liquid or powder samples. Engineered for high performance in laboratory automation equipment, these vials help minimize downtime. * Sale price valid…

  • Amber Borosilicate Sample Vials


    Amber Borosilicate Sample Vials are a great general purpose vial which offer protection from harmful light and UV rays for light sensitive products. Note: Caps are not included.

  • 20 mL Sample Vial In Lab File, Clr, No Cap


    Clear and amber vials made from borosilicate glass Shorty Vials® feature a low profile for greater stability Screw caps available separately

  • Shell Vials


    Shell vial of N-51A borosilicate glass Plain top Open bottom TITESEAL® closure (not attached) 0.5 dram vial measures 12 mm o.d. x 35 mm length. 1 dram vial measures 15 mm o.d. x 45 mm length. (1 dram = 3.7 mL ).

  • Glass Liquid Scintillation Vials


    Scintillation vials are 20mL made from Wheaton 180 low potassium borosilicate glass Available with caps attached, caps packaged separately or without caps Packaged in corrugated trays of 100 Glass Vials are manufactured from Wheaton 180 low potassium borosilicate glass that conforms to…

  • Thomas Screw Cap Specimen Vials


    Vials with vinylite liners Consisting of 9710F12 series borosilicate glass vials and attached 2386C10 series caps fitted with cork-backed vinylite liners Vials with Caps (9710D13 to D73, 1233Z28 to Z37) Vials without Caps (9710F12 to F82, 9711B45)

  • 8-425 Assembled Vial Kits

    Thermo Scientific Sun SRi

    Pre-assembled kits reduce vial contamination before use Kits with flanged caps are preferred for use with Shimadzu and Hitachi autosamplers, which require suspended vials Clear re-closable tray protects unused vials

  • Scintillation Vials

    Globe Scientific

    vial provides a high degree of resistance to organic solvents and sufficient translucence so that reagent levels can be easily seen. The unique thread design of the closure permits the vial to be sealed tight with an easy 1/4 turn and with minimum pressure. The 6.5mL Scintillation Vials are…

  • Vial Sample S / TW / PTFE Cap 24ml Cs144


    Clear glass sample vials Closed-top white urea caps with PTFE-faced white rubber liners, attached Packaged in corrugated trays with partitions Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements

  • Wide Opening Screw Top Glass Vials

    Agilent Technologies

    Agilent provides a wide variety of vials and cap compatible with the HTC LC Injector listed in the Vials and Caps section. CTC recommends using Silicone/PTFE and PTFE/Silicone/PTFE septa for purity and penetration properties. Below are featured the most popular vials and caps used with the HTC.

  • Sterile, Polypropylene Cryogenic Vials

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …contents of vial Self-standing without a holder; conical bottom allows complete sample retrieval Deep-skirted closure allows single-handed aseptic technique without exposing fingers to vial contents White marking area, fill line and graduations printed on vial Specially…

  • Chromatography Vial with Closure: 9/425

    Saint Gobain

    …samples pure and contaminant free for accurate sampling. Glass vials are made from 33-Expansion Coefficient clear borosilicate glass for exceptional resistance to chemical and temperature variations. Our 2mL 12 x 32mm standard mouth vials have a useable volume of 1.5mL and are available in 8/425…

  • Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials

    EP Scientific Products

    Thermo Scientific™ Depyrogenated Sterile Empty Vials are offered in capacities ranging from 1 to 100mL. Certificate of Sterility & Pyrogen Test included with each lot. Sterile vials are Type I borosilicate, assembled with butyl stoppers and aluminum seals. Type 1 Borosilicate glass…

  • Target Crimp Top Vial System, Glastic Vials

    National Scientific

    …controlled crown formation improves seal. I-D vials with write-on patches have graduations at 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 mL . Glastic vials (2702C58) are effective and economic alternatives for vial and insert combinations. They consist of a polypropylene outer vial with a borosilicate glass insert molded…

  • 20 ml Headspace Vial, Glass Clear


    Wheaton headspace vials accept 20 mm aluminum seals Rounded shoulders and bottoms, allowing for even heating and safer operation at higher pressures Manufactured from Type I borosilicate glass Top provides a tighter seal with your septa O.D. x Height: 23 x 75 mm Capacity: 20 mL

  • E-C Clear Sample Vials


    Economically priced Made from borosilicate glass Case of 200

  • Vial Rack for Headspace Vials


    vials (fits 6, 10, or 20 mL vials). Vials lock in rack for convenient one-handed cap removal. Openings in the bottom of each well facilitate drainage. Alphanumeric indexing on rack simplifies sample identification. Easy to clean and fully autoclavable.* Stackable—even with vials

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Test Systems

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …shelf life. They are supplied 25 to a package in 16 mm vials. The COD Reactor can digest up to 25 samples simultaneously in 2 hours or less. The inexpensive AQUAfast II is highly accurate, easy-to-use and allows user calibration. Accepts 16 mm vials. The AQUAfast IV Colorimeter may also be used.

  • Disposable Borosilicate Glass Scintillation Vials


    …metal foil liner Vials are sold in cases of 500 containing 5 film-covered trays of 100 vials. 9718G12 vials are furnished fitted with caps. 9718G26 vials are supplied with caps packaged separately in bags of 100. For replacement caps, see 9718G72. Screw Cap Vials With Metal Foil-Lined…

  • Target DP Vial System

    National Scientific

    …of a screw cap vial with the integrity of a crimp vial, I-D™ vials have write-on patches graduated at 0.5, 1.0 and 1.5 ml. Also compatible with Perkin-Elmer, Shimadzu and Varian GC and LC autosamplers and Waters, Hitachi and Beckman LC autosamplers. Silanized vials have been treated…

  • Vials


    …recommended for UV-light sensitive samples. Vials 9711J04 through J09 come with a Septa-Gard™ polyethylene friction-fit snap cover that fits over the vial to provide additional protection against airborne contamination. I-CHEM 300 series vials are processed, assembled and packaged in strict…

  • Vial 8ml od17 Cs.144


  • Chromatography Vial with Closure: 11mm

    Saint Gobain

    …samples pure and contaminant free for accurate sampling. Glass vials are made from 33-Expansion Coefficient clear borosilicate glass for exceptional resistance to chemical and temperature variations. Our 2mL 12 x 32mm standard mouth vials have a useable volume of 1.5mL and are available in 8/425…

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