Variable Flow Mini Pump

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Variable Flow Mini Pump
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  • Thomas Mini Variable-Speed Peristaltic Tubing Pumps


    …peristaltic pumps offer precise flow deliveries. They provide outstanding flow control and flexibility for transferring and dosing liquids. Use with food, pharmaceuticals, and other critical solutions. The tubing may be sterilized by autoclave. Unit pumps liquids and gases. Pumping dry does not…

  • VACUU•LAN® Mini-Network


    …manual flow control for continuously variable pumping speed adjustment. Coupled with the new 100mbar ME1 or ME1C pumps, you have an instant filtration network, or choose a 7 mbar or 1.5 mbar VACUUBRAND chemistry pump to support more demanding applications. Higher flow-rate pumps can…

  • Variocool Chillers


    …design (W). For flexible adaption to different applications the chillers can also be delivered with optional high-power pumps or heaters. Further options are a flow control, outdoor-installation or a noise reduction for the types VC 5000 and VC 5000 W. Variocool Circulation chillers…

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