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Vacuum Pump Oil
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  • Pump Oil


    …Supplied with 7893F10 and F15 Pressovac® Pumps. Similar to 7893J10 series oil, but with greater viscosity, 1425 s.u.s. at 38° C. Flash point 238°C; specific gravity 0.90. For removal of sediment and contamination from high vacuum pumps Viscosity 200-210 s.u.s. at 38°C;…

  • Vacuum Pumps are known for their ruggedness world-wide. These pumps have large oil reservoirs to dilute contaminants. Low pump rpm to reduces friction and wear while minimizing reservoir temperature to lessen chemical reactivity. Pump can be ordered with an optional exhaust filter to control oil

  • Formulated from crude oil stocks known for their durability and line-lubricating qualities Use in Agilent 5973/5972/5971 and GCD mass spec systems, or in other manufacturers’ MSD systems that require rough pump oil Under average use, the oil in the foreline rough pump should be replaced…

  • B+ Pump Oil

    Thermo Scientific

    Use with belt-driven pumps Premium grade, with ultimate vapor pressure 8.5 x 10 -5 mm Hg at 25°C Boiling point 112°C at 0.01 mm Hg; flash point 213°C Specific gravity 0.83 at 25°C

  • …low pump rpm operation, reducing friction, oil temperature, and oil degradation to extend maintenance intervals and pump life. Large oil reservoir minimizes contaminant effects to maintain high vacuum performance. Use of a cold trap is recommended to protect the pump and enhance vacuum levels.…

  • MDL Number: MFCD00132812 Boiling Point: 389 °C(lit.) Density: 0.88 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.) Refractive Index: n 20/D 1.4811(lit.)

  • vacuum pumps, the ME2C NT vacuum pump has flowpaths constructed of materials with excellent corrosion resistance, such as PTFE heads and diaphragms. VACUUBRAND chemistry-design diaphragm pumps eliminate the misting, handling, and disposal of contaminated oil associated with rotary vane pumps.

  • Laboratory High Vacuum Pump

    Fischer Technical

    …the LAV series high vacuum pumps.  The kit includes 1ea. PR-3 (Shaft Seal), 1ea. PR-311 (Cover Seal), 1ea. PR-208 (Flexible Coupler), 1ea. PR-18 (Cartridge Valve), 2ea. OIL-001 (Quart of OIL) Flexible Coupler For Lav-3 Pumps Replacement Flexible Coupler for Fischer Technical 3cfm pumps

  • …C Plus pumps Triple-distilled hydrocarbon oil using severely hydrotreated base stock. Hydrotreating minimizes aromatics and sulfur to give good resistance to sludge and varnish formation over time in corrosive environments. The oil enables pumps to maintain the highest vacuum performance…

  • Pump Exhaust Oil Mist Filter w/ Fittings Our EZ-Swap large capacity series vacuum pump exhaust oil mist filters allow you to exam and replace filter element in a snap. This filter eliminates vacuum oil mist from polluting your work environment, it also returns trapped pump oil back to the pump and…

  • …gas and vapor applications regardless of the pump used. Oil is triple-distilled, severely hydrotreated oil designed to resist breakdown at the higher RPMs and operating temperatures of direct-drive vacuum pumps. Premium Oil enables Welch direct-drive vacuum pumps to maintain the highest performance.

  • Ai EasyVac Compact Vacuum Pumps

    Across International

    …sliding-vane rotary compact vacuum pump with 3/8" hose barb vacuum connector. Comes with a 3-foot food grade silicone hose and a exhaust oil mist filter which also returns trapped pump oil back to the pump and makes the pump quieter to run. It is important to note that pumps should always be…

  • DUOSEAL pump oil with low vapor pressure, ideal viscosity is recommended for use with DUOSEAL or any other belt-driven vacuum pump. No additives or inhibitors. Exhaust filters trap oil mist and reduce noise. Replaceable elements reduce maintenance costs.

  • Eliminate 99.9% of oil mist and smoke from vacuum pump exhaust Prevent oil accumulation in ductwork Recover expensive lubricating oils Eliminate potential OSHA and EPA violations High-efficiency filter cartridge continuously drains the collected liquids, allowing the user to…

  • CAS Number: 64741-88-4 EC Number: 265-090-8 MDL Number: MFCD00132812 General Description High quality oil withstands acids, alkalis, and other corrosives better than standard grade vacuum pump oils. Packaging 832 g in glass bottle

  • …ready to operate. With an easy to carry design, it is smaller, lighter and more portable. This high performance, powerful pump provides free air displacement of 2.5CFM@50Hz and 3.0CFM@60Hz and runs steadily for a long period of time. Comes complete with initial supply of high vacuum pump oil.

  • …for most mass spectrometers. Ease at cold start. Low vapor pressure 10 -7 torr. Nontoxic and noncorrosive. Compatible with buna-N, neoprene, and Viton seals. Optimum vacuum pump performance. Lowest mass spectrometer background. Recommended for optimum mass spec performance.

  • …Oil-free pumps are quiet and durable with PTFE and perfluroelastomer contact surfaces. DryFast pumps are designed for efficiency and easy maintenance, with top vacuum performance using only 1 or 2 pumping heads (model dependent). Model 2014 is a chemical duty diaphragm vacuum pump with…

  • Oil-free vacuum pumps are piston powered, so they do not pollute the air and require minimal maintenance Quiet, low-vibration units keep disturbances to a minimum Built-in thermal protector automatically shuts off pump if it overheats and then restarts it once the unit is cool Inlet filter…

  • …cooler running and longer service life. ChemStar pumps rotate at speeds less than 580 RPM, compared with over 1700 RPM of direct-drive vacuum pumps. Dry Nitrogen Purge both degasses and cools the pump oil reducing the corrosion rate in the pump. Accessories (available on special order): Protective…

  • High Vacuum Pump Oil

    Fischer Technical

  • Microsart Membrane Pumps: Microsart maxi.vac and mini.vac are electric neoprene membrane pumps (oil and maintenance free) with a low noise level and with precise control.

  • …VACUUBRAND pumps are engineered for performance, with flowrates as much as 40% higher at working vacuum level than competitive pumps with similar free air capacity ratings. Excellent Corrosion Resistance. Like all VACUUBRAND chemistry-design diaphragm vacuum pumps, the MD1C+AK+EK vacuum pump

  • The line is Tygon ® Fuel and Lubricant tubing.

  • Returns oil from exhaust filter housing to pump. Needed when pump is run with the gas ballast open for extended periods of time. Includes: One (1) oil return assembly One (1) drain adaptor One (1) restrictor One (1) flexible oil-return tube Two (2) hose clips One (1)…

  • Vacuum Pump Accessory Kit

    Fischer Technical

    …at high vacuum plus much more! Vacuum Pump Accessory Kit includes: 1 EA Acrylic Pump Plate 1 EA 6"x11" Glass Bell Jar 5' High Vacuum Tubing 2 Hose Clamps 1 Quart High Vacuum Pump Oil 3 EA Balloons 1 EA Petri Dish NOTE: Vacuum Pump NOT included.…

  • pump is used to back the rotary vane pump. This arrangement keeps the pump oil under vacuum, reducing oil changes by as much as 90% when compared with traditional rotary vane pumps. A vacuum gauge at the pump outlet provides visual confirmation. The RC6 can often reduce bi-weekly oil changes…

  • …contaminants in pump oil. 1169A97: Outlet Oil Mist Separator Outlet oil separator removes oil particles from exhaust stream, minimizing oil loss to atmosphere. 1169A98: Oil Mist Filter Use oil mist filter on CRVpro4, CRVpro6, and CRVpro8. Oil mist filter traps oil before it's…

  • …the pump.    Components needed to connect to rotary vane pump and neck ProBoost inlet to NW25    - Cat. No. 1392K-01 Stainless Steel high vacuum butterfly valve – Cat. No. 704523 Flexible metal hose, 19.7” - Cat. No. 710762 Silicone Oil for…

  • For use with roughing pumps.

  • …suitable for use in most high vacuum pumps including Welch, Precision, Leybold, Alcatel, Edwards and of course, HyVac Pumps. HyVac Direct Drive oil should be employed where direct drive pumps are used such as the Leybold-Heraeus, Edwards, and Alcatel vacuum pumps. High oxidation resistance…

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