Vacuum Protection Filter

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Vacuum Protection Filter
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  • Whatman VACU-GUARD

    GE Healthcare

    The easy-to-use VACU-GUARD in-line filter devices help to confine and isolate infectious materials in vacuum systems and protect the laboratory. Excellent for protecting vacuum pump systems from solvent vapor or gaseous contaminants and aqueous aerosols. Designed for in-line use with stepped…

  • In-Line Millex® Filter Units, 25 mm and 50 mm, Hydrophobic PTFE


    …membrane are ideal for sterilizing gases, venting sterile containers, and sterilizing or clarifying organic solutions. Specialized filter units protect hemodialysis transducers from blood and moisture. 50 mm Millex filter units are also used for vacuum line protection. All units are bi-directional.

  • Whatman VACU-GUARD 150

    GE Healthcare

    …(PTFE) membrane.VACU-GUARD 150 capsule filters available with a choice of chemical traps: activated carbon, molecular sieve, or desiccant. The easy-to-use VACU-GUARD inline filter devices help to confine and isolate infectious materials in vacuum systems and protect your laboratory.

  • Vacushield™ Vent Device

    Pall Life Sciences

    …bacteria with minimal restriction of pump performance Applications: Use between a pump and receiving vessel to protect valves and pump components from damage by aqueous solutions Protects laboratory personnel from potential biohazards, airborne contaminants, and aerosolized oil

  • Vactrap™ Vacuum Trap System

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …most advanced vacuum trap system. Ideal for protection of vacuum lines and scientists alike, Vactrap safely contains waste from supernatant removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best of all, Vactrap comes ready to use--simply attach to your vacuum and begin your…

  • 50mm Inline Syringe Filters with PTFE Membrane

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Filter with PTFE membrane. Also for sterile filtration of air and gases. Provides an excellent barrier for sterile venting of benchtop fermentors, or protecting vacuum pumps from moisture. Autoclavable. Useful for benchtop fermenters, in-line gas filtration for sterile air or CO2 and to protect

  • QuickTRAP™ Vacuum Protection System

    C.B.S. Scientific

    …supernatants.  Housed in acrylic cabinets for protection from beta radioiostopes. Primary and secondary traps. Tygon vacuum tubing with in-line ABS quick disconnect fittings. Hydrophobic PTFE filter with PP housing stops overflow into vacuum source.  Heavy duty Nalgene polyethylene bottle…

  • Vactrap™ XL Vacuum Trap System

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …advanced vacuum trap system. Ideal for protection of vacuum lines and scientists alike, VactrapXL safely contains waste from supernatural removal, chemical separation, and cell or tissue culture media aspiration. Best of all, VactrapXL™ comes ready to use; simply attach to your vacuum and…

  • Syringe Type Membrane Filters

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Membrane filters enclosed in plastic housing with female Luer-Lok fitting on inlet for attachment to standard Luer-Lok-tip syringes. Male Luer-slip tip on outlet accepts standard needles. Usable for pressure or vacuum applications. Effective filtration area is 3.8 cm 2 . Offered in a choice of…

  • Vacuum Inlet Traps


    Protect vacuum pumps from foreign materials by ensuring the highest quality air is entering the pump Plastic transparent sump shows when to change filter insert Simple to maintain-change filter inserts without removing trap from vacuum system 4.5 inch trap serves vacuum pumps up to…

  • Cameo Teflon Syringe Filters

    GVS Filter Technology

    …F syringe filters are ideal for the following applications: filtering aggressive solvents, acids and bases; filtering organic-based HPLC samples; degassing solvents; aerosol sampling; venting applications, sterilize air, gases, aerosols; and vacuum line pump protection. The filter membranes will…

  • Hydrocarbon Trap


    …hydrocarbon impurities (50ppm or less) from inert gases, nitrogen and hydrogen at room temperature to low ppb range.Capacity at 67 g. of hydrocarbons C5 and heavier.10u stainless steel porous frits protect gas stream from particulates.Individually helium leak tested. Shipped filled with helium.

  • Vacuum Aspirator Collection System

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …corrosion resistant polypropylene collection bottle features heavy wall construction and a safety release vent to prevent vacuum implosion Replaceable hydrophobic filter protects the pump motor from fluid contamination Collection bottle, lid, tubing and connectors are all autoclavable at…

  • Aspire™ Laboratory Aspirator

    Accuris Instruments

    Filter Silicone Tubing Handheld Vacuum Pipette 2 Pipette cone adapters The collection bottle incorporates a reliable Overflow Protection Valve that closes off the tube to the vacuum in the event of a full bottle. In addition, the replaceable in-line filter protects the vacuum pump…

  • Omnifit® T-Series Solvent Bottle Caps with Check Valve and Filter


    …T-series solvent bottle caps help contain vapors, protect lab staff from exposure to toxic fumes, and prevent introduction of particulates. Check valve and filter help equalize pressure—as liquid is drawn out of the bottle under vacuum, air is allowed in preventing dangerous negative pressure…

  • EZ-Stream Vacuum Pump


    …pumps. With the EZ-Stream™ a cover protects the pump mechanism, and the assembly has been optimized to reduce the noise down to 60 dB. High vacuum performance Thanks to its innovative design, the EZ-Stream™ pump can provide vacuum up to 600-700 mbar, and because it transfers…

  • VirTis® Style Extra Wide Freeze Drying Flasks

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    …thickness of flask is designed for vacuum applications. These flasks are supplied with a nylon translucent safety coating that contains the glass in case of implosion or breakage. The user is protected from possible injury and the outer glass surface is protected from scratching and chipping,…

  • FTA-2i Advanced Aspirator

    Grant Instruments

    …with hydrophobic microbiological filter Vacuum pressure: -200 to -800mbar (adjustable) Overflow protection - liquid level sensor detects excess liquid and prevents overflow The use of an aspirator is preferential to using a generic laboratory vacuum line as it restricts the possibility…

  • P-Vac Portable Vacuum System

    Argos Technologies

    …bottle top aspirating filter units, plastic vacuum bottles, glass Erlenmeyer flasks, or any device that accepts vacuum. The rechargeable lithium ion battery allows for use where an inline vacuum source is not available, outside of the laboratory setting where a vacuum is required, or when the…

  • XX1104710


    …or biological contamination analysis. The closed unit protects sample and filtrate from environmental contamination. Sterifil holder and funnel available separately (without receiver flask and cover) to use with standard 1 L vacuum filtering flask or multiple place manifold. Sterifil holder,…

  • High Output & Chemical Duty Pumps


    …vapors Portable design allows for easy sharing between workstations Applications Vacuum Source for Filter Holders, Manifolds, and Devices, including Samplicity® Filtration System, SNAP i.d.® 2.0 System, Multiscreen®HTS Filtration Manifold, and Stericup® Filters

  • Microfil S Filtration Devices


    …pre-sterilized devices combine a funnel, protective lid, and filtration support so routine microbiological testing is fast and easy. No mem/pane handling prior to filtering. No filter holders, funnels and attachments to assemble and sterilize. No sterilizing the filter support after each filtration.…

  • Qualitative Filter Papers, Ahlstrom 613


    …grades for use in vacuum work or when wet handling is required. Ahlstrom 613: 6µm – Medium Speed This is a strong filter paper with a medium flow rate and retention. Ahlstrom 613 is commonly used in student laboratories. This strong general-purpose filter is also useful in…

  • Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane Filters

    Advantec MFS

    Protect pumps and machinery from aqueous aerosols PTFE membrane is a thin, highly porous film that behaves as an absolute retentive membrane. Their inherently hydrophobic nature make PTFE membranes ideal for applications such as filtering gases, aqueous aerosols, protecting vacuum pumps,…

  • Finntip™ Filtered Pipette Tips


    Protect pipettes and the samples from contamination with Thermo Scientific™ Finntip™ Filtered Pipette Tips. These sterile, disposable pipette tips keep pipettes clean, and are perfect for PCR amplification applications and for pipetting radioactive, infectious, and aerosol-emitting…

  • Protector® Airo™ Filtered Fume Hoods


    …for converting either or both fixtures to air and vacuum are provided. Inlet tubing is not provided. One pre-wired GFCI electrical duplex receptacle on lower right side Required (not included): Neutrodine Filters Work Surface Base Cabinet or Stand *U.S.…

  • WP6110060


    The Chemical Duty Pump has a chemically-resistant head and diaphragm for use with corrosive chemicals and solvents. Pump comes with 70 cm of 1/4" tubing and a Millex FA50 filter for in-line moisture protection UL listed and CE marked 100 V/50 Hz

  • Aspiration/Pressure Transfer Stations


    …Standard oil-free station is an economical portable solution for aspirating or filtering. Unit will shut off automatically when 1.2 L collection receiver is full. All wetted parts are treated for corrosion protection from moisture. Units are suitable for aspirating aqueous solutions including…

  • Revco* DxF Freezer

    Thermo Scientific

    …steel shelving to support a full product load Vacuum relief port permits easy access after door openings Ergonomic, lockable door handle Power Management System with low voltage surge protection and buck/boost Easy-to-remove air filter Two (25mm) access ports Certifications: cULus,…

  • Innova® -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Upright Freezers

    New Brunswick Scientific

    …U101 provided with rear rollers) Front-Mounted, Washable Filter is easily accessed without tools Inner Doors Easily Lift Off without Tools for defrosting & cleaning. Sample Security User-Defined Password Protects Alarm and Temperature Setpoints, preventing unauthorized…

  • Innova® -86°C Ultra-Low Temperature Chest Freezers

    New Brunswick Scientific

    …(Compact U101 provided with rear rollers) Front-mounted, washable filter is easily accessed without tools Inner doors easily lift off without tools for defrosting & cleaning Sample Security User-defined password protects alarm and temperature setpoints, preventing unauthorized users from…

  • DURAN® TILT Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    …users. The bottle is vacuum resistant and may be safely used for the filter sterilization of media. Thread Adaptor The re-usable adaptor (GL 45 external / GL 56 internal) allows the use of the DURAN® TILT bottle with 45 mm filtation units for the filter steilisation of cell culture…

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