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Vacuum Plate
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  • …and 96 well plates Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase-FREE Denville® cell culture plates have round edges for better handling. Low profile, low-evaporation lid design and Vacuum Plasma tissue culture treatment assure uniform growth. Small feet on the bottom corners of each plate eliminate…

  • Vacuum Pump Plates

    Fischer Technical

    For use with bell jars up to 9" in diameter Plate is nickel-plated steel, 1 1/2" thick, ground flat to seal Has 1/4" hose connector; vacuum release valve and rubber sealing gaskets

  • Vacuum Pump Accessory Kit

    Fischer Technical

    …balloon at high vacuum plus much more! Vacuum Pump Accessory Kit includes: 1 EA Acrylic Pump Plate 1 EA 6"x11" Glass Bell Jar 5' High Vacuum Tubing 2 Hose Clamps 1 Quart High Vacuum Pump Oil 3 EA Balloons 1 EA Petri Dish NOTE: Vacuum Pump NOT…

  • …to prevent unnecessary turbulence. Polypropylene bottom section provides excellent chemical resistance. Polypropylene plate supplied is 1/8 inch thick with 1/8 inch diameter perforations for air transfer. Strong shatter-proof desiccator will hold a vacuum of 740 mm of Hg, for a period of 24 hours.

  • High clarity, 100% virgin polystyrene Vacuum plasma tissue culture treatment Special vents for air exchange Packaged in gamma irradiated sterile sleeves Clear lot number for batch traceability Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/RNase FREE Denville® cell culture dishes are ideal for all…

  • …filled vacuum gauge (must be regulated upon arrival) Max vacuum -29Hg (+/-.5Hg) at sea level (1) Leak free nickel plated air manifold Vacuum release valve and vacuum connect valve (1) 1/4 Female flare universal pump adapter for vacuum hose (1) 5ft clear steel reinforced vacuum hose …

  • …filled vacuum gauge (must be regulated upon arrival)      - Max vacuum -29Hg (+/-.5Hg) at sea level (1) Leak free nickel plated air manifold      - Vacuum release valve and vacuum connect valve (1) 1/4 Female flare universal pump adapter for vacuum

  • Vacuum Desiccators

    Kemtech America

    Desiccator with lid and ceramic plate.

  • Laboratory High Vacuum Pump

    Fischer Technical

    …oil becomes milky or cloudy. High Vacuum Grease This vacuum grease helps provide a proper seal between the vacuum pump plate and the bell jar so that high vacuum pressures can be achieved. "The Tank" Oil Change System All vacuum pumps require changing oil after every…

  • Vacuum Aspirator 1.0gal

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …aspirate and collect fluids using a vacuum source Holds 3200ml (108oz) and the included trap prevents fluid flow into the vacuum source Use to aspirate media, waste chemicals, cell washing solutions, and more Ideal for use with dishes, plates, flasks and tubes All parts, except…

  • Vacuum Chambers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …5305 series Transparent, cylindrical polyetherimide jar inverted on white polycarbonate base plate that has removable tubing adapter for connection to 1/4-inch i.d. vacuum tubing Vacuum rating 29 inches Hg @ 25°C Jar has amber cast and seals against Neoprene gasket in base …

  • PYREX Bell Jars


    …Corning 6885 Made from specially selected mold-blown blanks Bottom flange has a finely ground finish to assure tight sealing with ground glass plates Dimensions (ID x OD): 1577J18 Jar: 5 1/8” x 5 1/2”; 1577J33 Jar: 6 1/8” x 6 1/2”; 1577J48 Jar: 8 3/8” x 8…

  • Scienceware® Vacuum Aspirator Bottle

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …fluids while the attached trap protects the vacuum source from accidental fluid backflow. A flexible collection tube reaches from the bottle and accepts disposable 1 mL pipet tips, glass Pasteur or 2 mL pipets for work with Petri dishes, microtiter plates, flasks and centrifugal tubes. The small…

  • 35 L/MIN (1.23 cfm) 1.5X10-2 TORR

  • …controllers Ambient +6°C to 260°C; 1°C Uniformity: 3.5% of setpoint Suitable for applications involving baking, drying, curing, aging, vacuum embedding, plating and moisture determinations utilizing a nitrogen atmosphere. Other applications include those which require elevated temperatures in…

  • …filled vacuum gauge (must be regulated upon arrival)      - Max vacuum -29Hg (+/-.5Hg) at sea level (1) Leak free nickel plated air manifold      - Vacuum release valve and vacuum connect valve (1) 1/4 Female flare universal pump adapter for vacuum

  • …warranty Radiant warm wall heating system provides optimal uniformity and conserves chamber space for drying, curing, vacuum embedding, and plating applications. Vacuum fittings require .25” (.6 cm) I.D. tubing. Model 0001B60 features a hydraulic thermostat to control temperature to…

  • Suitable for bell jars with up to 9" Diameter Flange, Complete with a shut off valve.

  • …Borosil® Vacuum Desiccators reflect great care and attention to detail. Borosil® Desiccators are perfect for drying, and for storage of moisture-sensitive substances. Compatible with any common desiccant. Porcelain plate, ground glass flanges. Rated to 9.6 PSI vacuum when…

  • Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens

    Thermo Scientific

    …off up to eight times per day with automatic temperature/ vacuum control in real time steps Dual displays provide constant day/ time and temperature/pressure updates every 5 seconds Recommended for: Desiccation Vacuum embedding Plating Process control Inert atmosphere

  • Holds a vacuum of 740 mm of Hg for 24 hours Lightweight and shatterproof vacuum desiccator; lid of transparent polycarbonate Removable pan holds calcium chloride or other drying agents; is non-corrosive Does not include desiccant or plate.

  • Range 0 to 5,000 millitorrs Meter is graduated from 0 to 100 millitorrs in increments of 5;100 to 200 in increments of 10; 200 to 500 in increments of 20; 500 to 1,000 in increments of 100; and at 2 and 5 torrs Accuracy 3% of full scale Thermocouple housing is nickel-plated and has…

  • Vacuum Chambers, Base Plate

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    White polycarbonate Plate is 13 1/2” x 1” thick, with three concentric Neoprene gaskets, 8”, 11 1/8” and 9” o.d. Gaskets lie in channels separated by concentric ridges which serve to center and to brace rim of bell jar.

  • Scienceware® Vacuum Chamber and Plate

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Ideal for vacuum drying, degassing and teaching demonstrations, this vacuum chamber can withstand a full vacuum at room temperature. One piece O-ring seals the clear polycarbonate top to white polycarbonate base plate Polypropylene stopcock with Teflon® PTFE plug and tapered hose barb…

  • …filled vacuum gauge (must be regulated upon arrival) (Max vacuum -29Hg (+/-.5Hg) at sea level) (1) Leak free nickel plated air manifold (Vacuum release valve and vacuum connect valve) (1) 1/4 Female flare universal pump adapter for vacuum hose (1) 5ft clear steel reinforced vacuum hose …

  • …universal robotic manifold can operate with many different brands of filter plates and collection trays.  Supplied with integral vacuum gauge, the manifold provides complete control of vacuum pressure ensuring plates are processed with high reproducibility.  The manifold is fully…

  • BioVac 96 Vacuum Manifold instument that extracts 96 samples of DNA/RNA/Genomic DNA in short amount of time.

  • E-Z 96® Vacuum Manifold

    Omega Bio-tek

    …96 Vacuum manifold is designed for DNA/RNA sample preparation with E-Z 96 DNA/RNA Plates. The chamber can be used either as a simple dump for waste filtrate or as a receptacle for a standard 96-well microtiter plate (collection plate). The upper plate has a machined recess that fits our filter plate

  • Microplates with No Filter

    Agilent Technologies (Microplates)

    …issues. A wide range of filter membranes and plate sizes are available to meet a variety of applications.  They are made of clear polypropylene and designed specifically for high throughput sample processing. Filter plates are also suitable for vacuum filtration, centrifugation, or positive…

  • …Steel, Nickel Plated or Anodized, or Chemical Resistant Grade Cast Iron. Reduced Frictional Wear: Lower rotational speed results in less wear, cooler running and longer service life. ChemStar pumps rotate at speeds less than 580 RPM, compared with over 1700 RPM of direct-drive vacuum pumps. Dry…

  • EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold

    Zymo Research Corporation

    The EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold features durable chemical-resistant construction and is capable of processing up to 20 samples simultaneously using vacuum pressure. The vacuum manifold allows researchers to simplify their nucleic acid purification workflows further by eliminating the need for…

  • …using the CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 vacuum manifold. With the help of the control valve the vacuum of the manifold can be adjusted leading to an optimum flow rate through the CHROMABOND® MULTI 96 SPE plate. A reservoir tank and 96-well collection plates (96 x 0.5 or 96 x 2 ml) made of…

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