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Vacuum Gauge
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  • Bourdon tube type gauge

    Fischer Technical

    Bourdon tube type gauge, 0-30"hg with 3/8" brass connections for high vacuum pumps

  • Model 200 and 200m Vacuum Instruments


    vacuum gauge for measuring through 6 decades of wide range rough vacuum with precise accuracy. The gauge controller is housed in a laboratory grade case consisting of vinyl clad metal on an extruded aluminum base insuring maximum durability. This Kit comes with everything to measure vacuum:

  • Model 215 Vacuum Instrument


    …type C rated at 7A and 250V 5V analog output and RS232 vacuum indication which enables integration to a wide variety of systems. Includes fail-safe controls that automatically default to atmospheric pressure if power or gauge failure occurs - a must have for interlock or load lock applications…

  • Handheld Vacuum Gauges


    gauge with extension probe (4 ft, 1/8" NPT) for mid-high vacuum applications. Vacuum gauges operate on a 9V battery and are available with a handy padded case for transporting or storage. Case includes gauge frame stand and a 120VAC adapter. Torr gauge case includes length of vacuum hosing…

  • Vacuum Gauge

    Ace Glass

    A simple form of vacuum gauge, not mounted, but supplied with graduated scale. Mercury NOT supplied.

  • Replacement Combination Vacuum/Pressure Gauges


    2-inch vacuum/pressure gauges, 316 stainless steel with 1/8" NPT fitting and center back mount. Recommended for use with canisters.

  • Ashcroft Test Gauges


    …sampling. The 6-inch face on the analog gauge allows for easy reading. The digital gauge operates on two AAA batteries and offers an unambiguous readout. Both gauges have an accuracy of +/– 0.25% and all-metal wetted parts. Accurate measurement of vacuum to –30" Hg and pressure to 60 psi…

  • 801w2c Vacuum Instrument


    Drop in replacement for Varian 801 pointer meter gauge with analog output with control set points CE Certified Very simple and reliable vacuum instrument Most popular for customers building vacuum process control systems Easily panel mountable with a drill bit and hole saw   …

  • Bullseye Precision Gauge

    Rugged portable vacuum gauge designed to thrive in the field Vacuum Analytics to quickly identify vacuum pressure trends Graphical display for quick determination of vacuum level Hands-Free with a "hang up your overalls" strong magnet Long battery life and versatility with 11…

  • Digital High Vacuum Gauge, 25-12000 microns

    Fischer Technical

    Reads vacuum in 7 International Units: Microns, PSIA, InHg, mBars, Pascals, Torr, mTorr. +32°F to +120°F Ambient Temperature, Retractable Hanging Hook.

  • TracVac Meter Visual Vacuum Instrument


    …the most easy to understand vacuum gauge     Provides millitorr/micron unit readings   Indicates trending data: visually illustates vacuum pressure rate of change over decade range   Applications; laboratory, distillation, good visual go/no go process vacuum gauge

  • Vacuum Gauges


    High-quality vacuum gauges with 316 stainless steel wetted surfaces. –30" Hg to 0" Hg. Recommended for use with passive sampling kits. All are rear mount.

  • AA640 Vacuum Gauge


    Vacuum gauge for Gast piston air compressors: 55 R, 72 R ( single cyl.), 74 R, 71 R (single cyl.), 72 R  (Twin cyl.) and 85 R.

  • Thermocouple Vacuum Gage


    Portable, lightweight thermocouple vacuum gauge with recorder output (0-10VDC) for monitoring vacuum pressure. Single station model 1515 has a range of 0-5000 mtorr. Supplied with one permanently attached probe cable and one gauge tube.

  • 2" Vacuum Gauge

    Fischer Technical

    This Bourdon Tube Gauge is approximately 2" and features 0-30" inches of mercury dial. Includes a 1/4" brass thread on the bottom. This affordable gauge is compatible with a wide assortment of vacuum pumps.

  • CP3000 + VSK3000 Absolute Pressure Vacuum Gauge


    The VACUUBRAND DCP3000 + VSK3000 is a fully electronic absolute pressure vacuum gauge for measurements in the range from atmospheric pressure to 0.1mbar/1Torr /hPa by means of a separate capacitance pressure transducer (included). VACUU•BUS “plug-and-play” technology allows the …

  • Vacuum Gauge / Controller

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

  • Aspire™ Laboratory Aspirator

    Accuris Instruments

    …ASPIRE Laboratory Aspirator incorporates a quiet, maintenance-free pump inside a sturdy, yet compact base. The vacuum is fully adjustable, with a pressure gauge that displays the vacuum level, allowing full control of aspirating speed. The ASPIRE is an ideal choice for a wide range of laboratory…

  • Vacuum Pumps

    GSC International, Inc.

    …and air from tanks and other containers with this hand held vacuum pump. The gauge reads in both centimeters and inches of mercury. The pumping rate is 15ml per stroke and will displace up to 725ml of air. The pump is fitted with a valve to release vacuum. Approximate size: 10 x 7 x 2".

  • Model 276 Vacuum Instrument


    …through the entire rough vacuum range of 1 milliTorr through 760 Torr. The gauge controller is housed in a laboratory grade case consisting of vinyl clad metal on an extruded aluminum base insuring maximum durability. This kit comes with everything to measure vacuum: Display controller,…

  • Thomas Traceable® Manometer/Pressure/Vacuum Gauge


    Manometer displays gauge and differential pressure/vacuum in eleven different units. Response time is 0.5 second. Simple hose fittings on the unit permit using hose/tubing with inside diameters from 1/16 to 3/16”. Large 5/8-inch-high digits are visible from six feet. At the touch of a…

  • Vacuum Gauge, Digital - Digivac

    Ace Glass

    …the vacuum reading.²RS232: Enables vacuum measurement to be transmitted to a PC²or another RS232 device through a DB9 female interface.²Includes a 6 foot DB9 male to female serial cable.²NISTCal: Calibration of a vacuum gauge agiant a NIST²traceable standard with data.²mbar: Displays vacuum reading…

  • Model 22W LCD Vacuum Transmitter


    Ultra Compact thermocouple Vacuum Transmitter that Delivers Big Results Active gauge can easily be popped off 531 sensor and switched out/no tools required Includes RS232 and 5 Volt Analog output Bright LCD display for local reading of vacuum pressure Applications: freeze dryers,…

  • Vacuum Gauge, McLeod

    Ace Glass

    …McLeod gauge is the most convenient and economical instrument for measuring low pressures from 1 micron up. The ACE McLeod gauge is offered in four ranges, so that it is possible to accurately measure any pressures between 1 micron and the highest reading on our D size, which is 15mm. All gauges are…

  • Analog Thermocouple Vacuum Gauges


    Range 0 to 5,000 millitorrs Meter is graduated from 0 to 100 millitorrs in increments of 5;100 to 200 in increments of 10; 200 to 500 in increments of 20; 500 to 1,000 in increments of 100; and at 2 and 5 torrs Accuracy 3% of full scale Thermocouple housing is nickel-plated and has…

  • Thomas Desi-Vac Containers™


    …quick release for lid removal Rubber O-ring-sealed cover maintains a vacuum of better than 200 inches of water Ideal for storing chemicals, powders, plant sections and shipping samples. Built-in dial hygrometer. Accessory lid vacuum gauge (0 to 200" of water) fits all sizes.

  • SilcoCan Air Sampling Canisters with RAVE Valve


    …withstand the rigors of field work. Both 2-port and 3-port valves available; 3-port valve includes -30" Hg/60 psi vacuum/pressure gauge (other gauges available). Featuring the proven long life, leak-free performance, and effortless operation of the new RAVE valve. Dimensions/Weights…

  • Low Vacuum Gauges


  • Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

    Sapphire Cleanrooms

    …degassing small parts, defoaming, mixed liquids, biological tests and storing samples under sustained low and intermediate vacuums. Removable cover Front hinged door Vacuum gasket on door ensures airtight seal Supports vacuum level of 29.9" Hg Metering valves Vacuum gauge

  • Vacuum Regulator w / Gauge


    Pump mounted vacuum regulator connects to the pump intake for easy regulation of vacuum level. Includes an easy to read dial. Regulator features all stainless steel construction.

  • Vacuum Gauge, McLeod, Auto-Zero

    Ace Glass

    …closed capillary, it is only necessary to bring the gauge to an upright position and read the scale behind the closed leg. Gauges are fabricated from calibrated ACE Trubore tubing, to assure uniform and reproducible reading between the gauges. Mercury trap is incorporated in female joint, bulbs are…

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