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  • Solvent Filtration Disposable Vacuum Bottle Top Filters

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …Top Vacuum Filters offer a revolutionary approach to bulk solvent filtration. Safer, faster, and easier to use than conventional glass filtration assemblies, labForce’s Solvent Filtration funnels screw onto any vacuum-capable GL45 threaded bottle. Simply plug the filter onto your vacuum line,…

  • Vacuum Gasket for Filter Funnels

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Replace #7 or #8 stoppers in any manifold or filtering flask with the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Vacuum Gasket for Filter Funnels. Permits filter funnel to slide quickly and easily in and out of gasket. These filtration products offer reliability, accuracy and safety for many research…

  • SYNTHWARE Addition Funnels, High Vacuum Valves

    Kemtech America

    Addition Funnel, High Vacuum Valves, Synthware, Capacity: 100 or 250mL available, Joints: 14/20 or 24/40, High vacuum valve has PTFE O-ring at tip and PTFE wiper to protect Viton O-ring on shaft.

  • Vacuum Filter Holder Set with PTFE-Coated Funnel & Base

    United Scientific Supplies

    …glass funnel and PTFE-faced base, anodized aluminum spring clamp, and perforated silicone stopper. Parts are also available seperately. Filter Diameter: 47mm, Filtration area is 9.6cm². Capacity: Funnel: 300ml, Flask: 1L. Outlet fitting: 6mm (1/4") O.D. tubulated cap sidearm to vacuum.

  • Whatman MBS I Plastic Funnel

    GE Healthcare

    …of the system, which consists of an electrical membrane dispenser, a funnel dispenser, and a vacuum manifold, leads to more reproducible results. The special sealing technique ensures easy handling and high integrity of the funnel and membrane during filtration. This keeps any cross-contamination to…

  • SYNTHWARE Pressure Equalizing Addition Funnels, High Vacuum Valve

    Kemtech America

    Addition Funnel, Pressure Equalizing, High Vacuum Valve, Synthware, Capacity: 25-250mL available, Joints: 14/20, 19/22 or 24/40 available, Valve Size: 0-4mm, Valve has extended tip for semi-needle valve adjustment.

  • Vacuum Filtration/Storage Systems


    For vacuum filtration of tissue culture or other aqueous solutions Sterile, individually packaged Color-coded by membrane type Certified non-pyrogenic Prefilters included Two-piece, polystyrene, graduated funnel and receiver unit are sterilized by gamma irradiation. Caps…

  • Addition-Storage Funnel

    Ace Glass

    Permits solutions to be prepared with No. 13654-24 Stirring Magnet and added portion wise. The T-bore stopcock in the equalizing arm permits isolation of the contents for storage. Capacity, 100 or 250mL. Lower threaded stopcock is all PTFE. Outer joint is standard taper 14/20 or 24/25, inner joint…

  • Whatman Vacuum Type Glass Holders

    GE Healthcare

    …glass, suitable for aqueous and organic solvent filtration. Vacuum type glass holders Produced from borosilicate glass and available with a choice of support screen. Suitable for aqueous and organic solvent filtration. The funnel seal ensures that the sample does not bypass the membrane and…

  • Vacuum Manifolds


    Accessories for Combisart and Microsart Combi.jet Vacuum Manifolds. Stainless Steel Filter Holders Stainless steel holders differ in their funnel capacity (choice of 40 ml, 100 ml or 500 ml) and in their valve type (part numbers ending with CS feature sterile venting). They are…

  • Filter Funnel Manifolds for MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels

    Pall Life Sciences

    Perfect Fit Vacuum Manifolds for Use with the MicroFunnel Filter Funnel No adapters or rubber stoppers required to hold the filter funnel in place Works with all Pall Life Sciences MicroFunnel filter funnels, including the 100mL and 300mL sizes Durable aluminum and stainless steel…

  • Sigma-Aldrich® vacuum filtration assembly


    Vacuum filtration apparatus for HPLC solvent purification, particulate analysis, bacteriological studies, radiochemical determinations, quantitative gravimetric analysis, and similar applications. Clamp seals filter membrane between flanges on funnel top and funnel stem. Includes: Funnel

  • Sterile Disposable Filter Funnel Unit

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …filter with green grid Ideal for use with filtering flasks or manifolds Convenient snap-away design with removable membrane; funnel marked at 100 mL Safer and easier to use than cumbersome glass and metal funnels Each package contains a Nalgene vacuum adapter to replace a stopper

  • Vacuum-Type Glass Membrane Holders

    GE Healthcare

    For general purpose vacuum filtration Borosilicate glass funnel body and stem are attached securely by quick-action spring clamp of anodized aluminum Easily disassembled for loading, cleaning and autoclaving Include single-hole silicone rubber stopper

  • Vacuum Filter Assemblies

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …a coarse porosity fritted glass filter support base, an aluminum clamp and a 300 mL glass funnel Screen is removable in assemblies with stainless steel support screen. Assemblies with Teflon® faced bases and funnels allow the assembly to be autoclaved with the filter membrane in place.

  • DryFast Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps


    …and easy maintenance, with top vacuum performance using only 1 or 2 pumping heads (model dependent). Model 2014 is a chemical duty diaphragm vacuum pump with excellent flow. Economical 1-head design. Use Model 2014 for vacuum filtration up to 2 funnels, rotary evaporation of volatile solvents…

  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Manifold

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …bench top Designed with three vacuum outlets, each with leakproof, two-way valve and vent port Each outlet securely holds a No. 8 stopper and the stem filter funnel without interference Autoclavable Easy manipulation of individual funnels due to spacing of outlets. Teflon…

  • Polysulfone Vacuum Filter Holders

    Advantec MFS

    …to glass vacuum holders. The durable polysulfone plastic construction is chemically resistant and can withstand mishandling. The recessed polypropylene filter support provides sufficient clearance so the membrane will not tear when the funnel is secured to the base. Funnel and base connect…

  • Whatman Quantitative Filter Papers, Hardened Low Ash, Grade 52

    GE Healthcare

    …All three are designed for use in Hirsch and Büchner funnel applications and can be customized for an exact fit. Büchner funnel vacuum filtration The quality of analysis resulting from vacuum filtration using a Hirsch or Büchner funnel relies on using a high-quality filter that avoids…

  • Vacuum Filter/Storage Bottle System


    …Angled hose connector simplifies vacuum line attachment Individually packaged, sterile and certified nonpyrogenic Each system has the membrane material and pore size printed on the unit for easy product identification Expiration date appears on the filter funnel and shipping boxes Expiration…

  • Denville® Vacuum Filtration Flasks


    …250ml, 500ml and 1000ml Vacuum Filtration Flasks are ideal for separation and purification of your samples. Membrane material includes PES and PVDF in .22µm and .45µm. Our flasks have a wide bottle opening for easy access and pouring of your samples, and the funnel is manufactured from…

  • Whatman Quantitative Filter Paper, Hardened Low Ash, Grade 50

    GE Healthcare

    …glazed Grade 50 supports vacuum filtration in Büchner funnels or Hirsch funnels and enables strong retention of very fine crystalline precipitates. GE offers three grades of hardened low ash filters. All three are designed for use in Hirsch and Büchner funnel applications and can be customized…

  • Whatman Quantitative Filter Papers, Hardened Low Ash, Grade 54

    GE Healthcare

    …vacuum/suction filtration in Büchner and Hirsch funnel applications and can be customized for an exact fit. Fast filters for vacuum filtration Whatman Grade 54 filter paper can sustain fast vacuum or suction filtration in a Büchner or Hirsch funnel. The hard, smooth, acid-treated Grade 54 fast…

  • Synthware Vacuum Filtration Adapters

    Kemtech America

    Used with plain stem Buchner funnels and pluro-stopper. Hose connector has an O.D. of 10mm at the largest serration. Joint is a standard taper inner joint. Pluro-stoppers are not included.

  • Whatman Filtration Manifolds

    GE Healthcare

    …microbiology monitors and analytical funnels AS 300 and 600 Series The stainless steel manifold for three or six filtration units is fitted with stainless steel units. The apparatus can be autoclaved and sterilized by dry heat at up to 180°C. Suitable only for vacuum operation. If flushing tubes…

  • Hardened Low Ash Grade 50 Quantitative Filter Papers

    GE Healthcare

    …keeps the paper free from loose surface fibers. Highly suitable for qualitative or quantitative filtrations requiring vacuum assistance on Büchner or three-piece filter funnels. Very strong when wet. Will withstand wet handling and precipitate removal by scraping. In the electronics industry,…

  • Vacuum Filter System


    Disposable filter/storage systems Sterile Improved stability Bottles available separately in all sizes Designed for vacuum filtration of tissue culture media and components, biological fluids and other aqueous solutions. Filter units contain either a 47, 60 or 90 mm diameter filter membrane…

  • Adapter, Vacuum Filtration

    Ace Glass

    Used for reduced pressure filtration with 7186 style, plain stem Buchner funnels. Top is tooled to accept a pluro stopper, bottom has a joint. Serrated hose connection has a second ring of 13.5mm O.D. Inserting the recommended size pluro stopper and th

  • Vacuum Filter Holder Set, 47mm

    United Scientific Supplies

    …glass funnel, anodized aluminum spring clamp, vacuum base with sintered disc, and ground joint flask. Membrane filters are not included. Filter diameter is 47mm. Filtration area is 9.6cm². Capacity: Funnel: 300ml, Flask: 1L. Outlet fitting: 6mm (1/4") O.D. tubulated cap sidearm to vacuum.

  • Buchner Funnel Replacement Coarse Plate

    Bel-Art Products

    …grid to prevent displacement under vacuum. Vacuum connector fitting accepts 12.7mm (1/2") I.D. tubing. The tube fitting is fixed on the 260mm (10.25") funnel and threads into 3/4" diameter NPT bung on all other models. All Buchner funnels are rated for use below 52°C (125°F).…

  • Vacuum Filter Holder Set, 90mm

    United Scientific Supplies

    … Complete set includes a borosilicate glass funnel, anodized aluminum spring clamp, vacuum base with sintered disc, and ground joint flask. Membrane filters are not included. Filter diameter is 90mm. Capacity: Funnel: 1000ml. Outlet fitting: 6mm (1/4") O.D. tubulated cap sidearm to vacuum.

  • Whatman Qualitative Filter Papers, Fluted, Grade 114V

    GE Healthcare

    …38 s) Chemically stable resin provides increased wet-strength Fluted (pre-pleated) filter sheet for ease-of-use and compatibility with conical funnels Smooth filter surface for efficient recovery of precipitates Nominal particle retention rating of 25 µmFast filtration (Herzberg 38 s)Chemically…

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