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Vacuum Drying Oven
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  • AccuTemp Vacuum Drying Ovens

    Across International

    …prevents vacuum oil backflow All steel construction for excellent durability Every one of our vacuum ovens goes through a 2-time 24-hour vacuum leak test, and is 100% quality controlled in New Jersey or Nevada before leaving our facilities. Attention: Before initial use, run oven

  • Elite Series Vacuum Drying Ovens

    Across International

    vacuum tubing (compare to rubber hose) for better vacuum levels and durability; and build-in secondary over-temp dial for enhanced over temperature protection. These ovens can greatly reduce drying time by maintaining a consistent vacuum level within the chamber. Every one of our vacuum ovens

  • B-585 Glass Oven Drying


    …or freeze dried. A glass tube with an electrically conductive coating serves as the heating element. The transparent sample area is visible so if there are any signs of thermal degradation the process can be interrupted. Max temp 300ºC. Programmable temp. and time Vacuum proof design…

  • DP Series Floor Model Vacuum Drying Ovens


    This is a vacuum drying oven for treatment on a large scale, designed for various purposes. A vacuum pump can be stored in the holder. As the input system of the control panel is dialogical, anyone can input easily. Equipped with an interactive key input device and graphic monitor …

  • ADP Series Benchtop Vacuum Drying Ovens


    All purpose vacuum oven with enhanced safety features, programming functions and pump storage compartment. Features a benchtop or floor type footprint, several capacities and optional inert gas circulation. Ideal to process samples sensitive to corrosion. Temperature range +40~240°C.

  • Parts & Accessories for AccuTemp Vacuum Drying Ovens

    Across International

    …series vacuum drying ovens. Vacuum Valve Turn Knob Vacuum valve turn knob with steel shaft, fits our AccuTemp series vacuum degassing drying ovens. Length: 4 inches, diameter: 2.5 inches. Wire Shelves Stainless steel oven racks for our FO and VO series digital drying ovens. Each…

  • Vacutherm Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens

    Thermo Scientific

    Dry up to six times faster than when using conventional units. Thermo Scientific™ Vacutherm Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens provide outstanding capabilities for fast and gentle drying. Excellent heat transfer and fast heating up minimize operation time. A double-paned safety-glass front window…

  • Vacuum Oven 210C

    Shel Lab

    This Vacuum Oven design fits these applications and many more: Drying gels for routine electrophoresis Drying with sensitive material Outgassing of product Educational environment Features and Results: Cross-flow ventilation; Complete purge of product Floating glass…

  • B-585 Glass Oven Kugelrohr


    For small - medium sized test quantities that need to be dried quickly and carefully, using a method that can be reproduced. Substances can also be distilled, sublimated or freeze dried. A glass tube with an electrically conductive coating serves as the heating element. The transparent sample area…

  • VO Series Vacuum Ovens


    …thanks to the digital pressure control, the chamber load is not only dried at high speed but also extremely gently in our powerful and robust vacuum drying oven. Together with the speed-controlled vacuum pump, the vacuum oven VO forms an unbeatably energy-efficient duo. The pump is perfectly tidied…


    Thermo Scientific

    …protection and a flexible vacuum/purge/release system with Thermo Scientific™ Lindberg/Blue M™ Vacuum Ovens. These ovens work well with a range of applications including drying, curing, outgassing, aging, process control and other applications requiring elevated temperature in reduced…

  • VDL Series Vacuum Drying Chambers for Flammable Solvents


    A VDL series chamber ensures maximum safety when drying organic solutents standard with TÜV/GS. The inner chamber is designed according to ATEX guidelines for Zone II 3 G. Temperature range: room temperature plus 15°C to 200°C ATEX compliance chamber's interior: Ex II…

  • VD Series Vacuum Drying Chambers for Non-Flammable Solvents


    A VD series chamber is impressive while gently drying with its homogeneous temperature distribution. The patented expansion shelf technology ensures optimal heat transfer. The shelves are easy to position where required and easy to dry in the inner chamber. Temperature range: room…

  • Hi-Temp Vacuum Ovens

    Thermo Scientific

    Ideal for higher temperature drying under vacuum, this vacuum ovens line provides temperatures up to 280°C, with peace of mind due to built-in safety controller and overtemperature protection. Features: Two convenient sizes: Small and large model, 18L (0.65 cu.ft.) and 42.4L (1.5…

  • Vacuum Oven with Programmable Digital PID Controller

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific* Vacuum Oven offers maximum flexibility, with a maximum temperature of 220°C (428°F). Radiant warm-wall heating system optimizes uniformity and conserves chamber space for drying, curing, vacuum embedding and plating applications. 3 in.(7.6cm) glass wool insulation…

  • Fi-Streem Digital Vacuum Ovens


    …Gallenkamp Oven has been redesigned by Fi-Streem; the result is the Fi-Streem Digital Vacuum Oven. The oven has been upgraded to incorporate a user friendly and easy to operate digital electronic PID controller. The easier and faster control settings improve performance accuracy of the oven. All of…

  • Multi-purpose Vacuum Ovens


    … 24-month warranty Radiant warm wall heating system provides optimal uniformity and conserves chamber space for drying, curing, vacuum embedding, and plating applications. Vacuum fittings require .25” (.6 cm) I.D. tubing. Model 0001B60 features a hydraulic thermostat to control temperature…

  • VOcool Series Cooled Vacuum Ovens


    Low-temperature vacuum drying enables pharmaceutical or food labs to gently dry bacteria and starter cultures in the cooled vacuum oven VOcool. Furthermore programme-controlled storage and transport scenarios for determining the behaviour of active ingredients or volumes at different pressure and…

  • Lindberg/Blue M Digital Vacuum Ovens

    Thermo Scientific

    …single set point controllers Ambient +6°C to 260°C; 1°C Uniformity: 3.5% of setpoint Suitable for applications involving baking, drying, curing, aging, vacuum embedding, plating and moisture determinations utilizing a nitrogen atmosphere. Other applications include those which require elevated…

  • Self-Cleaning Dry Vacuum System


    …at shut-down to expell unwanted residue, extending the diaphragm life. Use with rotary evaporators up to 5 L capacity. A cold trap, such as Welch 1420H-14 (7893R90) is recommended when using this pump with centrifugal concentrators. Also recommended for use with vacuum ovens up to 28 L capacity.

  • Direct Drive Vacuum Pumps


    Compact, convenient Deep vacuum Use these Welch 2-stage direct drive pumps for a wide range of laboratory applications to provide deep vacuum down to 1 x 10-4 torr. Common lab processes include freeze drying, vacuum oven drying, glove box vacuum, centrifugal concentrator operation, and…

  • ChemStar Dry - Oil-Free Deep Vacuum System


    … Schlenk line drying manifolds Vacuum ovens Freeze dryers up to 6 L Centrifugal concentrators Many other deep vacuum applications Save the time, expense, and hassle of oil-seal vacuum pumping with ChemStar Dry – a cutting edge product from Welch Vacuum Technology.

  • Standard Duty Dry Vacuum Pump


    …provide convenient vacuum throughout the lab. Welch WOB-L piston pumps provide adjustable vacuum for filtration, SPE, vacuum ovens, and more. These pumps are an efficient alternative to water aspirators. Select vacuum range 100 to 5 torr; flow range 22 to 201 l/min. For use with dry or aqueous vapor…

  • DuoSeal® High Vacuum Pumps


    Famous Durability Deep Vacuum to 10-4 torr Low RPM for cooler operation Address a wide variety of laboratory vacuum needs with these rugged oil-seal pumps. Use DuoSeal vacuum pumps for Schlenk drying manifolds, freeze drying, vacuum ovens, glove boxes, degassing, concentrations,…

  • Laboport Vacuum Pumps


    …are the perfect companion for laboratory appliances with the ability to provide vacuum to 6 torr (29.7 Hg) and pressure to 15 psig. Two Stage Heavy-Duty Pumps are the perfect companion for vacuum ovens and vacuum concentrators, especially with difficult-to-evaporate solvents like water. Pull to…

  • DryFast Collegiate PTFE Vacuum Pumps


    …concentrators, & vacuum ovens. Achieve precise vacuum control for organic evaporations with Welch's Advanced Vapor Management (AVM). Choose from six dry PTFE vacuum pump models with flows up to 70 L / min and adjustable vacuum down to 2 Torr. Economical DryFastTM vacuum pumps are perfect for…

  • High Capacity PTFE Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps


    …solvent / acid resistance Use these durable dry diaphragm pumps to provide high flow, deep vacuum for your application. Welch Model 2052 pumps resist corrosive and solvent fumes to provide consistent vacuum levels. Quiet vacuum, low maintenance, and long life - friendly to your budget…

  • Parts & Accessories for FO Series Ovens

    Across International

    …series digital drying ovens. Each rack comes with 4 stainless steel stands to mount on the oven chamber wall. TCO-K: Thermocouple for FO Series 400°C Max Drying Ovens K-type thermocouple wire, fits our FO-29040, FO-29070, FO-49040 and FO-49070 forced air drying ovens. Total length: 79…

  • Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ General Protocol Mechanical Convection Ovens

    Thermo Scientific

    …and temperature stability of at least ±0.4°C at 150°C. Perform faster drying or heating with the Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol mechanical convection ovens, which provide an ideal solution with enhanced chamber uniformity for research, clinical or…

  • Thermo Scientific Heratherm™ General Protocol Gravity Convection Ovens

    Thermo Scientific

    …temperature stability of at least ±0.4°C at 150°C. Perform routine heating and drying applications simply and safely with Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ General Protocol Ovens, which provide an ideal solution for research, clinical or industrial needs. Three…

  • MZ2C NT+2AK Dry Chemistry Diaphragm Pump


    VACUUBRAND MZ2C NT+2AK oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump provides powerful oil-free vacuum for applications that do not require control, such as vacuum ovens and gel dryers. Compact and whisper-quiet, it builds on the popular MZ2C NT diaphragm vacuum pump with inlet and outlet cachpots, which enhance…

  • Moisture Content Flask, Antibiotic

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Capacity: 2.2 mL Standard Taper joint: 10/10 Sample is weighed, transferred to the flask and placed in a vacuum oven where the sample is dried at 60°C with a pressure of 5 mm or less of mercury for three hours. The percent loss is then calculated. Method is defined in Code of…

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