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  • Vacuum Pump V-100


    The Vacuum Pump V-100 is an economical and chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump with a space saving design. It covers the essential needs in vacuum generation. On/offregulated by the Interface I-100, it is optimally suited to work with the Rotavapor® R-100. The ready to use vacuum

  • Vacuum Tubing


  • Vacuum Pump V-300


    The economical and silent vacuum source The chemically resistant PTFE diaphragm vacuum pump impresses with its very silent and economical operation. With a flow rate of 1.8 m 3 /h and an ultimate vacuum of 5 mbar, it is optimally suited to be combined with the Rotavapor® R-300. Your…

  • Double Vacuum Manifold

    Wilmad LabGlass

    This borosilicate glass Air-Tite vacuum gas manifold (Schlenk line) is designed with double oblique pressure/vacuum stopcocks with 4mm bores and a 16.2/56 plug size. The stopcocks simplify evacuation or pressurization with an inert atmosphere. Manifold is 1" O.D.

  • Model 2019 vacuum pump


    Affordable Model 2019 vacuum pump is durable and chemcial resistant. Use Model 2019 for vacuum filtration, desiccation, degassing, and other mid-range vacuum applications. Free air flow 37L/min; Maximum vacuum 24" Hg. Pump can also be used to pressurize up to 18 PSIG. Comes standard with…

  • Whatman SV 006 Vacuum Tubing

    GE Healthcare

    SV 006 Vacuum Tubing, 1 meter length, vacuum filtration apparatus accessories SV 006 Vacuum Tubing, 1 meter length, vacuum filtration apparatus accessories

  • VACUUBRAND RZ2.5 Vacuum Pump


    …and other applications where diaphragm pumps cannot provide sufficient vacuum. Quiet The XS series of pumps is designed for very low noise and vibration. Small and Energy Efficient The XS vacuum pumps are substantially smaller and lighter than pumps of comparable capacity,…

  • Centrivap Vacuum Pumps


    Designed for use with all rotary and centrifugal evaporators Pumps are two-stage, oil-sealed and sliding vane with cast aluminum casing. Labconco XPress Laboratory Equipment Thomas number 4366R20 is part of Labconco's XPress Laboratory Equipment Program. These items are in…

  • Whatman Vacuum Type Glass Holders

    GE Healthcare

    …aqueous and organic solvent filtration. Membrane holder produced from borosilicate glass, suitable for aqueous and organic solvent filtration. Vacuum type glass holders Produced from borosilicate glass and available with a choice of support screen. Suitable for aqueous and organic solvent…

  • Laboratory High Vacuum Pump

    Fischer Technical

    …oil becomes milky or cloudy. High Vacuum Grease This vacuum grease helps provide a proper seal between the vacuum pump plate and the bell jar so that high vacuum pressures can be achieved. "The Tank" Oil Change System All vacuum pumps require changing oil after every…

  • Tygon S3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing for Vacuum Applications

    Saint Gobain

    …liquid and gas vacuum transfer. Applications: Vacuum separation and filtration of liquids Vacuum transfer of liquids and gasses General laboratory use for vacuum applications Regulatory Compliance: USP Class VI FDA Criteria Tygon S 3™ E-3603 Vacuum Tubing Sterilization…

  • Model 276 Vacuum Instrument


    …through the entire rough vacuum range of 1 milliTorr through 760 Torr. The gauge controller is housed in a laboratory grade case consisting of vinyl clad metal on an extruded aluminum base insuring maximum durability. This kit comes with everything to measure vacuum: Display controller,…

  • Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

    Terra Universal

    …with purge gas before application of vacuum (order valves and gauge separately).  Note: Due to the inherent permeability of plastic, these chambers will not maintain a stable vacuum level over extended periods. For long-term vacuum maintenance, leave vacuum pump connected and running.

  • PYREX Vacuum Filter Flask


    For use in vacuum filtration applications Withstands full vacuum (to 30” Hg) With hose barb for 1/4” I.D. tubing

  • Schlenk Vacuum Sample Tubes

    Wilmad LabGlass

    These borosilicate glass Schlenk sample tubes incorporate a grease-free high vacuum 0-4mm valve and are suited for pressure/vacuum applications. Ideal for reaction and storage of air-sensitive compounds. Sidearm can be connected to inert atmosphere/vacuum source or a manifold.

  • DryFast Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps


    …evaporation flasks up to 10L or small vacuum oven applications generating chemically aggressive vapors. Models 2037 & 2047 are high flow DryFast models for lab vacuum applications requiring chemical resistance – vacuum manifold filtration, vacuum ovens, and laboratory automation.

  • MV2 NT Diaphragm Vacuum Pump


    …NT Aluminum-FKM diaphragm vacuum pump is an excellent choice for a wide range of laboratory and process plant vacuum applications. It is even quieter and has less vibration than it's predecessor. Eliminates Oil Changes. These vacuum pumps utilize diaphragm vacuum technology for…

  • CRVpro Direct Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps


    The Welch CRVpro family of direct drive rotary vane pumps is the industry leader within the direct drive vacuum pump category. Service intervals are extended from three core features: Cool running . By running cooler relative to competitive direct drive pumps, agressive and corrosive…

  • Vacuum Meter

    Sper Scientific

    Includes a detachable heavy-duty probe with ¼" PS connector for liquid, air, oil and gas. Features min/max, hold, low battery indicator, auto power off and an RS232 computer interface. Comes ready to use in a foam-lined, hardshell carrying case with 9V battery and instructions.

  • DuoSeal® High Vacuum Pumps


    Famous Durability Deep Vacuum to 10-4 torr Low RPM for cooler operation Address a wide variety of laboratory vacuum needs with these rugged oil-seal pumps. Use DuoSeal vacuum pumps for Schlenk drying manifolds, freeze drying, vacuum ovens, glove boxes, degassing, concentrations,…

  • ME2 NT Diaphragm Vacuum Pump


    …applications, the 70mbar, 38 lpm ME2 NT Aluminum-FKM diaphragm vacuum pump is an excellent choice for a wide range of laboratory and process plant vacuum applications. Eliminates Oil Changes These vacuum pumps utilize diaphragm vacuum technology for totally dry operation. There is no oil to…

  • Zeitfuchs Cross-Arm Calibrated Viscometers

    Cannon Instrument

    Cannon ZCAC Series For measurement of kinematic viscosity of transparent and opaque Newtonian liquids Meets ASTM Standard D 445 specifications; also conform to ASTM Standard D 446 Precision: ±0.3% Also used to measure kinematic viscosity of cut-back asphalts and road oils at 140°F (60°C) and…

  • HiVac Valve with Straight PTFE Plug

    Wilmad LabGlass

    These high vacuum valves have a barrel with two side arms attached at a 180° angle to each other and on the same plane. The borosilicate glass valve body features a precision-formed tapered valve seat and a precision tooled external thread. The design of cap (made of Delrin®) and valve stem…

  • SYNTHWARE High Vacuum Valve Metering Plugs

    Kemtech America

    High Vacuum Valve Meteing Plug, PTFE Protected, Synthware, Size: 0-4, 08 and 0-12mm available.

  • 2" Vacuum Gauge

    Fischer Technical

    This Bourdon Tube Gauge is approximately 2" and features 0-30" inches of mercury dial. Includes a 1/4" brass thread on the bottom. This affordable gauge is compatible with a wide assortment of vacuum pumps.

  • SYNTHWARE High Vacuum Valve Plugs

    Kemtech America

    High Vacuum Valve Plug, PTFE Protected, Synthware, Size: 0-4, 0-8 or 0-12mm available, Plug has a machined in PTFE tip O-ring to make the primary seal.

  • Vacuum Bottles

    United Scientific Supplies

    This heavy-duty autoclavable bottle features thick walls and is designed for repeat vacuum applications. Cap includes a non-toxic silicone O-ring for a secure seal. Threads should be tottaly disengaged before autoclaving.

  • Metal Vacuum Chambers

    Sapphire Cleanrooms

    Sapphire Vacuum Chambers are designed for vacuum testing, degassing small parts, defoaming, mixed liquids, biological tests and storing samples under sustained low and intermediate vacuums. Removable cover Front hinged door Vacuum gasket on door ensures airtight seal Supports vacuum

  • SYNTHWARE High Vacuum Valve Plugs

    Kemtech America

    High Vacuum Valve Plug, Synthware, Size: 0-4, 0-8, and 0-12mm available, Stem Material: PTFE,O-rings Material: Viton.

  • Stopcock, High Vacuum, Quick Open, Easy Action Plug

    Ace Glass

    High vacuum stopcock with easy action plug that has blunt, flat end instead of the tapered end supplied with 8194 or 8195. This modification means stopcock is a quick opening model versus the variable opening 8194 and 8195. Vacuums of 10-7 can be reali

  • Intelli-Sense™ Multi-Speed PVC Blowers


    …modifications. As needs change, the blower settings may be adjusted to accommodate new airflow requirements. Features & Benefits Housings are vacuum formed from unplasticized Type I polyvinyl chloride for complete corrosion protection Impellers made of injection molded PVDF resist highly…

  • Desiccators, Vacuum

    United Scientific Supplies

    …and can hold vacuum up to 740mm Hg for 24 hours without any greasing. The PP stopcock has a self lubricating PTFE plug that works to create the vacuum, shut it off and release it. Autoclavable at 120°C for fifteen minutes. Non-vacuum desiccators are physically the same as vacuum desiccators; only…

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