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Uv Protection
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  • Whatman FTA PlantSaver Cards

    GE Healthcare

    …request.FTA PlantSaver card with 4 sample areas per card FTA Cards contain chemicals that lyse cells, denature proteins, and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidative, and UV damage. US Patent Nos. 5496562, 5756126, 5807527, 5972386, 5985327 and other patents pending. FTA PlantSaver Card …

  • FTA™ Nucleic Acid Collection, Storage and Purification

    GE Healthcare

    …the handling and processing of nucleic acids. FTA Cards contain chemicals that lyse cells, denature proteins and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidative, and UV damage. US Patent Nos. 5496562, 5756126, 5807527, 5972386, 5985327 and other patents pending. Advantages and benefits…

  • Whatman FTA Gene Cards

    GE Healthcare

    …max volume/sample area, 225 µl max total volume/card FTA Cards contain chemicals that lyse cells, denature proteins, and protect nucleic acids from nucleases, oxidative, and UV damage. US Patent Nos. 5496562, 5756126, 5807527, 5972386, 5985327 and other patents pending. FTA Gene Card is an FTA Card…

  • Whatman SPARTAN Syringe Filters – Regenerated Cellulose (RC)

    GE Healthcare

    …filtration step before samples can be used in the liquid chromatography column. This step helps to clarify peaks of compounds being analyzed and protects the column from large particles that might damage it. SPARTAN filters from GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business cater to this need, because…

  • Visitor Safety Glasses

    Analytik Jena

    …in UV light Slightly tinted lenses, which filter out violet haze, darkening background in nonfluorescing areas Plastic used in lens; brow and side shields will not pass UV radiation below 400 nm Goggles meet NIOSH recommendations HSM-73-11009 for eye protection against UV radiation…

  • Face Shield, UV Blocking Other

    Analytik Jena

    Eye and face protection is essential for anyone working with UV light sources. The specially formulated plastic construction of the eyewear blocks ultraviolet transmission over all UV wave lengths. For additional protective eyewear, see Thomas numbers 5774F10 and 5774H48.

  • UV Blocking Eye Glasses


    Clear plastic glasses with side shields block UV radiation below 400 nm. For full-face protection against "sunburn," we recommend the UV-blocking face shield.

  • Handheld UV Lamp

    Crystal Technologies

    …of Handheld UV Lamps provides UV radiation with wavelengths of 365nm or 254nm, or a combination of both 254nm and 365nm. The AA series of UV lamps represent a technical innovation in the evolutionary process of UV lamps, with a unique built-in position device which automatically protects operators…

  • Tomahawk® Safety Glasses

    Crews Glasses

    …percent of UV radiation. Features:  High brow guard for extra protection and unimpeded view Single lens design with integral side shields for greater orbital seal Spatula temple with extendable adjustment Rugged polycarbonate lens filters 99.9% of harmful U.V. rays …

  • Adaptec™ Protective Eyewear System

    North by Honeywell

    protection and ideal space for air circulation. The North Adaptec 4A lens coating ensures excellent anti-fog, anti-static and scratch-resistant properties. Meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.3 standards. Lens replacement is quick and easy. All North Adaptec™ lenses offer 99.9% UV protection

  • NSX™ Safety Glasses

    SAS Safety

    ??High-impact polycarbonate lens 99.9% UV Protection Single lens design Anti-fog and scratch resistant coating on lenses Lightweight wrap-around lens Meets ANSI Z87.1-2015

  • Ultraviolet UV Light Meter - UV-A/B

    Sper Scientific

    …when the battery is low. Comes in a protective hard foam lined carrying case complete with a UV probe, tripod screw, magnetic mount and a 9V battery. Model 850010 measures short wave UV-C light for applications such as UV light fume hoods, UV sterilization, industrial glass and non-destructive…

  • Accessories and Replacement Parts for UV Transilluminators


    Hinged UV-Blocking Cover: Transparent hinged cover shields the user from azardous UV radiation and protects the filter from damage caused by dropping objects on the glass. Cover fits over all gels and TLC plates and can be easily attached to hinges on either side of the unit. Constructed of…

  • Select™ Series Transilluminators, Single/Dual-Wavelength UV


    …provide broader UV applications. Single and dual-wavelength models accommodate a variety of sample gel or blot sizes, with rugged construction and simple operation. All Select™ series units feature hinged UV-blocking cover to protect the user from radiation and UV filter glass to inhibit…

  • Polycarbonate Faceshields

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …offers both front and side protection while height provides coverage from the bottom of the neck to the top of the head Features a comfortable and adjustable polyethylene headdress Biohazard/Transparent Note: UV protection from 200 to 360nm (UV radiation may cause the polycarbonate…

  • Bolle Safety Glasses

    … OTG Frame Color: Clear Frame Material: Nylon/Polycarbonate Lens Material: Polycarbonate Size: Universal Temple Color: Clear Temple Style: Adjustable UV Protection: 99.9% Includes: Neck Cord Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010, CSA-Z94.3-2007

  • UVT-S-AR PCR UV Cabinet

    Grant Instruments

    …    UV surface irradiation - dual 30W 254 nm UV lamp     UV protection - UV-protective film on glass panels     UV exposure controlled by 24h digital timer     Convenient, easy to use digital timer for accurate control of UV

  • UVC/T-M-AR PCR UV Cabinet

    Grant Instruments

    protects the user from direct UV light during manipulation UV surface irradiation - via single 25W 254nm open UV lamp High intensity UV cleaner - 25m³/hour cleaner-recirculator continuous air flow with 1cm UV irradiation distance UV protection - UV-protective film on glass panels UV

  • Hornet Safety Glasses

    SAS Safety

    Fit over most prescription glasses Fashionable and functional ANSI Z87.1-1989 certified 99.9% UV protection Hornets provide safety for most working environments. Lenses are optically correct and scratch/solvent- resistant. Frames available in black and camouflage with clear lens.

  • UVP Standard UV PCR Workstations

    Analytik Jena

    …exposure of equipment to an open lab environment. The acrylic enclosure is UV and beta blocking and effective for protection against 32P labeled compounds. UV radiation is provided by two 254 nm tubes. A timer controls UV dose. Overhead white light illuminates work area. Dimensions, H x W x D:…

  • UV cabinet UVT-B-AR

    Grant Instruments

    …The UV light switches off automatically when door is opened. The built-in UV cleaner-recirculator both increases the maximum density of UV light and generates 25 m³/h air flow exchange - prevents unwanted contamination and protects the user from direct UV light during manipulation. The UV

  • Stingers Safety Glasses

    SAS Safety

    Superb style and comfort for all-day use ANSI Z87.1 - 1989 certified 99.9% UV protection The Stinger safety glasses feature high-impact protection and optically correct lenses with panoramic view. Several frame and lens colors are available.

  • Lightning Series Safety Glasses

    North by Honeywell

    Lightning Series safety eyewear uses a high base panoramic lens for a wide unobstructed view. The flexi-fit, three point slip-resistant nosepiece eliminates uncomfortable pressure on the nose while self-adjusting temples with soft-touch pads, provide a secure and comfortable fit. Lightning models…

  • Safety Goggles, UV

    Analytik Jena

    For ultraviolet and glare protection One-piece replaceable amber-tinted plastic lens, which screens out ultra- violet radiation and excessive glare Transmission of ultraviolet at 254 nm and 365 nm is less than 10 -5 ; cuts off at about 410 nm Conforms with ANSI Z87.1 for safety…

  • UV Crosslinker AH


    …when switching between wavelengths. The Boekel UV Crosslinker AH comes calibrated for 254 nm Shortwave Bulbs as well as 306 nm and 368 nm bulbs. Change your bulbs and select your bulb choice on the display – that's it! Large UV protective window allows for easier process inspection …

  • Adaptec™ Protective Eyewear System Replacement Lenses

    North by Honeywell

    …scratch-resistant properties. Meet ANSI Z87.1-2010 and CSA Z94.3 standards. Lens replacement is quick and easy. All North Adaptec™ lenses offer 99.9% UV protection and are available with tints for most applications. Lens Tints Clear: Used for most indoor applications Smoke: Minimizes…

  • Mini UV Viewing Cabinets

    Analytik Jena

    …Viewing Cabinets provide a compact darkroom environment for viewing materials. All cabinets feature a contrast control filter that absorbs UV energy to protect the eyes. Main Features Each cabinet is designed to be used with specific UVP lamp models, which fit snugly on top of the…

  • ENDURO™ UV Transilluminators


    …can be held in place at any angle for gel cutting UV shield fully protects user from UV light Uniform UV Black Glass provides improved imaging contrast The use of UV Black Glass minimizes the striping effect seen on many UV transilluminators. This provides a more uniform background…


    Analytik Jena

  • Protection Glass Software


    Software offering industry standard calculations required for personal and industrial eye protection. Included are luminous, visible, UV and near-IR transmittance calculations along with shade number and relative visual attenuation. This product is validated under the Windows® 2000 and XP…

  • UV Transilluminator

    Crystal Technologies

    …and RNA. Each CTI BioGlow® UV Transilluminator comes with a UV protection cover. Choice of High (100%) or Low(50%) intensity Durable, hinged UV protection cover Specially processed UV filter reduces background influence Anti-glare surface ensures uniform UV light distribution 200mmX240mm…

  • Tygon UV Resistant Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    Formulation R-3400 Black in color, protects light-sensitive fluids Wide range of chemical resistance Ozone resistant Excellent burn resistance Ideal for virtually any permanent or temporary chemical transfer application. Tygon UV Resistant Tubing combines suppleness and…

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