Ultrasonic Homogenizer

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Ultrasonic Homogenizer
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  • Ultrasonic Homogenizers

    Across International

    Ultrasonic homogenizers, the modern version of "mortar and pestle", they can disrupt tissues and cells through cavitation and ultrasonic waves. Basically, an ultrasonic homogenizer has a tip which very rapidly vibrates, causing bubbles in the surrounding solution to rapidly form and…

  • Ultrasonic Baths


    homogenization, dispersion and degassing Universal and compact 35,000 oscillations per second UR 1, UR 2 and UR 3 ultrasonic baths clean test sieves, microprecision sieves, glass and metal components as well as metallurgical and geological samples. In particle size analysis, ultrasonic

  • 130 Watt Ultrasonic Processors

    Sonics & Materials

    Applications include cell disruption, sample disaggregation, disintegration, homogenization and critical cleaning Converts voltage to high frequency electrical energy Energy is transmitted to the piezoelectrical transducer within the converter, where it is changed to mechanical…

  • XUB Series Digital Ultrasonic Baths

    Grant Instruments

    …technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid, these baths offer vastly improved performance giving a more accurate and precise ultrasonic process. Frequency LEAP technology provides more homogeneous ultrasonic activity throughout the tank, reducing dead…

  • Accessories And Probes For Ultrasonic Processors

    Sonics & Materials

    9655B01 through B11 and 9655A90 and A93 are for 130 watt units. 9655B25 through B61 and 9655A96 are for 500 and 750 watt units. Cup Horn for 130 W, 500 W and 750 W Units (9655B50-B52, 0825A04) Useful when working with radioactive, toxic, pathogenic and biohazardous materials …

  • 500 And 750 Watt Ultrasonic Processors

    Sonics & Materials

    500 and 750 Watt Ultrasonic Processors/Cell Disruptors for High Volume Applications 10 mL to 250 mL sample size Automatic tuning LCD screen with user prompts Real-time alphanumeric display 10-hour process timer Variable amplitude control The 500 and 750 watt…

  • Sonifier® SFX250 Cell Disruptors and Homogenizers


    …the SFX Sonifier automatically adjusts the ultrasonic pulse length to prevent the sample from overheating (requires optional temperature probe) Advanced control modes including time and energy modes with energy pulsing Continuous or pulsed ultrasonics Experiment progress indicator Microtip…

  • Sonifier® SFX550 Cell Disruptors and Homogenizers


    …Features True temperature control allows the user to specify a temperature range for the sample; the Sonifier automatically adjusts the ultrasonic pulse length to prevent the sample from overheating (requires optional temperature probe) Advanced Control Modes: Energy mode and energy…

  • Sonifier® SFX150 Cell Disruptors and Homogenizers


    …applications, the SFX150 Sonifier® delivers up to 150 watts of power at 40 kHz for quiet operation. It’s the only cell disruptor and homogenizer of its type that includes a handheld converter designed for ergonomic comfort and easy control to simplify and speed your experiment. The…

  • Temperature Probe for Sonifier® Cell Disruptors and Homogenizers


    …within your sample. With Branson’s industry-exclusive True Temperature Control, the SFX Series Sonifiers will automatically adjust the ultrasonic pulse length to maintain a temperature within a set range. The user simply sets a Pulse Temperature (the lower limit of the desired temperature…

  • Support Stand for for Sonifier® Cell Disruptors and Homogenizers


    The support stand with stainless steel rod accommodates Branson’s converter and accessories. The converter clamp supports the ultrasonic stack (converter and horn) and is easily adjusted to properly position the horn in the sample. The stand features a black enameled cast-iron base with…

  • Q125 Sonicators


    The Q125 is a microprocessor based, programmable ultrasonic processor.  Features included pulse mode and a digital display of both wattage and joules.  The unit is effective for standard cell disruption, DNA/RNA shearing, homogenization and many other applications.  The Q125 is…

  • Q500 Sonicators


    The Q500 is a powerful ultrasonic processor featuring programmable operation and a digital display of operating parameters.   Popular applications include nanoparticle dispersion, creating emulsions, cell lysis and homogenization.  Adjustable pulse On and Off times can be…

  • Accessories for 150 Watt Digital Sonifier® Models SFX150 and SLP


    …when liquids are treated ultrasonically. The noise may be disturbing in a room with low ambient noise level if exposed for prolonged periods of time. Operating the Sonifier® in the Soundproof Enclosure can minimize mechanical noise produced by ultrasonic processing. The sturdy cabinet…

  • Disruptor Genie®

    Scientific Industries

    …multi-directional action simultaneously agitates and vortexes at high-speed producing greater yields in less time. Performance comparable to expensive ultrasonic cell disruptors/homogenizers. Turn dial to desired operating time 0-15 minutes auto-off timer (or constant "ON" position).…

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