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Ultrasonic Bath
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  • Bransonic® Ultrasonic Baths


    Bransonic® Ultrasonic Baths Bransonic ultrasonic baths have been designed for performance, control, durability and reliability to process all of your needs. Ultrasonic baths are commonly used in laboratory, scientific, medical, electronic, and dental as well as industrial applications…

  • XUB Series Digital Ultrasonic Baths

    Grant Instruments

    …controlled benchtop ultrasonic baths offer consistent and reliable performance in a variety of environments such as laboratory, scientific and healthcare. Incorporating frequency LEAP technology to ensure uniform levels of ultrasonic activity throughout the fluid, these baths offer vastly improved…

  • Ultrasonic Baths


    … 35,000 oscillations per second UR 1, UR 2 and UR 3 ultrasonic baths clean test sieves, microprecision sieves, glass and metal components as well as metallurgical and geological samples. In particle size analysis, ultrasonic universal baths are used to prepare suspension samples for wet screening…

  • DHA-1000 Integrated Ultrasonic Cleaning System


    Branson's DHA-1000 Ultrasonic Cleaning System offers a full range of features to meet most precision cleaning requirements. These compact units incorporate all stainless steel tank construction, and a modern, solid-state ultrasonic generator with 40 kHz industrial transducers to deliver precise…

  • SonoClean Ultrasonic Cleaners


    …SonoClean series heated ultrasonic baths are designed for high-quality cleaning and removal of mechanical impurities, grease, oil and carbon residue from various parts and components, as well as for cleaning openings and cavities that are hard to reach. SonoClean baths are also used to make…

  • Ultrasonic Homogenizers

    Across International

    …in a sample, for various purposes. Ultrasonic frequencies (around 20 kHz) are usually used, leading to the process also being known as ultrasonication or ultra-sonication. In the laboratory, it is usually applied using an ultrasonic bath or an ultrasonic probe, colloquially known as a sonifier.…

  • Bransonic® Model B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner


    Branson's Model B200 ultrasonic cleaner is compact and stylish, with the convenience of plug-in-anywhere operation. While designed to clean jewelry and optical pieces quickly and effectively, it also has the ultrasonic cleaning ability to handle a wide variety of other applications. The…

  • Lipsol® Liquid Detergent, 5 Liter


    …alkaline mixture of detergent, surfactant and chelating agent suitable for removal of most types of contamination by soaking or use in an ultrasonic bath. Its efficiency as a cleaning agent has been proved by extensive testing and then confirmed by field trials with users in a wide variety…

  • Accessories & Microtips for Branson SFX250, SFX550, 250 and 450 Sonifiers


    …Glass cups with three side-arm loops at base that promote circulation of sample when used with cell disruptor Can be placed in suitable cooling bath to maintain lower sample temperature Glass Rosett Cooling Cell with Water Jacket (9655U20) Double chamber cooling cell for use…

  • Mucasol® Laboratory Detergent


    …laboratory detergent is an alkaline, high-performance liquid concentrate for wiping down lab surfaces and cleaning labware in immersion and ultrasonic baths. Mucasol lab detergent features a formula that is gentle to the skin, non-toxic, non-aggressive, and biodegradeable. Excellent for a…

  • Recirculating Chiller


    …the cup horn and microplate horn. Simply set the chiller to a desired temperature, from 2-45°C, and cold water will recirculate through the ultrasonic horn reservoir. The chiller can be used with both of the current cup horn models as well as the microplate horn. Older models may require…

  • extran® Laboratory Detergents for Manual Washing


    bath. extran® 300 Liquid Detergent is a powerful liquid concentrate specially formulated to remove stubborn contamination and burnt-on residues. Especially effective at removing organic materials such as blood and proteins. Phosphate- and halogen-free. Works well in ultrasonic cleaning baths.

  • Sample Basket For CSU1


    Sample basket for Tuttnauer® Model CSU 1 and CSU 1h Clean & Simple® 1-Gallon ultrasonic baths Constructed of solid stainless steel Chemical & corrosion-resistant

  • High-Pressure Cup-Type In-Line Filter


    …give long operating lifetime. Mounted in screw-type adapters, they are easily removed for cleaning. Normally, backflushing and cleaning in an ultrasonic bath with an appropriate solvent will restore them. If they become permanently clogged, replacement elements are available. Housings and all…

  • Contrex® AL

    Decon Labs

    …by soaking, scrubbing, or in ultrasonic cleaning baths. Contrex AL is totally rinsable eliminating detergent build-up that interferes with analysis, tissue culture, and other critical procedures. Its activity can be accelerated by heating, agitation, and ultrasonics, or by increasing concentrations.…

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