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  • Fast, safe, dependable and convenient steam sterilization for liquids, media, instruments, glassware, clothing and waste 7”, 9”, 10” and 15” diameter chambers Standard drying cycle and slow exhaust Double locking safety door No special plumbing or venting required …

  • Drying cycle removes residual moisture after sterilization; continuous pressure purge eliminates air pockets and ensures thorough, even sterilization 60 minute cycle timer and temperature selection from 100°C to 134°C (212°F to 273°F) Automatic low water level shut-off prevents…

  • 34.4 L/7.8 gallon electric benchtop autoclave for steam sterilizing liquids, instruments, glassware, and other laboratory items 12.2 x 18.5" (diameter x depth) chamber for sterilizing lab equipment 220 V power source Built-in printer with paper for documenting Good Laboratory Practices…

  • Our largest automatic table top autoclave. Features a closed door active drying system. Perfect for multi-doctor practices, clinics or surgery centers. 15"x 30" chamber accommodates longer instruments or a large number of small instruments. Capacity for 15 full size IMS cassettes. 2 year…

  • Printer paper roll For all Tuttnauer EP Model automated electronic sterilizer autoclaves Helps meet GLP documentation requirements

  • …power failure. Electronic models are available with 9-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch diameter chambers. Product features In addition to standard Tuttnauer sterilizer operating and safety features, all electronic models offer: Sterilization time to 59 minutes Temperature selection from…

  • For use with Tuttnauer Autoclave Sterilizer.

  • Sample basket for Tuttnauer® Model CSU 1 and CSU 1h Clean & Simple® 1-Gallon ultrasonic baths Constructed of solid stainless steel Chemical & corrosion-resistant

  • Replacement filter cartridge for Tuttnauer® PUREWISE™ 9000 Water Distiller is used to further enhance water quality. Extracts any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), further enhancing water quality Filters are recommended to be changed out every 6-months of use Filter…

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