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Tubing For Vacuum
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  • Tygon S3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing for Vacuum Applications

    Saint Gobain

    …S 3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing for Vacuum Applications Thick, non-collapsible wall for laboratory vacuum applications will not collapse under pressure Provides improved bend radius and higher working & vacuum pressure ratings Excellent clarity for process monitoring Resists cracks…

  • Tubing Kit for Vacuum Sipper VASI with Solenoid Valve for PerkinElmer Lambda 800…


    Tubing Kit for Vacuum Sipper VASI with Solenoid Valve for PerkinElmer Lambda 800/900 and PerkinElmer 10/20/40 Spectrometers

  • Kit Of 2 Vacuum Tubing Adapters For Reusable Filter Holders #300 & #310

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    2 Vacuum Tubing Adapters for 300- & 310- series Reusable Filter Holders

  • Kit Of 8 Vacuum Caps And (1) Tubing Adapter For Reusable Filter Holders

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Adapter kit for Reusable Filter Holders Consists of 8 vacuum caps and a tubing adapter

  • White Premium Food Grade Silicone Vacuum Tubing

    Across International

    for rubber tubing that can take the heat? Silicone is a synthetic rubber that’s more resilient than natural rubber, making it a popular choice for vacuum pumps. Tubing won’t impart taste or odors and maintains its flexibility over time. Use with water, air, and food and beverage. Tubing

  • Desiccators, Vacuum and Non-Vacuum


    Thick-walled vacuum desiccators made in premium plastic which is light and easy to handle Vacuum desiccator can hold 29 inches of mercury for 24 hours without grease Three-way Polypropylene stopcock accepts 6.35mm i.d. tube for vacuum suction

  • Connectors, Tubing

    Ace Glass

    Small tubing connector comprised of a TFE, 1/4"-28 UNF 2B male nut and a Kel-F wedge insert. Designed for use with our 5838 Chromatography adapters, 1.5-2mm ID tubing won't slip off or blow out during vacuum or pressure applcations. Easily assembled wi

  • Schlenk Vacuum Sample Tubes

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    These borosilicate glass Schlenk sample tubes incorporate a grease-free high vacuum 0-4mm valve and are suited for pressure/vacuum applications. Ideal for reaction and storage of air-sensitive compounds. Sidearm can be connected to inert atmosphere/vacuum source or a manifold.

  • Vacuum/Pressure Pur Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Suitable for pressure and vacuum applications Nalgene® 8030 Clear, flexible polyurethane Usable with fuels and oils, weak acids, alkalies and aliphatic or mineral spirit solvents; not recommended for strong mineral acids, aromatic or halogenated solvents Contains no…

  • Vacuum Chambers

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    … Transparent, cylindrical polyetherimide jar inverted on white polycarbonate base plate that has removable tubing adapter for connection to 1/4-inch i.d. vacuum tubing Vacuum rating 29 inches Hg @ 25°C Jar has amber cast and seals against Neoprene gasket in base Molded circular…

  • Manifold, Vacuum

    Ace Glass

    vacuum threaded stopcock. Plugs are PTFE with Nylon or PTFE handles and FETFE O-Rings. Ultimate vacuum of 10-7 can be realized with O-Rings as supplied. For bakable systems, order bakeable plugs with PTFE handles. Hose connections on stopcocks and vacuum line are size E for 13-15mm O.D. tubing For

  • Vacuum Manifold

    Cannon Instrument

    …Modified Koppers vacuum viscometers (see Thomas number 9724H50) Integral brackets permit mounting on Cannon CT-500 bath covers (Model 3VM) or CT-1000 bath covers (Model 4VM) Includes 10-foot length of rubber vacuum tubing 9726V23, 1-inch bore x 5-inch o.d., for connection to…

  • 180 Clear Plastic PVC Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …this tubing is available in 50, 100, 250 and 500' cases. Meets Food Additives Amendment of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act; also USDA and U.S. Pharmacopeia Class VI requirements for plastic materials. Lab-grade, autoclavable clear tubing sets the standard for purity…

  • Tygon® S3 Non-DEHP Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    for instrumentation connection, vent, drain and other general laboratory applications, Tygon S 3™ E-3603 Tubing offers superior life, which minimizes the labor and expense of replacement. Applications: General laboratory Biopharmaceutical Food & beverage Peristaltic and vacuum

  • Norprene Industrial Grade Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    …the use of one material for a variety of applications. Provides long service in a wide range of applications such as gasketing, abrasion-resistant sleeving and cable insulation. Excellent resistance to inorganic (acids and bases) fluids. Ideal for peristaltic and vacuum pump applications. Listings…

  • Tubing Norprene 1/2X3/32 50Ft

    Saint Gobain

    Norprene® Industrial Grade Tubing outperforms neoprene, EPDM and other general purpose tubings in test after test and application after application. It will not weaken or crack after years of exposure to heat and ozone, providing long service in a wide range of applications such as gasketing,…

  • PYREX Vacuum Filter Flask


    For use in vacuum filtration applications Withstands full vacuum (to 30” Hg) With hose barb for 1/4” I.D. tubing

  • Manifold, Vacuum

    Ace Glass

    …4mm straight bore PTFE stopcock sampling ports. (Additional ports can be ordered.) Overall length of glass manifold is 230mm. Complete item consists of 8763 Glass Manifold, 5846-48 End Plug with FETFE O-Ring, and 5853-18 and 5853-21 Ace-Safe Connector with bushing for 1/4" or 1/2" tubing connection.

  • Vacuum Pump


    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 9.5x3.125x1.375in For generating vacuum and extracting liquids and vapors*. Designed for excellent performance: Very low water consumption, constant ultimate pressure and high suction capacity . Pump fluid: water Overall length: approximately 210 mm…

  • Vacuum Ovens


    …tempered glass, assure an excellent seal at all vacuum levels Clear polycarbonate safety shield protects door glass from damage Front-mounted vacuum line fittings accept 1/4 i.d. vacuum tubing Side-mounted control panel, with all controls and vacuum line connections in a single, convenient…

  • Vacuum Manifolds


    General purpose single bank vacuum manifold with 3, 4, or 5 ports. Main tube is 38mm OD with a serrated hose connection, having the smallest serration 13.5mm and the largest serration 15.5mm, located at either the left or right side for vacuum connection. Ports are either 0-4mm or 0-8mm…

  • Vacuum Check Valve

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Works best between 10 to 28 in. Hg Prevents back pressure with aspirator-type vacuum pumps Made of high-density polyethylene with gum rubber flap Serrated connectors on inlet and outlet take 1/4- to 5/16-inch-bore tubing Useful for vacuum systems Not for use with liquids

  • Pressure Vacuum Valve NMR Tubes

    Wilmad-LabGlass - SP Scienceware

    Wilmad’s Pressure Vacuum Tube is the most reliable NMR tube on the market for medium range pressure (<300 psi) and ultra vacuum (10-8 torr) experiments. Connect to a 1/8" metal (SST or brass) vacuum line using Swagelok® fittings Pressure vacuum valve is made of PTFE, all…

  • Vacuum Gauge, McLeod, with Interchangeable Measuring Tube

    Ace Glass

    …bounce. Removable and interchangeable measuring tube permits accurate determination of V1 values; Trubore capillary stem. Minute adjustment of zero line scale position possible. Scales replaceable without recalibration. Mercury resevoir designed for easy pumping and increased mercury storage.…

  • Vacuum Trap, Vertical Side Arm

    Ace Glass

    Modified version of 8750 series of vacuum traps, with side arm bent 90 degrees upward for easier attachment of vacuum tubing. For use with vacuum systems to capture undesirable vapors. Fits easily into Dewar flasks.

  • Tygon® S3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    This tubing is used for drain, vent, and general laboratory applications, and is specially formulated for resistance to flex-fatigue and abrasion. It has heavy walls to withstand a full vacuum, and may be used on a variety of glassware including filter flasks, condensers, and distillation adapters. …

  • Tygon S3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    …Laboratory Tubing Most consistently reliable tubing for laboratory applications Outstanding chemical resistance; non-oxidizing and non-contaminating Lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results Smooth, polished inner wall The Only Choice for Phthalate-free Tubing

  • Tygon® S3™ E-3603 Non-DEHP Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    Phthalate-free Tubing for Food & Beverage Dispensing Tygon S3™ E-3603 from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is now phthalate-free. Saint-Gobain is proud to be among the first companies to offer sustainable, flexible tubing products. The bio-based Tygon S3 line combines the high…

  • Ferrule nut fitting set, 1/4-28, high-flow valve, holds 1/8 tubing


    Use with 1/8 (3.2 mm) o.d. PFA tubing for highflow rates and vacuum applications (> 2 mL/min)

  • Intramedic Lower Density Polyethylene Micro Bore Tubing


    for medical applications Non-toxic Non-pyrogenic Non-reactive to tissue; non-radiopaque Contains no plasticizers or other additives Waxy, white, translucent, tasteless, odorless Lower density polyethylene micro bore tubing is flexible, but rigid enough for applications using vacuum and…

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