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  • Nalgene™ Pharma-Grade Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …accurate fluid transfers with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Pharma-Grade Platinum-Cured Silicone Tubing for Peristaltic Pumpsis.This flexible, durable high-purity translucent tubing is designed for a variety of pump and transfer applications, including pharmaceutical, laboratory and…

  • 180 Clear Plastic PVC Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ 180 Clear Plastic PVC Tubing, which resists hardening and discoloration from a wide range of chemicals. Manufactured from the highest-grade resins and special plasticizers, this tubing is available in 50, 100, 250 and 500' cases. Meets Food…

  • Silicone Rubber Tubing


    …cured silicone translucent tubing USP CLASS VI for medical, laboratory and pharmaceutical use Autoclavable, radiation sterilizable Thomas No. 0914P11 Peroxide cured silicone tubing. Assembly consists of 1.5m (5 ft.) section of silicone tubing with a wall thickness of 2.3mm,…

  • ESCO Medical Grade Tubing


    High quality non-toxic silicone tubing or medical, pharmaceutical and food applications Peroxide-cured tubing Full traceability via batch code information discretely laser etched along full length of tubing Tamper evident labeling on outer box Suitable for use with peristaltic pumps …

  • 890 FEP Tubing 1/8 X 3/16 X 1/32

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …Scientific™ Nalgene 890 polytetrafluoroethylene, fluorinated ethylene propylene tubing, resists most known chemicals at room temperature and offers high temperature resistance. Translucent and semi-rigid tubing is used for demanding lab applications such as: chromatography, trace metal…

  • Costar Microcentrifuge Tubes


    DNase/RNase-free External graduations and frosted writing spot for easy sample identification Flat cap surface for convenient labeling Withstands maximum RCF of 17,000 x g Costar microcentrifuge tubes are certified RNase-/DNase-free and are autoclavable. The tubes are made of polypropylene.

  • Tygon Sanitary Silicone Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    …fluid flow Meets USP Class VI, FDA and NSF criteria Tubing improves fluid flow characteristics by reducing surface area and lowering adsorption of fluids to the tubing wall. Dimensions are listed as i.d x o.d. x wall thickness in inches. Tubing is supplied in 50’ (15.25 m) lengths.

  • Tubing, Tygon


    Chemical-resistant, Formula R-3603 Tygon tubing with flex strength greater than rubber. Unaffected by oxidizing agents and compatible with virtually any laboratory chemical. Bends readily to sharp radius curves and will maintain strong grip on glass or metal. Highly polished bore prevents interior…

  • 689 Polypropylene Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    3/8" I.D. x 1/2" O.D. x 1/16" Wall Max. Press. psig at 73°F; 23°C : 194 Max. Press. psig at 125°F; 52°C: 97 100 feet per case Food-Grade materials comply with 21 CFR 177.1520. for food packaging. Translucent. Excellent chemical resistance to many acids and alkalies. Unaffected by most…

  • Centrifuge Tubes

    MTC Bio

    …15mL and 50mL centrifuge tubes are made of premium polypropylene for clarity and centrifugal strength. Tubes and caps may be frozen at temperatures as low as -86°C. The maximum centrifugal force is 12,000xg for the 15ml tubes and 15,000xg for the 50 ml tubes*. Caps have a flat top surface…

  • Polypropylene Y-Shape Tubing Connectors

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    CLEARANCE SALE! Original Price: $68.68 With ringed divergent arms for attachment of tubing Autoclavable Outer diameter of arms is given in listings. * Sale price valid only on current stock. Additional units may be available for purchase at original price.…

  • Closure / Stem / Drwtube, 24mm

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Stem & Draw Tube Closure Applicable with Nalge # 2401-0125 & 2401-0250

  • Monoject™ Red Stopper Blood Collection Tubes


    Silicone coated tube indicates that the interior surface of the Monoject™ Blood Collection Tube has been coated with a water soluble silicone material. Sterilization applies to the tube and stopper interior only, and not to the outside of the tube or to the packaging. Tubes are sterilized by…

  • Safe-Lab® Joint Tubing Adapters

    Bel-Art Products

    …glass tubing to be adjusted as required. An O-ring on the taper provides best sealing and the threaded polypropylene extracting nut ensures effortless removal. NOT autoclavable Safely and securely positions glass tubing in a 24/40 joint. Available for 8 and 10mm diameter glass tubing

  • Low-Density Polyethylene Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …8010 Translucent; non-contaminating Less flexible than vinyl tubing, but with superior chemical resistance Tubing has sufficient flexibility and resilience to make a tight joint on glass or metal tubing; attachment is made easier if end is first softened by dipping into boiling…

  • Dbht-Simd 5m, 0.53mm, 0.15um

    Agilent Technologies

    100% Dimethylpolysiloxane “Boiling point” phase for high temperature simulated distillation Durable stainless steel tubing 430°C upper temperature limit Distillation range of C6 to C110 Low bleed - even at 430°C Bonded and cross-linked Solvent…

  • Sample Tube


    Tube made of polypropylene / Cap made of polyethylene Conical bottom tubes with self-standing base graduated from 10 to 30 ml and 10 to 50 ml respectively in 5 ml increments. Chemically resistant and shatterproof, they are supplied with a leakproof screw cap, particularly important when…

  • Teflon® 890 FEP Tubing

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Teflon FEP fluoropolymer tubing for applications involving aggressive chemicals or when high purity is required Excellent for use with acids, bases, solvents, fuels Ideal for trace-element work Non-cytotoxic and non-contaminating Teflon® FEP has an operating temperature range of -75°C to…

  • CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Tubes

    Greiner Bio-One

    CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Tubes are made of high-grade polystyrene and are available with screw cap, bayonet cap or two-position vent stopper.

  • Thomas® Culture Tubes


    Tubes can be used for almost any laboratory procedure. They are chemically free and biologically inert. These tubes are precision molded from premium grade materials and checked under strict quality guidelines, which provide continued lot-to-lot uniformity and reliable performance. All sterile tubes

  • Tubing Pe190 36In Sterile 12 Pk


  • Test Tube Brushes

    Allied K&R

    For safe, thorough cleaning of test tubes and narrow mouth glassware Of white animal bristle with tufted end, on sturdy galvanized iron wire 1927G60 brush is suitable for test tubes 12 to 18 mm o.d.; 1927K15 brush is suitable for test tubes 18 to 25 mm o.d.

  • ID Viton Tubing, Black


    ID Viton Tubing

  • Tubing, Polypropylene

    Ace Glass

    Polypropylene tubing used to make connection between pressure source and 12517 Quick disconnect on side of Pressure Manifold and between other side of manifold the Pressure Reactor. Sold in 100' coil.

  • Tygon S3™ E-3603 Laboratory Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    …Laboratory Tubing Most consistently reliable tubing for laboratory applications Outstanding chemical resistance; non-oxidizing and non-contaminating Lot-to-lot consistency for reproducible results Smooth, polished inner wall The Only Choice for Phthalate-free Tubing

  • L/S Precision C-Flex® Pump Tubing for Masterflex L/S Pumps


    …biocompatibility of silicone with chemical resistance similar to Tygon® Very low protein binding Heat sealable, weldable Economical tubing Applications: General-purpose lab uses requiring high performance and long life. Characteristics: Exceptional tensile and tear…

  • Kim-Kap Test Tube Caps


    Polypropylene closure Autoclavable Natural For use with the KIM-RAK or other disposable culture tubes.

  • Thomas Culture Tubes


    Tubes can be used for almost any laboratory procedure. They are chemically free and biologically inert. These tubes are precision molded from premium grade materials and checked under strict quality guidelines, which provide continued lot-to-lot uniformity and reliable performance. All sterile tubes

  • PTFE Tubing


    Ideal for mobile phase inlet lines Chemically inert Use to 500 psi (3,447 kPa) and 80°C

  • Tubing Intramedic Sterile In 023X038


  • Versilic High Strength Silicone Tubing

    Saint Gobain

    …durable for long lifespan Odor free Meets FDA 21CFR Part 117.2600 Criteria for food and beverage handling Peroxide-cured silicone tubing is designed for use in applications where flexibility, resiliency and durability are required. The smooth inner surface reduces particulate…

  • Thomas® Centrifuge Tubes


    …RCF is 12,000 (g) for both 15ml and 50ml tubes. Temperature range is -80°C to 120°C. Thomas® 15ml and 50ml tubes are available in convenient 300 per case size in foam racks or bulk packaged in sterile re-sealable (zip closure) bags. Tubes are gamma irradiation sterilized, RNase-free,…

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