Tubes With Anticoagulant

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Tubes With Anticoagulant
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  • tubes fill rapidly without affecting specimen integrity. The tubes are available plain or with an anticoagulant (sodium or ammonium heparin) that keeps the blood from clotting. All of the tubes have color coded ends to easily identify the plain and heparin treated tubes. Types of Tubes

  • Indomethacin is a COX inhibitor that prevents ex vivo TXB2 formation and other PGs that can not be prevented using anticoagulant alone. The samples have to be transferred in indomethacin sampling tubes as soon as possible after blood collection.

  • …Vacutainer® PST™ Lithium Heparin Tubes eliminate the need to wait for a clot to form, making it an ideal tube for STAT procedures, as well as for patients receiving anticoagulant therapy. They provide the convenience of gel separation with the added advantage of improved turnaround time.

  • tubes: The inner wall of VACUETTE® EDTA tubes is coated with spray-dried K2EDTA or K3EDTA. EDTA acts as an anticoagulant, binding the calcium ions and interrupting the clotting cascade. These tubes are used primarily in haematology. K2EDTA with separator gel: VACUETTE® K2EDTA tubes with

  • …Collection Tubes made out of virtually unbreakable PET plastic have set the standard on today‘s market. They provide improved safety and hygiene during specimen collection procedures with the advantage of being as clear as glass. Most VACUETTE® Blood Collection Tubes contain chemical…

  • …acts as an anticoagulant, and blocks the clotting cascade. VACUETTE® heparin separator tubes contain an inert separator gel on the base of the tube which, after centrifugation, forms a stable barrier between the plasma and the blood cells. VACUETTE® heparin tubes with separator gel…

  • …micropipets, plus one 15" aspirator tube are supplied in a conveniently designed, easy-to-store cylinder. Color: Purple Size (μL): 75 Fire polished Accuracy of ±0.5% Color coded Micropipets with sizes imprinted Anticoagulant treatment for clinical applications…

  • OncoQuick®

    Greiner Bio-One

    …and costeffective) with recovery rates that are comparable with immunobead methods. OncoQuick® consists of a sterile 50 ml polypropylene tube with a porous barrier which is inserted above the specially developed separation medium. Up to 30 ml of anticoagulated whole blood is directly…

  • …genomic DNA from variable amounts of fresh and frozen whole blood treated with common anticoagulants such as citrate, EDTA, and heparin. Buffy coat or cultured cell samples can also be used with this kit. The single tube procedure reduces plasticware consumption and potential cross contamination.…

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