Tripod Stand

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Tripod Stand
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  • Tripod Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    Cast iron ring with black enamel finish. Detachable zinc plated legs. Legs are interchangeable.

  • Cast Iron Tripod Stands

    United Scientific Supplies

    Cast iron ring with black enamel finish. Detachable zinc plated legs. Legs are interchangeable, features removeable rings with 3.5", 4.75", 6.5" Ring O.D., 9" Height.

  • Tripod Burner Stands

    GSC International, Inc.

    Burner tri-pod with cast iron ring and nickel plated threaded legs. Sold individually.

  • Base is made of cast iron with a baked black finish. Rod is 10mm O.D. x 600mm (24 ". Available in two sizes.

  • Support Stand

    Ace Glass

    Tripod support for bottom of Ion-exchange columns. Metal support has hole large enough for end fitting to pass through so that shoulder of column rests on plate. Column should also be stabilized with a clamp such as 11079. For use only with 100mm and 150mm diameter columns. Height, 14".

  • Sturdy Tripods featuring adjustable openings through the use of detachable rings.

  • quick-ship Distillation Apparatus

    GSC International, Inc.

    …with coil for greater cooling surface - 250mm, Flat Bottom Boiling Flask, Drip Tip Adapter, Erlenmeyer Flask - 500ml, Support Stand, Burette Clamp, Tripod Stand and Wire Gauze (the lab jack is not included). 4005-DT is used as a connector to jointed flask or a replacement part for the Distillation…

  • …research grade components Includes: (1) base, (1) rod, (1) beaker tong, (1) crucible tong, (1) tripod stand, (1) wire gauge, (1) boss head, (1) clamp, (1) retort ring with boss head, (1) burette clamp double, (1) test tube holder, (1) test tube stand (z-shape), (1) test tube brush- spatula

  • quick-ship Sound Meter, OSHA Req.

    Sper Scientific

    …system AC or DC output and peak function Display has a resolution of 0.1 dB and indicates low battery and over/under load. Has a foldout tripod stand and comes with carrying case, instructions, calibration tool and 9 V battery. Covers 30 to 130 dB in A scale and 35 to 130 dB in C scale, with…

  • …chamber housing allows easy viewing of small laboratory animals. System includes a stainless steel floor grid, fecal/urinary separator, metal tripod stand, vinyl sealing tape and two gas nipples for special gas atmospheric set-up. Level 2 Chambers (1111H37, H39, H41) A more sophisticated design…

  • quick-ship Deluxe Chemistry Hardware Assortment

    United Scientific Supplies

    …(1), Test Tube Clamp (1), Test Tube Rack, 2-tier, wooden (1), Tongs, Crucible (1), Triangle, Clay Pipe (1), Tripod Stand, 6 inch (1), Stirring Rod, Glass, pk/12 (1), Support Stand, with 18" Rod (1), Support Ring, 3" O.D. with clamp (3), Test Paper, Litmus, Blue (1), Test Paper, Litmus,…

  • Distillation Apparatus Student Set

    GSC International, Inc.

    …(#30721) 1 Flat Bottom Boiling Flask, 500ml (#FFB500) 1 Erlenmeyer Flask, 500ml (#EF500) 1 Burette Clamp (#4-BC37) 1 Support Stand (#4-SSA55) 1 Burner Tripod (#4-BT52) 1 Wire Gauze with a ceramic center (#4000-1) 1 Kjeldahl Bulb with Stoppers (#400-2-K-S) PRODUCT WARNINGS …

  • Ford Viscosity Cups


    …for leveling cup and stand, a stainless steel beaker and a package of cleaning swabs. Ranges (in centistokes): Cup #2: 25-120; Cup #3: 37-231; Cup #4: 70-370. All cups conform to ASTM Standards D 333, D 365 and D 1200. Waterbath Stand Adjustable tripod legs Built-in cooling…


    United Scientific Supplies

    …following Contents: Beaker Tongs, Burette Clamp, Burner Tripod, 3" ring, 9" legs, Mohr's Pinchcock Clamp, Clamp Holder, Right Angle, Clay Pipe Triangle, 2", Crucible Tongs, Nickel-plated Steel, 9" Ring Support with Clamp, 4", Support Stand with Rod, 5" x 8" / 24" rod, Test Tube Rack, Plastic, holds…

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