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  • Secondary Containment Trays

    Scientific Plastics

    …a part of every lab Chemical Hygiene Program. Laboratory spill trays are a minimum 3/16” thick, one piece stress free, virgin polyethylene with smooth interior walls and coved corners for easy cleaning. Trays conform to ASTM #1412 for corrosion resistance, and provide secondary…

  • Regular Mayo-Style Instrument Trays

    Medegen Medical Products

    Sterilizable products can withstand Temperature up to 275°F (135°C), Steam Sterilization.

  • Polypropylene Laboratory Tray

    United Scientific Supplies

    Multipurpose Polypropylene molded trays can be used for sterilizing, drying glassware, porcelain ware, and other laboratory supplies. These steam autoclavable trays have tapered walls designed for nesting.

  • Autoclavable Polypropylene Utility Trays

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Heavy-duty for repeated autoclaving of small instruments and labware With tapered sides, rounded corners and strong rims Stackable

  • Polyethylene Utility Trays

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    High-density polyethylene with rim, carrying handles and tapered walls for nesting 9472B30: 10 quart capacity 9472B40: 15 quart capacity Listings show length x width x depth in inches.

  • HDPE & Polypropylene Trays

    Starplex Scientific

    1177F56 - Made with Polypropylene W 27.9 cm x L 39 cm x D 7.1 cm 1177F57 -  Made with HDPE W 27.9 cm x L 39.05 cm x D 11.11 cm 1177F58 -  Made with HDPE & PP W 27.9 cm x L 39.05 cm x D 13.49 cm 1177F59 -  Made with Polypropylene W 12.8 cm x…

  • Scintillation Vial Tray

    Bel-Art Products

    Scintillation Vial tray protects and organizes. Measures 36 x 43 cm (14 x 17"). Molded from polystyrene for lightweight and easy cleaning. Sized to fit in standard lab bench drawers.

  • Utility Tray, Low-Density Polyethylene


    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 15.625x12.25x5.562in Utility Pan. Molded of low-density Polyethylene. Extra sturdy with carrying handles on both ends. Dimensions: 14 1/2" x 12" x 6 1/4" deep.

  • Storage Trays, 16L x 12H x 4W

    Shirley K's

    Shirley K's is a leading supplier of multiple purpose plastic storage trays nationwide. Our trays are designed specifically with storage needs in mind. The durable and functional design makes these trays ideal for a variety of uses. Made of sturdy high-impact polystyrene with a high gloss finish…

  • Utility Trays

    Polarware Company

    Stainless steel trays Rounded corners, slightly tapered sides and flared rims Models 9471M29, M43 and M61 trays are shallow type Covers are flat with skirted perimeter and handle mounted flush with top except for 9471M76 and M94 which are domed with raised handles. Covers are not available for…

  • Tray, High Impact


    Useful for the transport and benchtop storage of vials, bottles, containers, instruments and various laboratory accessories. Made of food grade high impact polystyrene. Very durable.

  • Scienceware® Antibody Saver Trays

    Bel-Art Products

    …incubations by using an optimally sized tray. Polypropylene plastic trays are available for popular midi and mini gels Stackable, reclosable, reusable, and autoclavable All trays include an attached lid to protect against spillage Single lane trays are supplied as a group of five…

  • Drawer/Ganizer® Pipette / Column Tray

    Spectrum Med

    Organizer Tray, Pipettes & Columns, Portable, Drawer/Ganizer, Large size (49x44x4cm) with 6 compartments (42x7cm), 1/8” heavy-duty polystyrene, transport & storage of long slender items or secondary containment for liquid safety

  • Tray Std Gg-16 Series

    Medegen Medical Products

    Tray w/Squared Corners, Standard Gauge Steam Sterilization Products can withstand Temperature up to 275°F(135°C)

  • Autoclavable Deep Totes


    Tough 12 liter autoclavable polypropylene tray for a variety of uses. Can hold 18 x 500mL or 12 x 1 liter bottles. Tapered and stackable to save storage space. Product Dimensions (l x w x h): 20 x 13.8 x 4.1"

  • Scienceware® Autoclavable Polypropylene Trays with Cover

    Bel-Art Products

    With slightly tapered sides Cover has recessed bottom that extends approximately 11 mm into tray Listings indicate length x width at bottom x usable depth Excellent for storing, transport and sterilization of instruments Autoclavable

  • Scienceware® General Purpose Trays

    Bel-Art Products

    Available with and without faucet Molded low-density polyethylene Rugged, long-lasting and corrosion-resistant Heavy walls and wide, top flanges Can withstand temperatures up to 77°C (171°F) Faucet models feature a needle type polyethylene faucet with 12.7cm (1/2")…

  • Utility Trays

    Bel-Art Products

    Straight sided, heavy duty trays are made of polypropylene plastic. Resistant to temperatures up to 135ºC (274ºF) Autoclavable

  • Scienceware® Processing Trays

    Bel-Art Products

    Use for staining, blot analysis and developing films Lightweight polystyrene Cross bars and ribs for rigidity Wide rims and corner spout facilitate pouring

  • Multipurpose Polypropylene Trays

    Bel-Art Products

    These large capacity, rugged polypropylene plastic trays have multiple uses around the laboratory. Substantial depth and 8.5 liter (9 quart) volume makes them useful for holding a large quantity of samples in a water bath or on ice Ideal for holding instruments while autoclaving; steam…

  • Trays, Polypropylene


    Trays, polypropylene. Heavy trays fabricated with 3/16" thick polypropylene. All welded construction. Trays can be customized with spigots and covers which are fabricated to order. Additional sizes and materials are available upon request.

  • Trays, High-Density Polyethylene


    Developing flat bottom dishes. Dishes come in different sizes for various size prints. Made of white high-density polyethylene (HDPE) All dishes have pouring lips, except for 1217C45, 1217C46 and 1217C47 Easily cleaned Standard photographic paper

  • Tray, 21 3/4 X 25 3/4 X 3 1/2


    Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 25.75x21.75x3.5in Dishes, developing flat bottom white high-density polyethylene for 18 x 22 prints . Easily cleaned Standard photographic paper    

  • 8-Place Compartment Trays

    Shirley K's

    …and pin trays are designed to organize items for the home, office or classroom. Store them on tabletops or in desk drawers, cabinets and closets for convenient organization. Our compartment trays are available in 3 useful models offering 3, 8 and 20 compartments. 8-Place trays are 19L x…

  • Tray Std Gg 1 3/4Qt

    Medegen Medical Products

    Stainless steel instrument trays have easy-to-clean rounded corners and a flat bottom for secure placement. Corrosion resistant stainless-steel Seamless with rounded corners Size: 10L x 6.5W x 2 in. H (26 x 17 x 5.2cm) NSA Approved (National Sanitation Foundation) …

  • DrainRack™ for Microscope Slides


    Made of high impact polystyrene This rugged tray used as a drain rack can hold up to 200 microscope slides in 100 individual numbered slots. All slides are stored upright for easier insertion and removal. Simply tilt them forward and backward with one finger to easily and rapidly pick up the…

  • Pipet Calibration Kit

    VistaLab Technologies

    …each of 4 standard solutions for preparing calibration curves, one 12 mL vial each of 3 calibration dyes, 30 cuvettes containing pre-measured amounts of diluent, 120 pressure-sensitive adhesive labels and a 12" ruler. In 317 x 203 x 27 mm high molded plastic tray, which is used as work station.

  • PYREX Glass Trays


    Heavy wall Tray dimensions shown are top length x top width x depth, in inches Flat-bottom PYREX; ideal for staining, drying or developing gels Thinner-wall version of the 9473N30 Tray Autoclavable to 121°C (250°F) Available in four sizes

  • Secondary Containers

    Foxx Life Sciences

    Foxx Life Sciences’ Secondary Containers are a perfect solution for preventing leakage and spillage from Foxx Life Sciences EZwaste® Solvent Waste System containers. Made from HDPE material, these containers are built to be tough and durable. Our Secondary Containers have the ability to…

  • ASTM Testing Screen Trays

    Gilson Co. Inc.

    …series screen trays that extends the useful life of the primary cloth. Replacement Cloth sections ready for installation are available in ASTM E11 sizes, and Blank Trays can be ordered to replace trays with damaged frames. Users requiring traceable documentation of screen tray conformance can…

  • Scienceware® Sterilizing Trays and Covers

    Bel-Art Products

    Lightweight, corrosion proof Molded polypropylene with rounded corners and smooth tapered sides for nesting Ideal for sterilizing instruments, bottles containing agar, deionized water and saline, along with other reagents Safely clean glassware Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)

  • Sterilizing Tray with Cover

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Autoclavable polypropylene, with tapered sides Cover has hand grip at center; skirted edges fit into groove molded into flanged top of pan Can be stacked when cover is in place Dimensions shown are length x width x depth.

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