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  • Tourniquet Straps

    Hygenic Corporation

    Hygenic® latex tourniquet straps are manufactured to the highest quality standards for use in hospitals and clinics. These disposable straps are tear resistant, slip resistant and smooth to the touch Made of latex for flexibility and patient comfort Natural amber color …

  • Vacutainer® Stretch Latex-Free Tourniquet


    Concerned about latex sensitivity? The BD Vacutainer® Stretch Latex-Free Tourniquet is ideal for practitioners and facilities that want to eliminate latex from their healthcare products. This free-of-latex tourniquet will not cause a latex-induced allergic reaction in latex-sensitive patients or…

  • Dukal Dawnmist Tourniquet

    Dukal Corporation

    100% natural latex used for constricting or compression. Low powder content. High tensile and tear strength. Convenient packaging designed for kit assembly and resale. Latex free tourniquets feel like latex, are hypoallergenic, and have superior strength.

  • Pro Advantage® Tourniquet

    Pro Advantage

    White, 1 x 18 inch latex-free elastic straps used to help restrict blood flow. Disposable to reduce cross contamination and infections between patients and healthcare providers. Latex-free. Tear resistant. Textured for non-slip performance. Individually rolled and banded. Easily tied and untied.…

  • Hygenic Hysynal® Synthetic Rubber Disposable Tourniquet Straps

    Hygenic Corporation

    Light blue. Non-latex. Latex protein free. 25 tourniquets per reel. Perforated every 18" for easy dispensing

  • Tech-Med Tourniquets

    Dukal Corporation

  • X-Tourn™ Tourniquets


    High-quality disposable tourniquets that will not rope or curl when being used, so you can rely on the performance of every one. Latex free, no rubber proteins, resins or fatty acids that can produce hypersensitive reactions. Made from supple and smooth polyisoprene Less abrasive than other…

  • Latex Free Tourniquets


    Non-latex tourniquets Individually rolled andbanded Packaging designed for kit assembly

  • Nutramax Esmark Bandages

    Dukal Corporation

    For exsanguination of a limb prior to tourniquet application. High quality latex free rubber provides uniformed response along the length and width of the bandage. Durable and tear-resistant. Latex free.

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