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Titration Stand
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  • G20S Compact Titrator

    Mettler Toledo

    Simple and Secure One Click® Titration The Routine Potentiometric G20S titrator combines fast and precise potentiometric titration analysis with simple operation. With its easy-to-use interface and space saving design, it is the optimal choice for your daily routine analysis. …

  • Automatic Titrating Burette


    …aid in the laboratory, electroplating industry, water treatment plants, for field analyses, etc. Precise dosing using the press button, exact fine titration with the micro-screw and precise discharge jet. Graduation according to Category B (Tolerances according to DIN EN ISO 385). Adjusted for…

  • Splinter-Proof Titrating Burette


    …dosing and exact fine titration with the press button or micro-screw and precise discharge through the discharge jet. Burette with splinter-proof sheathing Adjusted to Ex Burette made of borosilicate glass 3.3 Shatter-proof, resistant to chemicals Sturdy stand Precise discharge…

  • 2 Hole Support Stands with Rods

    United Scientific Supplies

    These stamped steel bases feature 2 tapped holes for the rods. Hole at the center of the shorter side is for standard ring stand use. Hole at the center of the longer side is for titrations, specific gravity determinations, etc. Each base includes a zinc plated steel rod.

  • Automatic Self Zeroing Titrating Burettes


    …with Category B (tolerances according to DIN ISO 385); no stopcock; exact dispensing via spring activated discharge jet or drop via micro screw; left or right hand operation for ease of use; sturdy & easily removable support stand; includes 500mL LDPE chemically resistent squeeze bottle.

  • TitraStir Stir Plate


    The Digital Titrator can be hand-held, or you can attach it to this convenient laboratory stand. The TitraStir Titration Stand is a single-speed, magnetic stirring plate with a built-in support rod and custom holder for the Digital Titrator. Titration flasks rest on a white disc, so color changes…

  • Accessories for TitroLine® & TITRONIC®


    …1165W37 Adapterbox, for the connection of the old manual controller TZ 3680 at the new titration devices. Thomas No. 1165W38 Stand rod holder, for TM 50. Thomas No. 1165W39 Titration stand, without stirring function. For TZ 3885. As option for magnetic stirrer TM 50. …

  • TitroLine® 5000


    …for a very easy-to-use automatic titrator for any application. A special training or a deeper knowledge of automatic titration was not necessary to get precise and quick results. That and much more is exactly what the new TitroLine® 5000 stands for: High resolution pH/mV-measurement…

  • Aquatest 1010 KF Moisture Analyzers


    The Aquatest moisture analyzers, Aquatest 1010 and Aquatest 2010 provide rapid, accurate convenient low level moisture analysis from low ppm range to pure water. The Aquatest 1010 is available with regular or diaphramless generator cells, using both new single part pyridine as well as…

  • Rabbit Anti-Thyroxine BSA Serum

    MP Biomedicals

    L-Thyroxine-BSA polyclonal antibody is used for radioimmunoassays. Reconstitute with 1.0 mL of distilled water and let stand for 30 minutes at room temperature. 1:1,000 (using 0.1 mL/assay) It is recommended that each lab obtain their own optimum working dilution by titration assay.

  • Automatic Zero Reservoir Burets

    Wilmad LabGlass

    …reservoir to buret top Delivery tube with 2 mm bore stopcock extends beyond reservoir 2001F10, 15 and 20 Burets provide 7 inches clearance for titration vessel and 2001G50 Buret provides 8 7/8 inch clearance 2001F10 Buret has a 500 mL reservoir with No. 9 stopper; 2001F15 Buret has a 500 mL…

  • Alarm Timer Stopwatch


    …setting time faster than units with up/down buttons. Magnetic back allows timer to be placed on incubators, titrators and most lab equipment. It also features a flip-open easel for standing on the lab bench, a spring fastener for clipping to a lab coat and a hold for a lanyard. 2-year continuous-use…

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