Tissue Culture Flask And Phenolic Cap

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Tissue Culture Flask And Phenolic Cap
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  • …Canted neck for easy access to growth surface. A choice of phenolic style caps, plug seal caps and vented caps for sterile gas exchange. The 75 cm 2 canted neck tissue culture flask has a wide mouth for easy pipet access. All flasks are individually pressure tested and treated for optimum cell…

  • …cell culture surface may eliminate the need to use poly-D-lysine or other coatings to improve cell attachment. Three styles of caps are available: Plug Seal (Plug), Phenolic-Style (PS) and Vent Cap (Vent). Vent caps contain a 0.2 µm non-wettable membrane sealed to the cap, providing…

  • …stability provided by a unique horizontal skirt and wide base. Have full scale increments on two sides, integrated writing surface, built-in horizontal stacking ribs and neck support. 9381M06 Flask has a black phenolic screw cap; 9381M08 Flask has a blue plug seal cap. Packaged in sleeves of five.

  • …150 cm 2 flask is shorter in height and has a wider diameter opening than its rectangular counterpart, allowing for better access with cell scrapers and serological pipets. Three styles of caps are available: Plug Seal (Plug), Phenolic-Style (PS) and Vent Cap (Vent). Vent caps contain a…

  • …cell growth. Construction permits stacking flat. Flask thickness 50 mm; neck i.d. 26 mm. 9381L35 Flask includes 2-position plug seal screw cap which permits vented incubation when partially tightened; 9381L45 Flask includes phenolic screw cap with rubber liner. Packaged in sleeves of 5; case…

  • …prevent flasks from tipping. Two-position, plug-seal cap lessens chances of contamination; closed position for air-tight conditions and “open” position for free exchange of gases. Indicator on cap eliminates guesswork for positioning cap during incubation. 9381K40 has black phenolic cap;

  • …volume 175 cm 2 angled neck cell culture flasks improve pipette access and reduce medium sloshing into the neck.  Manufactured from optically clear virgin polystyrene, they are sterilized by gamma irradiation and certified nonpyrogenic. Flasks are100% integrity tested and feature…

  • Plastic Screw Caps With Rubber Liner

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Deep form, of black phenolic resin with cemented rubber liner. As supplied with 4893D11 series Flasks and 9210E23 series Test Tubes. Can be autoclaved for 20 minute periods at 121°C. Rubber liners have been found to be satisfactory for tissue culutre. Cap size shown is GPI thread finish.

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