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  • …Gel-Loading Tips with Capillary Ends: Available in three different orifice configurations- 0.5 mm round, 0.4 mm flat and 0.2 mm flat- Costar gel-loading tips cover a wide range of applications. Tips are also available in "ultra-micro" versions for use with 2 µL and 10 µL pipettors. Tip

  • ART Aerosol Containment Tips Eliminates cross-contamination Designed for use in genetic studies, DNA work, tissue culture and radioactive sampling Sterilized by electron beam radiation Precisely molded ART (aerosol resistant tips) have a hydrophobic, self-sealing barrier that reduces the…

  • Relead Tips


    …Neo Discovery Comfort Pro Labmate Axypet Rainin classic Rainin XLS Nichiryo Nichipet Nichiryo Benchmate Socorex Accura VWR Signature VWR UHP Finpipette Capp Unipet Eppendorf Research *** These tips are not compatible with Rainin LTS pipettes ***

  • …contamination by aerosols, drops and splashes ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. filter tips are filter tips with a two-phase filter for contamination protection. The two filter layers made of flexible, hydrophobic material, fit perfectly in the tip cone and retain practically 100 % of all aerosols 1) …

  • Optifit Tips

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    …RNase and endotoxins per each tip lot. Pre-sterilised tips are also available for the purest laboratory work. Sartorius offers a selection of pipette tips, extended and large volume tips, for special needs. Environment friendly materials used in tips, trays and racks are 100% recyclable…

  • MLA Pipettor Tips

    VistaLab Technologies

    … Non-sterile only – 200 tips/layer Stacked Rack - 7735C10, 7735C15 200 tips/layer 5 layers for Small tips 3 layers for Large tips Stacked Rack - 7735C70, 7735C75 Trace Metal Certified 200 tips/layer 5 layers for Small tips 3 layers for Large tips

  • Extended Tips


    Extended Tips Reach the Samples Better! Pipetting samples from narrow and long tubes without contaminating the pipette can be challenging. New Sartorius Extended tips will guarantee easier reach to wide variety of tubes and vessels. Color-coding of the tip racks ensures easy matching…

  • Vistalab Tips

    VistaLab Technologies

    VistaLab tips are recommended to maximize performance and benefits of Ovation and MLA pipettes. VistaLab tips provide a perfect fit and are available in a variety of volume sizes and packaging configurations.

  • Premium Standard Pipettor Tips

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    … Standard tips are made of premium-grade virgin polypropylene. Tips are available in single trays, bulk packages or space-saving refill system. All are autoclavable at 121°C for 20 min. Electron beam pre-sterilized tips in boxes are also available. Refill system features tip trays that are…

  • Pipettor Tips

    Bio Plas

    …Octapette® and most other multi-channel pipettors. Load 4, 8 or 12 tips in one stroke without touching tips. Seal between tip and pipettor is airtight, allowing maximum fluid retention for accurate results. Tips have super-smooth bore for total liquid delivery. Also suitable for use…

  • … Packaged sterile Corning® IsoTip™ Filtered Tips feature an inert, hydrophobic bonded-fiber barrier that prevents aerosolized contaminants from coming in contact with pipettor shafts. Filtered Tips are suitable for applications where avoidance of cross contamination…

  • Pipette Tips

    NEST Scientific USA

    Nest Pipette Tips are ultra-clear and universal fit to most pipettes. Made from 100% polypropylene, low-retention plastic, these tips ensure accurate sample results during liquid handling. The Nest Pipette Tip line is packaged Rnase/Dnase, pyrogen free. Choose the right size for your research:…

  • Protects against carryover contamination Extended tip length Aerosol Resistant Tips Four sizes Line of Reach ART (Aerosol Resistant Tips) pipettor tips provides an extra level of contamination control. ART tips have a self-sealing barrier that seals when exposed to aerosol and…

  • Pipet Tips

    Evergreen Scientific

    tips are made to meet or exceed the specifications set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. We guarantee it. Our tips are bevelled, not flat, so liquid is delivered more accurately. Only premium-grade, non-wettable plastics are used in the manufacture of Evergreen’s pipet tips.

  • Extra long for precise filling of microcapillaries These unique tips are ideally suited to fill microcapillaries used for microinjection. The extremely long, fine and flexible tip provides also the ideal solution for all kind of applications in which additional reach is needed while pipetting…

  • GELoader® Tips


    …and narrow tips prevent the gels from being damaged whilst allowing optimal handling of smallest volumes. Features Special tip for gel electrophoresis, loading of polyacrylamide gels Flexible long and narrow tips for handling of smallest volumes GELoader tips and rack autoclavable…

  • …easy tip identification Operated easily with one hand Helps to reduce waste by 80% Tips are shielded from the environment and user handling Contains all the technological advantages of Biotix® Tips including FlexFit® X-Resin® and Blade® All Biotix® tips are…

  • Racked Pre-sterilized 0.5 -10 µL MicroVolume filter tips come in MaxyClear color. Tips feature MAXYmum Recovery design and fit many pipettors.

  • Sharp Elite™ Low-Retention Tips

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Sharp Elite™ Pipet Tips provide the next generation of precision and convenience. Designed to precisely fit most universal pipettors, Sharp Elite™ tips deliver unmatched accuracy for your research needs. Tip Features include: Ultralow retention resin maximizes your sample…

  • All UniFit Tips are molded from Zero-Fluid-Retention polypropylene resin Homopolymer PP plastic is ADC/bovine-free Tips fit all single and multi-channel pipettors Beveled orifices for total sample recovery RNase-, DNase-free All MiniRacks and Lids are molded exclusively of…

  • …Other Leading Pipettors Low retention polymer technology Universal fit tips Clear, metal free RNase & DNase free Longer XL-10µl and 1000µl tips reach bottoms of tubes These tips are the latest in low retention polymer technology and come to an extra fine point…

  • National Blast Burner Tips

    National Keystone

    Type N tips are used with compressed air Type OX tips are used with oxygen

  • Robotics Tips for use with Pro Group Wellpro-96.

  • SafetySpace™ Filter Tips

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    …and Refill Packs certified safe by lot number Pre-sterilized tips are e-beam irradiated SafetySpace Filter Tips have more space between the sample and the filter than conventional filter tips. With SafetySpace Filter Tips you do not need to worry about the sample touching the filter…

  • tips PURE™ tips are pre-sterilized 20 µL, 200 µL or 1000 µL liquid volumes SoftFit L tips deliver highly accurate samples, seal well on the pipettor and are easy to seat and eject. Frosted shoulders with the MBP logo make them easily identifiable for use on LTS style pipettors. Pure tips

  • Cleaning Tips


    Cleaning Tips 10/pack

  • Beveled tips in Yellow color.

  • Protects against solvents Eliminates carryover contamination problems SolventSafe tips feature a new ART (Aerosol Resistant Tips) formula with Folded Activated Carbon to provide pipettor and sample protection against destructive carryover aerosols and vapors from volatile organic solvents…

  • Gilson PIPETMAN® Tips are made with the highest grade, 100% pure virgin polypropylene, an inert plastic characterized by low retention and naturally hydrophobic properties. Gilson’s high-density polyethylene filter blocks small particles down to 1µm from entering your pipette, providing an…

  • … Low retention tips are for applications requiring high accuracy and reproducibility. The delivery of highly viscous liquids can be compromised by sample retention in the pipet tip. Low retention tips reduce sample retention by 3 to 5 times when compared with ordinary pipet tips. Tip is hydrophobic…



  • … Low retention polymer technology Universal fit tips Clear, metal free RNase & DNase free Longer XL-10µl and 1000µl tips reach bottoms of tubes These tips are the latest in low retention polymer technology and come to an…

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