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Thermometers Long Probe
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  • Thomas Traceable Long Stem And Extra Long Stem Digital Thermometers


    Chemical resistant probe Safer than mercury thermometers Large, bright LCD Switchable thermometers fit into cuvettes, test tubes, flasks and beakers. Stainless steel probe is resistant to most laboratory chemicals. Readings are updated every second. Operate continuously for over a year on a…

  • Traceable® XX Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer


    Traceable® Extra-Extra Long-Probe Waterproof Thermometer Features: Extra-long probe, 20 inches (0.5 meter) created for deep vessels Thermometer is ideal for placing in large beakers/flasks, vats, pails, and drums Applications include foods, pharmaceuticals, industrial plants …

  • H-B DURAC® High Temp Precision RTD Thermometer and Thermometer/Data Logger with…

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Used in temperature applications requiring precise and stable readings, this DURAC® RTD Thermometer and Thermometer / Data Logger captures and displays maximum/minimum temperatures for long term sample monitoring with 99 built in memory locations. The unit displays current or logged readings,…

  • Digital Thermometers, Hi-Temp, 8" Long Stainless Steel Stem


    8” Stainless Steel Stem w/Probe Cover NIST Traceable w/Certificate C/F Switchable Range: -50°/300°C -58°/572°F Resolution: -20° to 200° = 0.1°, outside range 1.0° Accuracy: ±1.0°C between -30° to 150°C SUPRA” model: …

  • Traceable Robo Thermometer


    …Readings are updated every second. Stainless-steel probe is resistant to most laboratory chemicals. Long stem allows the user to make measurements while stirring solutions. It is ideal for use in deep vessels. Replaces mercury thermometers Plastic and stainless-steel construction (no…

  • Digital Thermometers, 8" Long Stainless Steel Stem


    8” Stainless Steel Stem w/Probe Cover NIST Traceable w/Certificate C/F Switchable Range: -50°/150°C & -58°/302°F Resolution: 0.1° Accuracy: ±1.0°C between -20° to 120°C SUPRA model: ±0.2° & 0.5° @ Test…

  • Digi-Sense Economical Thermocouple Probe


    …cost probe General purpose Thermocouple probe PVC-insulated probes are ideal for quick readings in hard to reach areas. With exposed junctions, probes have a time constant of 3 seconds; response time is 15 seconds. Small diameter 24-gauge (0.020" dia) wire probes are 3-ft long. Probes

  • Thermistor Air Probe


    Thermistor air probe with extra-long cord length.

  • Traceable® Wireless Radio-Signal Refrigerator Thermometer


    …recognized as safe by US Food and Drug Administration Meets all CDC thermometer and vaccine thermometer requirements Data is updated every 30 seconds Minimum/Maximum memory allows monitoring conditions over short or long time periods Distinctive alarm sounds when temperature rises…

  • Digital Thermometer, Min/Max, 12" Long Stainless Steel Stem


    12” Stainless Steel Stem w/Probe Cover NIST Traceable w/Certificate Minimum/Maximum Recall Range: -50°/300°C Resolution: -20° to 200° = 0.1°, outside range 1.0° Accuracy: ±1.0°C between -30° to 150°C

  • Digital Pocket Thermometers

    Taylor Precision

    Economically priced thermometers have features found on more expensive instruments Wide temperature range Stainless steel probes 9329G00- Economically priced unit Temperature range: -58° to 302°F; resolution: 0.1°F (to 199.9°F) Has stainless steel stem for durability and compatibility.…

  • Traceable® Snap-In Module With Probe


    …memory Modules measures 1 1/2” x 2 7/16” x 1/2”. Probe diameter is 0.14” x 2 3/4” (including handle) and the cable is 10 feet long. Unit weight is 2 ounces. Thermometers are provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable® certificate…

  • Traceable® Big Digit Four-Alarm Thermometers


    …70°C Resolution is 0.1° Accuracy is ±1°C Maximum/minimum memory, probe/ambient readings Jumbo 1 1/8” high digits can be read from across the lab. Size is 4” x 4” x 5/8”. The external probe is 0.2” in diameter x 2/3” long. The waterproof cable measures 3 1/2 feet long. Unit weighs 4 1/4 ounces.

  • Digital Thermometers, 5" Long Stainless Steel Stem


    5” Stainless Steel Stem w/Probe Cover NIST Traceable w/Certificate C/F Switchable Range: -50°/150°C -58°/302°F Resolution: 0.1° Accuracy: ±1.0°C between -20° to 120°C SUPRA model: ±0.2° 0.5° @ Test Points

  • Traceable® Workhorse Thermometer


    Wide range Type-K Front-panel adjustable offset 0.1° resolution Type-K Workhorse Thermometer provides a sharp readout in dim and very bright light, long battery life (150 to 200 continuous hours), high accuracy, wide temperature range, and a new chip design. Type-K range is…

  • Traceable® Digital-Bottle™ Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer with min/max…


    …holder side to any surface. Digital-Bottle™ avoids mercury contamination Solid-state probe eliminates the difficulty encountered with mercury thermometer contamination. Probe is sealed in a miniature bottle filled with nontoxic glycol. Solution is GRAS (generally recognized as…

  • Thomas Traceable Radio-Signal Remote Thermometer


    …and external sensor. External sensor (3/16-inch dia. x 3/4-inch long) and 10-foot cable perform accurately even when both are under water. Switchable °F/°C range: –58.0 to 158.0°F (–50 to 70.0°C) probe, and –14.2 to 158.0°F (–9.9 to 70.0°C) ambient.…

  • TC Probe, Self-Adhesive, J


    Adheres to most surfaces; kapton-insulated wire and industrial adhesives for high temperature and long-term durability Use with any Oakton Digi-Sense and Acorn thermocouple thermometer Junction: grounded; 5 second response time 2 x 1 inch probe surface No nylon handle and 5 foot L wire

  • High-Temperature Type-K Beaded Probe


    Measures high temperatures 10 feet long Metal wire cable Ten-foot-long 0.19-inch diameter braided metal wire cable with smooth tip measures –73 to 982°C continuous or 1093°C short-term use. For use with all Type-K thermometers in liquids, air/gas, and semisolids.

  • Digital Thermometer, Min/Max, 8" Long Stainless Steel Stem


    8” Stainless Steel Stem w/Probe Cover NIST Traceable w/Certificate Minimum/Maximum Recall Range: -50°/300°C Resolution: -20° to 200° = 0.1°, outside range 1.0° Accuracy: ±1.0°C between -20° to 150°C

  • Thermocouple Probes


    …Type T: ideal for cryogenic and ambient, -418 to 752°F Most probes have 316 stainless steel sheaths. Economy probes have 1” long nylon handle and 3 ft. long straight PVC cable. All others have 5 1/2” long molded handles and a 5 ft. coiled cable. Time Constant is noted as T.C.…

  • RTD Probes


    …stability, and repeatability Use our RTD probes to measure temperature when accuracy is important. All probes include a 5-ft PVC coiled cord with strain relief that protects from repeated flexing and tugging. Ergonomic, easy-grip 5" long glass-filled nylon handle provides maximum heat…

  • Oven Thermometer Connected "iCARE"

    Alla France

    …and 6 preset meat categories Programming - Timer - History - LED monitor Delivered with two colored stainless steel probes Stainless steel piercing probe: 97mm ø4mm Silicone grip - cable: 150cm With hook In box, with instructions. range : -50+300°C / -58+572°F

  • Thermometer / Clock


    …mounting or “pop up” for table top use. Two strong magnets, mounted on back, secure unit firmly in place. Detachable probe is 8.5” long with curved neck that hooks over beaker, rack or vessel. Cable length is 3.5 feet. Includes replaceable AAA battery for one year “always…

  • Traceable® Memory Monitor Thermometer


    …is programmable in 1° increments. Visual and audible signals continue even if temperature returns to non-alarm range. Probe is 5/16 inch in diameter and 3/4-inch long. Ten-foot micro-cable permits refrigerator doors to close on it. Traceable to NIST for accuracy To assure accuracy an…

  • testo 104 Waterproof Food Thermometer


    The testo 104 waterproof food probe thermometer comes with a wide range of features including a strong foldable form factor, a rubber-coated anti-slip surface, color coded markers to prevent cross contaminiation, and a long, precise temperature probe that make it ideal for use in the food industry. …

  • Thomas Traceable Key Chain Thermometer


    …Accuracy is ±1° between -20° to 100°C Stainless steel probe is 1/2-inch diameter and 1” long. Overall dimensions are 3/4” diameter x 3 3/4” and weight is 1/2 ounce. Thermometers are provided with an individually serial numbered Traceable certificate from…

  • Traceable® Platinum Hi-Accuracy Refrigerator Thermometer


    …with bottle probe, 10 foot cable (patents pending)  1208T86:  Traceable® Platinum Hi-Accuracy Thermometer with minimum/maximum readings for last 24-hours, 7-days,  30-days with  probe (without bottle), probe is 5/16” in diameter x ¾-inch long, 10 foot cable…

  • Traceable® Jumbo Display Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer


    thermometer requirements. Triple display simultaneously shows maximum, minimum, and current temperatures for either probe or ambient sensor. Min/Max monitors high/low readings overnight, on weekends, or for any time period—a significant advantage over current reading-only glass thermometers.

  • Compact NSF Certified Temperature Indicator


    The TM26 is an NSF certified Temperature Indicator with long stainless steel penetration probe for measuring in liquids, pastes, and semi-solid food. Ideal for use in food industry, agriculture, and laboratories. Thermometer can be used on desktops with its removable foot stand or can be mounted on…

  • Thomas Traceable® Memory Hygrometer/Thermometer


    …±2°C Device offers minimum/maximum memory and hold features. Unit measures 7 1/8” x 2 3/4” x 1 1/4”. Probe is 8 1/2” long with 2/3” diameter with a 3 foot cable. Weight is 10 3/4 ounces.  Model 1235D33 has features similar to 1235D01 but with an…

  • Clips for Beakers and Pitchers

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …polypropylene surface may be marked with identifying sequence numbers Autoclavable 0209X17: Thermometer Holder for Beakers Easy-to-use, polypropylene clips hold thermometers and probes from 3.2 to 11mm (1/8 to 7/16") in diameter securely in place. Fits onto the rims of…

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